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The bolters are fine on easy. They are underpowered on No Mercy difficulty and are entirely absent from meta-familar players at that level. A balance pass is definitely required.

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I agreed that Chaplain makes Tactical redundant, and that Tactical should be reworked rather than Chaplain getting nerfed.

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It currently takes several seconds before the game recognizes that you have hit the 'parry' key after executing a melee attack. This makes it vastly more difficult to intelligently engage in melee combat, as ideally you would be switching between blocking your enemy's attack and then counterattacking.

Not only is there a period where you cannot parry; If you simply hold the parry key down it does not bring up your parry once the cooldown is over. No, you actually have to spam your parry key until it lets you perform the action. This should be fixed: Holding the parry key should immediately parry as soon as possible.

These changes should be simple for the devs to implement and would bring melee into a state where it could be a contender in the existing No Mercy multiplayer meta.


  • Remove or massively reduced "no parry" cooldown window after actions
  • Holding parry should parry immediately upon availability of that action.

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