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Please let me clarify that I did not mean disrespect when I said that the game is an indie with a triple A coat of paint on top; the devs had inspiration and passion when creating Space Hulk: Deathwing, and that I respect and admire. But to seemingly abandon and forget about the game is disheartening.

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Such a shame, really. I often see sparks of greatness in the sea of mediocrity. Once I get bored of Special Missions and unlocked enough customizations to satisfy myself, there will be nothing to bring me back. I suppose it's because its really just an indie game under the guise of a triple A title; and it did not sell well enough to justify continued support.

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We need news. Break the silence. There is still so much more to fix in the game, eg the Storm Bolter marks 1 and 2 that fire only 1 bolt when it should fire 2 bolts (which make the Storm Bolters pathetically weak even with upgrades). So is there anything planned at all? Do something, please. I still have hopes for the game, even if it isn't as bright as I wish it would be.

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