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I have better hardware then you do, and I am still encountering many stuttering and fps drops, I am not sure if your hardware will be enough 😞

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I have encountered this issue twice too, once in last update, and now this week.

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Waited only for 1 round to end, there I encountered this. Also, I have noticed to have much more stuttering while in game then last week, and the loading time of the textures has increased drastically while on the helicopter, I can not jump out anywhere early, the game just freezes, helicopter reaches at least middle of its route when I can even see it moving, not to mention jumping.

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@blurfish5 I have 1050 TI too and I encounter the same fps drops especially in the begginning of the game, but I noticed that the game uses the GPU mostly, cpu is only around 50%, and when the fps drops occur, the GPU usage is 0%.

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I dunno why they removed the other regions, last period there were more, I think they want to reduce matchmaking time atm by making everybody go to EU servers. For more keys I dont know what can be done, I signed up before the beta from 2 emails, and I received keys for both emails last time, I dont know if the devs are not sending out enough keys, or people are not interested in the game enough yet. However lets hope there are gonna be new players so we dont have to wait lol

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When I was about to land, all the bushes moved up to the sky, and they remained there all around the town, everywhere else that I later moved on it was fine. This was the first time I was in that part of the map, so I dont know how often this may occur.