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I'd suggest he levels his team against AI in leagues with Aging turned off. Which is very dull but not cheating.

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Ball Carrying Dwarf Blitzer
Blitzes Elf
Rolls a ! Pow
Elf knocked back and injured
Injury is -1 movement
Opponent uses Apothecary
Gets worse result, accepts first.

Dwarf Blitzer then wasn't offered option to follow up.
Dwarf Blitzer's Dodge skill disabled. It didn't fire when Blitzer tried to Dodge away. Opponent confirmed that no player on his team had Tackle. **

Turn 16. 2 squares from the end zone. I ask for a mildly uncomfortable malady to be inflicted the coder/s. Perhaps an unpleasant or unsightly rash. Or severe Athletes Foot. Whatever can be arranged.

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Fix of a blocking issue when ignoring the apothecary during the kick-off event Throw A Rock.

Afraid not. I've just had this happen to me. The apothecary is offered on screen, but trying to use it just causes a message asking if you want to end your turn.