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@Arc Man this has been reported several times already. What is going on?
Also, adding to what @MarksmanMax said, i've seen the small ammo boxes on cap vanish after it is successfully capped, and this also affects HC mode.
And did you know that the weapon retraction system gets you killed alot in Frenzy? They run close to you, and your character lowers the gun...

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@supersneaky9 said in bad performance:

cpu i5 7500 3.4ghz

This is the reason you're having bad performance. You're already saying it: GPU usage low, CPU usage all over the place. Your CPU isn't fast enough to feed your GPU properly in this game.

Unfortunately, your upgrade options are somewhat limited. You could upgrade to an i7-6700k which is the least expensive option to a 4 cores / 8 threads CPU for your socket, but compared to currently available CPU's it is actually very expensive, but still a proper CPU in games. You might also have to upgrade your cooling solution though, depending on what you have currently.

But before you upgrade or buy an entirely new system, try some tweaks. Maybe those will help. (tips not just for higher end systems)

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So basically purchasing all the 100's and 200's in an effort to make unlocking more interesting is a pointless effort. Man, this game really doesn't make it easy...

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The reason i'm posting several things in here is because, yes, as well as with this bug right here, alot has been reported already but not fixed. I'd even argue that all the bugs and issues should be known, because all of them have been reported. So this was just a small reminder, because at times it feels like the bugfixing is really slow.

Anyway, had this bug happen again just now. 😞


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In an attempt to make the unlocking via levels a bit more interesting, i bought all the 100 and alot of the 200 token clothing a while ago so i could unlock some cooler gear by leveling.

Since then however, i've noticed on two occasions that the game is still handing out stuff i already bought or unlocked. I just unlocked "Loose Fit Black - Red A", a 100 token head scarf, which i definately bought a week or two ago.
While i personally don't much care for achievements, visual unlocks and the like: now that it is in there, i find it frustrating that it doesn't work properly (yes, that is the psycho effect you added by integrating this "shop" and it's why i usually despise this kind of thing).

And while i'm at it, please remove the team damage reflection which has been asked countless times by now, and also the weapon retraction mechanic when encountering other players or npcs in very close quarters, thanks.

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I believe this issue has been posted before but for the normal game modes:
If a character stands right in front of you your gun will automatically be retracted. This is particularly annoying in the Frenzy gamemode where zombies try to get near you all the time. I've had countless situations where i was not able to shoot and subsequently died because the weapon was retracted because of this mechanic.

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While i don't agree with your language, i agree with the issues.
This week i've been put into two coop games that were almost finished - i didn't even get to spawn, only saw the loadout menu shortly and then i got the result screen.

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This seems to happen regularly, now also on Summit. You can see people standing at the box to resupply, but it's not there for everyone. It's not just invisble, it can't be used at all but blocks movement.

noammoboxsummit2.jpg noammoboxsummit1.jpg

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Had this before, today it happened again. Several people encountered it, while others could use the box without problems (player in picture is using it right there):


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Has been like that for quite a while: If you move near the rock wall while approaching D as Security (Coop) you run into a map boundary where none should be.