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@mintnatteron Not too smart of me having - NOTEXTURESTREAMING in the launch command, but even finding that and removing it didn't solve the problem. Even did a clean reinstall and smoked the configs, still no joy.

What was the problem?

Windows 10 seems to fragment memory in a bad way. From a clean reboot, straight into Steam, launch Sandstorm, works like a charm. So the lesson from this hair-tearing excursion is do not try to use your computer as a normal desktop, then attempt to frag some bots, no workie. I should have remembered this from days of old, but I got so used to being able to run anything I wanted on this machine at any time.

Anyway, problem solved. Fun game. Glad I snagged a copy. Kudos to all the developers that made this one possible.


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Just sitting in the menu:

Then launching a map:

Not sure what happened here, but I know with this same rig, CTE played @ 112 FPS just fine. So has the minimum requirements been bumped? Didn't get the memo.