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Try it out. You won't have much of a chance without trial and error. Also, try the LOW preset to see if it helps even more.

To narrow down the cause i'd also suggest to use a tool like MSI afterburner to see cpu & gpu utilization.

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Did you try the "Low" preset just to see if there's a difference?

I have an RX580 (8GB) which isn't that much faster, and a 2500k (which is slower than your CPU), but can play fine at higher resolutions with occasional drops to about 50fps. I'd definately lower anisotrophic to like 2-4x (anything higher can hardly be noticed if at all), effects to low, and disable ambient occlusion as well as Screen Space Reflections. Shadow resolution of 512x512 might help, too. Also try Texture Streaming Pool at Low or High.

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  • Putting molotovs or incendiaries in the path of the supply & spawn trucks makes them try to avoid the fire once the game commences.
    (i'm standing where you normally disembark)

  • You can destroy the supply truck in the warmup phase and something like this might happen then: 0_1546080055948_20181228235131_1.jpg
    (resupply box is there, but the model isn't)

  • Sometimes i get texture flickering when in ADS. Gun and other textures switch between low and high resolution constantly. Haven't had the chance to record it yet, might be texture-setting related (on low?)

  • There's this mechanism that makes you lower the gun when approaching a wall. The same happens when a player approaches you. This means in very close combat you can't rely on your gun since it might be lowered and you'll just shoot the ground or in the air. Happens alot.

  • When quick-reloading a gun that is NOT empty i get a complete reload sometimes (including chambering the first bullet), seen with AKM, AK74, FAL, G3

  • occasionally the fire caused by Molotovs is invisible

  • RPG hitboxes are kinda off sometimes, killing you when firing it (no backblast)

  • you can fast resupply at supply boxes by using the loadout menu "save loadout" instead of pressing "use" for those 4-5 secs

  • the order of explosives you set in the loadout menu is not what you get ingame when selecting them

  • bots still are far too accurate with their molotovs, reminding me of the grenade launcher insanity in Beta

  • muting a player's voice only lasts for a short time, reverts itself

  • alot of bushes (all of them?) are still solid, you can stand on them

  • a smoke screen seen from within / behind another smoke is bugged:

  • this piece of rock below the bridge (on hideout i believe) is the most buggiest place of all. Odd collisions result in moving without audible footsteps as well as contorting and hovering models

  • when finishing a coop game (dunno about versus) that had several rounds (not just one) you get misleading experience bars in the conclusion screen, seems because the game already counted the rounds before the last one (posted here). This can even result in level ups without notice.

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I agree, it would be nice if we could manually change the fps limit without editing the ini. Personally i like to use a value slightly above the refresh rate (+5-10%), since it helps somewhat better with tearing (without some form of sync, that is).

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One more, happened just now.


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Another example that something fishy is going on. Take a look at the size of the different bars, the xp earned in the game and the xp earned on this level.


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Just had this encounter in COOP:

  • dropped C4

  • another player picked it up

  • i triggered it, it exploded in his hands, didn't kill him

  • player was still holding C4 in his hands and couldn't drop it nor switch weapons

  • unsure if resupplying would fix it, he respawned after dying, everything ok again

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Please god no. We don't need more of this bullshit, especially not in this game. I don't need an additional incentive to play the game, nor do i need an additional reward for playing it. I remember logging in into a particular game for a while just to do the "daily missions". It destroys the fun and eats time without actually giving me anything worth the effort. And in the end you will only distract yourself from the game itself, which you should play FOR THE FUN OF IT, NOT FOR REWARDS.

Please read up on how achievements and those kind of missions effect your psyche, just so you become very clear about what you actually want. Personally i believe any gamer should know about it as it has implications on how you live your life and how happy you are. Yes, it's that big a topic.

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Here's a screenshot to illustrate the issue:


The scores and the length of that bar don't add up at all.

I've counted the amount of pixels of both the old and new exp bars and they're almost identical (as is visible anyway). So if i've earned around 7.5k points i should now be at around 15k, yet according to the bar and the overall exp that is shown there i've earned only around 5.5k.

Anyone else noticed this?

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First of all, the reason for the high demand is the UE4 engine. Sandstorm looks awesome even on lower settings, but the engine requires quite alot of cpu power to manage all of it. Maybe UE4 wasn't the best choice for this game, who knows, but contrary to what you're saying i think it looks very good. Despite playing since Alpha i'm still taken away by the far sight across the town on Crossing, or the absolutely stunning view up the streets in Precinct.

And btw, i have an i5 2500k (somewhat overclocked) and an RX580. I play WQHD, surely don't reach 144fps, but it works.

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