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  • If you are carrying a smoke launcher and throw a grenade, the game often switches back to the smoke launcher even if the main weapon was selected before, and leaves you almost defenseless if you don't notice it. I'm encountering this bug pretty often. Not sure atm if this is class-specific, definately happens with Commander.
  • It seems you increased the time for fire support, but the ingame radio voice telling you fire support is "ready again" didn't get the memo yet and is still counting the shorter time.
  • There is a bug or feature (with main weapons only, i think pistols don't have this), depending on what you wan't to call it, that influences mouse movement in hip fire mode. It has been attributed to odd mouse sensitivity issues, but seems to be a "gun only" movement if you horizontally move the mouse slowly or within a certain range of the screen.
    This is easily reproduced with a laser pointer pointing at a wall so you can exactly follow the hip fire aim: Move back and forth slowly and you'll notice that at times the camera doesn't change position, but the gun and laser pointer are moving to the side until a certain threshold is met, as if your character is not moving its body but only the arms and gun. This may result in differences between hip fire and ads targeting and unexpected hip fire inaccuracy.
    I have included an image where i overlayed two screenshots. Unfortunately it doesn't quite seem to visually catch the issue (i guess because the camera has its own idle movement animation), but i guess it'll have to do. Take a look at the laser pointers and the surroundings.


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Your hardware should be perfectly capable to run this game. There is some bottleneck somewhere, and from what you're telling you won't be able to fix it with ingame settings. So i'd recommend to use software like MSI Afterburner to take a look the utilization of both CPU and GPU. What OS are you running? Is it set to high performance?

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Since you seem to be experienced with PC's i won't comment much on processes running in the background (might be worth watching utilization!). But just to be safe, kill everything that is not necessary for testing purposes (my USB driver once used 20% CPU...) . Also, try other NVidia driver versions. Latest != best. Since i'm using an AMD card i can't recommend a specific version, but googling that shouldn't be hard.

As for game settings, generally, as a start use the "Low" video preset and apply.

Then set textures to "Medium" or higher, leave Shadows at "Low" for now, set antialiasing and anisotropic to your liking, scope quality "Normal", disable Frame Rate Smoothing.
Texture Streaming Pool to "High" can have a significant impact already, with the tweaks below you will probably be able to stabilize your fps even more.
Don't use "Keep loaded textures".

Now apply the tweaks over on reddit (all of em!):

They helped alot of people including those with alot less hardware power.
If that helped (i hope) you can now fine-tune the other ingame settings.

Hope it helps!

[Edit] Are you using an SSD?

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I had that too today after patching to 1.1.1. Heard an ugly sound like my headphones being disconnnected from the pc, then absolute silence for a couple of seconds, then the audio came back again without any further problems. I had the impression VoIP caused it since a couple of people were talking right when it happened.

Using an Asus Xonar DG here, though i suspect the bug is caused by changes to the audio system in the patch.

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Yup, those are up on the list as well as new content!

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Put your DPI on something that feels comfortable in Windows (anything >=800 should be ok, go lower and you lose resolution afaik). Leave it at that and from now on ONLY adjust the sensitivity ingame. Then go the controls menu ingame and reset to defaults in order to start from scratch.

Now, you're understanding the entire sensitivity system wrong i believe.

  • "Look Sensitivity" (Hip sense) is the main sensitivity and determines how your mouse movement translates to ingame movement.
  • "ADS Sensitivity" is a multiplier of the Look Sens (it says it right there in the menu!).
  • kinda the same goes for the scope sensitivities, menu says they stack with ADS, whatever that means. As a rule of thumb though: Numbers <1 will reduce sens, >1 will increase it.

ADS Sens = Look Sens value * ADS Sens value

0.43 * 0.43 = 0.185

So it's no wonder ADS goes down, because you multiply a value with another value below 1, which further decreases sensitivity. (For the difference of 400 and 1000 DPI.. either the game compensates somehow or 400 is so low already that you don't notice the difference between hip and ads sens. Unsure.)

Hope that helps!

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I'd like to recommend a couple of lessons in punctuation to you instead of playing this game, thank you.
And no, nobody has any problem with the way they reset except you, now, two months after release.

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I second that, at least in the way so you don't enter games that are almost finished. I even got thrown into Coop matches where the team was defending the last cap already, so there was no way to join the game anymore.

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