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they should just make all friendly damage reflect back onto the person shooting a team mate. Would solve every issue related to TKing

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As title says. Ive noticed the last month that the AI in co-op is hardcore good at wall hacking you. I can get over the insane grenade sniping and the randomness of some AI being so shit they couldnt hit a thing or being so good they can 360 no scope you while vaulting while also being 6 billion miles away while also never seeing you until that exact second they got a glimpse of the 1 mm tip of your flash hider sticking out like john wick and mega robot jesus had a baby, but the ability to shoot you through walls is just to much i say!!!

Literally played a game yesterday where the AI technical is against the ground floor wall of a building, and shoots through that wall, through the first floor floor and head slotted a teammate with the mounted gun. May i point out that we were both hiding on purpose, no shots had been fired and no other enemies had seen us as we were out of sight before they spawned for the counter attack. no one had any limbs sticking out of windows or walls either.

Dont get me wrong i like that the AI will shoot at you even when you go back in cover but if i move away from that spot while 100% concealed from view, they shouldnt then still know exactly where to shoot me after stopping to reload and waiting 5-10 seconds, or heaven forbid a completely different AI bot then starts up at me.


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what are the bugs people are encountering? ive not noticed any for a while now.

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yeah i agree that LMG's should be balanced outside of "give them horrendous recoil" way. We already only get 1 per squad, and anyone can die from a couple bullets to the chest making being a LMG guy suicidal really. My essentially no recoil M16 on single shot will win 95% of engagements vs a LMG. At any range or situation.

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personally i think you should get the choice to actually delete [aka scuttle] a ship and get some of the money back, OR, "store" it at a shipyard [aka mothball it] and it goes into a universal pool that you can withdraw it from at a later date if wanted. Its so annoying to get rid of a level 4 ship to change fleet composition/upgrade a class etc when you invested so much time and effort into it. Also then when you get jumped by a 2000 point tyranid invasion in a spot your not prepared you can call them back into service and/or use them to reinforce a damaged fleet etc etc. Maybe to balance it out it costs 25% of the full cost to bring them back. [like how you get 25% money back if you delete it]

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personally i think the game shouldn't be putting you in a position where you need to be able to shoot back within the first 2-5 seconds of spawning in, especially not in a game like insurgency with fast TTK and long respawns. The issue isn't the cool animations, it's the spawn locations/mechanics that allow several bots to RPG a co-op spawn after a objective is completed.

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its intentional i believe. but those of us who pre purchased should get bonus currency back to spend. It was either approx 1000 or similar

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@whitby errr, 1) i did read that article you linked, hence my quoting it back to you .........
Plus, im talking exclusively about close range encounters. The same distance you could reliably hit and kill a target with the .45. In that scenario, i am not wrong. While i admit this is not information i have learnt from my own experiences, im just parroting what i've been told by my dad who served as a combat medic in the British Royal Marines, and my American Grandfather who was an army field surgeon. All of us hunt however, but the calibers are different so cant take that information as a reliable comparison!

You are correct regarding the insurgents high on ghat, that's what i was thinking of.

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@whitby Well no, thats not actually true. Both can be as bad as each other or worse than the other under the correct conditions. As the article you linked to says itself - " I have certainly seen some horrendous AK-47 wounds over the years and some relatively minor ones from M4s. It all depends. "

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@whitby said in Dmg values are broken - Needs fixing ASAP:

Why is a M45 more damaging than an AKM?3

Well actually IRL, a .45 is a larger [fatter not longer to be specific] bullet than a 7.62 from a AKM, and at close range against an unarmoured target would do a lot more damage than a AKM round [7.62], which has a much higher velocity and is a skinnier round, so it would much more likely just zip straight on through you so fast it would take a second or two for you to notice. The fatter and slower .45 on the other hand would hit you like a fist and just tumble around your insides ripping shit up. It would be even worse for a hollow point .45 i imagine.

the whole passing straight through you with so much speed you barely notice at first is also worse with the 5.56 bullets, which are even higher velocity rounds than the 7.62 and maintain that velocity better. This is where the whole "insurgents taking multiple rounds from an m16 to go down" thing comes from. These military grade 5.56/7.62 are designed to be reliably accurate rounds that can penetrate various materials and objects such as body armour. [so good velocity] Although another reason NATO nations use the 5.56 over the 7.62 is also because of the weight of the rounds. You can carry more of the smaller 5.56 than 7.62. SInce most of a firefight is suppressing the enemy, more round will win the day over slightly more punching/killing power.