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I see an update to the vehicle UI
Nice idea!
Was cool to see when a friendly got in,
but when the gunner mounted the MG
it didn't have a symbol to show it 😞

I hope you intend to show this
in a later patch, as it is a 'need to know'
for the driver to know how hot to
roll into combat.


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RPG's and rockets collide with window-sills, fences and low cover even when you have well over a foot of clearance, usually ends in killing team-mates along with yourself for no good reason.

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Can't pick up grenade items easily enough, even when crouched or prone... it's getting really annoying.. you see the icon pop-up but hitting the use-key does nothing, so you crouch and still nothing, so you move closer and maybe it works or... maybe you get shot 😞

All because you had to make 3 attempts to pick up something the game sees you looking at, because the icon is showing on-screen,
but it won't let you interact with it yet!

Sometimes you see the icon for a smoke grenade and you hit the use-key and somehow you have picked up an enemy pistol or rifle now you have to look for yours and find it among the bodies and other weapons and hope you can pick it up too without swapping it for something else...
again... before you get shot 😞

Especially annoying when it's in a cluster of guns as you have to retrieve your weapon now too, at least guns seem a lot easier to swap out quickly, if you can see them OK, but you don't always have the time to swap out your pistol and rifle just to pick up a nade... before you get shot 😞

Maybe you could make the 'hitboxes' of grenades taller than guns and guns could be picked up easier by the butts and barrels (longer), if that's even an issue, I never have and trouble picking up guns, just nades, mollies and such.

Near doors is also a issue as the door opens instead.
Still annoying but is understandable at least, as it's the same keybinding.
Maybe a variation of the kick open action could be utilized or another key needs to be used or the forward key and the use-key together works to open doors, IDK the best fix for this one but it's not the priority for me.

I can live with the door bug for now so long as I can pick up a grenade quickly when I see one, without it turning into a prolonged multi step task.

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@rageness said in Please fix these constant issue's it's becoming unbareable...:

Picking things up, I am sick to death of trying to pick up a smoke/nade/gun, for it to take so frigging long I end up being shot.

Oh man I hear you!
I mentioned this in beta but it's still no better as yet.
It's by far the most annoying thing in the game for me and yet it's something that is necessary to the gameplay.

I am going to make a new topic about this so follow and up-vote if you don't mind.

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I sometimes hear the sound of the MG on the Technical still coming from where it spawns.
It's not every time like it was, but still happening.

Also I just heard the sound of the chopper coming from the opposite side of the map.
Sound came from the west while chopper came in from east!

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I see the 5x headshots achievement and several others at the end of the game, usually the same several ones each match, but not who is the MVP.

I did see a steam achievement come up mid-game on a tiny panel bottom RH corner of screen yesterday so that was a first, maybe the file verification did do something, but I have never seen an MVP at the end like 'AMURKA was MVP'.

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Hey guys
We all know communication is key.

It makes new players more comfortable and
improves teamplay and gameplay in general.

So far I have not been impressed with the game comms audio at all.

There is a long delay before trx begins and ends too so,
starts and ends of transmissions are being cut off.

There seems to be bandwidth problems too, causing choppy audio.

Personally I can't get Proximity voice chat to be heard by others ingame at all,
even tho it shows I am trxing ingame by the onscreen pop-up
and even tho I can be heard in Team voice chat by some players
no idea what's up with that. 😞

Can I suggest you look into running VOIP on a separate server IP address.

This works for the FPS game that holds the world record for most simultaneous players online
together at one time so it should work for us and help with larger teams in the future if it's viable.

Bandwidth is always an issue for smooth gameplay and I see many crashes and lag glitches, especially in
modded Ins2 servers when game action and VOIP action bandwidth are maxed out at the same time.

So separate IP address/server for VOIP ... Or just improve it anyway you can!

I have a few friends that have just not bothered to continue playing Sandstorm
because the VOIP was so choppy and random we just couldn't 'connect' when we first started playing together.

I don't see them playing anymore.

In-game communications need improvement!

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@gprologitech Totally agree that rushers ruin the experience.
I see guys skulking off to the next point before the defense is even over and
I look at the map and see only two of us on point and
others halfway to the next cap point,
2 minutes defense to go so I use the "I need backup" call out.

They either don't want to lose the ground they have covered or if the timer is lower don't have time to come back to defend even if they wanted to or
just don't care either way and if the 2 people playing the objective die then we lose the whole round.

I try not to let it bother me but I end up:
1/ getting shot trying to rush up to catch-up or
2/ eventually not being able to reload before the rushers blow up the next point and the resup closes or
3/ get hit with the enemies mortars before I can get inside to the next cap point when I start catching up or
4/ when the next point is a cache it gets blown before I even get close and find myself in a running sim.

None of those scenarios are enjoyable so at that point I either quit or just go full retard and start rushing myself to show them how lame it is.

Either way it's not good for the game or any potential new players.

I always feel sorry for the new players when rushers are playing because they just don't get to experience the game properly at all.

The problem with the thread is that it assumes that removing the leaderboard will fix this but that's not my experience at all even in servers that have removed the K:D from the game.

Even the main proponent of this thread has said that removing the leaderboard is not going to stop the hardcore points whores so why is he actually fighting so had for it?

I really think removing scores will do more harm than good to the game because of all the players that are used to seeing their scores in this and every other FPS game they play.

Rewarding teamplay should fix everything surrounding this problem while not alienating all the players that like to have some metric of their gamplay to look at.

I have seen other servers force teamplay by changing the gameplay so I know that method works.

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This is one of those bugs that is hard to know you have.

I only just found out I am not getting any Achievements showing up in-game,
nor seeing MVP at the end of matches.

I hear my friends excitedly announce they just got this or that achievement unlocked and are happy because instant reward right?

Well I haven't seen one show up mid game ever! (Only the same half a dozen at the end of the round)

Never have I seen MVP come up at the end either!
(But I see people talking about it here).

Tried a file verification run through Steam last night but all files were good.

Will test and try a re-install next and test again and report back.
I wouldn't have known, and I didn't realize for weeks, until I heard someone mention it in-game
so I imagine more people have it and don't know

Meanwhile please comment if you have this bug too,
even if you just say YES
or even just Thumbs up so it hits the radar.

Have you got it too?
Please comment if you do

Any idea how we might fix it?
I wonder if NWI knows

Open to any suggestions...

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@grumf said in Disable some information in the leaderboard in COOP:

It's not the leaderboard's fault!
It's the selfish players fault by not waiting for the team to move up
and not covering anyone while moving up
or covering someone who is planting the bomb.

If you believe they are motivated by the points then you will agree that awarding points for team gameplay would encourage them to do the things mentioned above and reward them for not being selfish.

@focusaf What extra points ? There would be no points at all, you wouldn't earn "extra points" by doing whatever to begin with.

The extra points that would be awarded for doing the things mentioned above.
Extra as in, on-top of the points just given for blowing cache and killing players and getting kill assists, new points system.
Many games award players for saving another being shot at.
There could be a zone around the cache where even more points are awarded for killing enemies in that zone,
and more again for killing enemy shooting at the bomb planter.

The leaderboard would only show this (just imagine that with the ingame interface) :

Security Team (or Insurgent Team) : 67 kills ; 19 deaths ; 11 objectives.

Might as well just say "Security Team wins" How boring can you get?
('67 kills ; 19 deaths ; 11 objectives' for the team is irrelevant to everyone).

Individual players' stats would not be displayed. Plus, one would have to test removing member-based leaderboard in coop for at least a few months in order to know whether or not it can change people's attitude, so I don't get how you want anyone to bring you "evidence" that it works when you don't want anyone to try it...

I played on a co-op server for several years and the admins implemented this where K:D was not shown and it made no difference at all, so I have that evidence that it doesn't change anything... what evidence do you have that it does?

A better allocation of points is bullshit. Insurgency Source already does that and it serves no purpose. People still are rushing through the map, often getting killed, just to be the one to blow all caches and be the MVP.

Your logic is ass-backwards! Again, it's the points that are causing players to rush past enemies and blow caches so they can show off. Blocking the leader-board will do nothing to change the way they play but it will take something away from all the players that like to see the scores.
Insurgency2 Source doesn't have a point system that rewards team-play either. It gives a very high amount of points for blowing the cache too, while doing nothing to reward teamplay. So I can't see how you can even try to use that as an example of anything.

Better allocation of points like
and adding in points for the things mentioned above like

If there can not be an MVP and if nobody can display their points/K:D/objectives in the leaderboard as a kind of hubris trophy, why would they rush through the map getting killed over and over again ? No one will see that they are top. Only that they keep dying because tey rush too much. They would only be seen as shitty players.

OMG DO YOU EVEN LOGIC? No, they wouldn't be seen as shitty players because, if you get your way, no one will even see their deaths because no one will see their K:D because the leader-board will not show their K:D, because you want it blocked!

(They will probably see no point to anything and just start to mess with others players enjoyment of the game. Or just continue to cap every point and no one will even know who the ass-hat is, so they can't even avoid playing with them in the future).

PS The people I play with cherish teamplay and it's fun to congratulate players for 0 deaths or other stuff.
and some players like to have a gauge to measure themselves by as they learn to play and continue to get better and don't give a hoot about how they compare to others or about showing off.

Blocking the leaderboard is removing a whole bunch of players enjoyment who like to see their stats while doing nothing to encourage teamplay while sticking your head in the sand.

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I disagree with removing the info until I see evidence it will change the way those people will play.

I like to see how I am going as a game is progressing so I can improve and decide who to spectate etc.

In fact, disabling info will probably make the players who want to be at the top just rush the caps and caches even more because they know that's a surefire way of getting those extra points.

I think better allocation of points would be better, like extra points for defending the planter etc.

I agree team play needs to be buffed but I don't believe that will happen by obscuring the leader board.

I think better allocation of points would be effective because it rewards team work and by your logic it's reward points that is what is motivating these players anyway right?

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@lucjocwhite Totally agree with the idea but can't spare the points as it is.

Maybe if the gas mask and the pistol sights were only 0.5 points each LOL

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@ctbear1996 said in OP Bots... the Good, Bad and the Ultimate effect on uptake of Sandstorm:

@focusaf Each difficulty needs a fixed setting like on classic you can only against retarded bot, on hardcore you can only play against the hardest bot. Maybe they should bring elite back with some fixed loadout for each faction (Security can only access to certain weapons)

Yeah staryoshi06 mentioned this too. Thanks for your comment

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@ctbear1996 said in OP Bots... the Good, Bad and the Ultimate effect on uptake of Sandstorm:

@focusaf Each difficulty needs a fixed setting like on classic you can only against retarded bot, on hardcore you can only play against the hardest bot. Maybe they should bring elite back with some fixed loadout for each faction (Security can only access to certain weapons)

Yeah I sort of see where you are going with that but most of my friends want more maps and even more weapons choices 🙂

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@staryoshi06 said in OP Bots... the Good, Bad and the Ultimate effect on uptake of Sandstorm:

I think they should definitely include bot difficulties like in Ins2.

Good point!
I forgot we used to have the option to vote for the difficulty but it usually ended up getting voted to the highest anyway LOL.

Again, for new players this will not be ideal, as they will only be playing COOP in a team and probably end up playing on hardest setting after the first vote.

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@nick-kim said in OP Bots... the Good, Bad and the Ultimate effect on uptake of Sandstorm:

In offline single player mode, you can change bot difficulty.

Press " - " on your number pad = Debug menu will show up.

You can change bot difficulty from 0.1 to 0.9

0.5 is the base difficulty for online Co op mode.

Try 0.1 = Bots will never be able to land a single shot on you.

I don't think new players will come to this forum.

Usually , veteran players are the ones who are active on forums.

Good tip but it reverts to default 0.5 after every death or every round at least.
Still interesting to play around with.
Quick test today trying to set it to 1 seems to mostly effect things like the enemy bots tactical positioning and how many attack you at once and friendly bots become less aggressive and don't move up.
As far as I can tell the time to zero is exactly the same.
Time to kill doesn't seem much different either but I will need to compare 0.1 to 1 more and not just 0.5 to 1 and spend more time playing and also checking if it hasn't reverted back to default.

Regarding the New players nick-kim I wasn't talking about the forums, (maybe I shouldn't have included the word community in the TLDR), but whether they stay playing the game or leave because it's entry level is too difficult.

Thanks for your comment

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I hear you but if the speed differences between players as a team gets too great it causes issues with the objective game-play.

You get a sprinter on the cap zone before support is halfway there.

Once the point is capped players en-route suddenly have bots spawning around/behind them so they usually die before getting to cap zone to help defend.

It's now even harder for re-spawned players to make it back to the capped point to help defend because they are moving slower have further to go and still have to fight through the new wave of enemies along the way.

The sprinter is left to defend the point on their own or lose the round/match for the whole team.

When all players get to the cap zone together, whether they have light or heavy armor, they stand a much higher chance of capping and defending than if only one or two are there for the cap.

Nothing beats the force-multiplier that is teamwork!

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Feel like Sandstorm is harder this week?
You're not losing your edge... the recent patch reduced the bots zero in time.

TLDR: If the bots are too OP at release, new players will not stay around to expand the NWI community/player-base.

For example, reduced zero time would mean if you are moving to up to the next point and are crossing an open area and are forced to engage a couple of targets, if a third target heard the gunfire at the start of the firefight, you will be instantly killed by the third target just as you finish killing the first two, without even seeing where the fire came from in most cases, (especially if it took you a full 2 seconds to track and kill the first 2 targets).

Previously in the same scenario you would just start taking fire from the third after finishing the first two, and have a chance to run to cover before being killed.
You may even get a chance to see where the third is but you would take damage from the third and if you took a lot of damage from the first two targets you may not survive.
You at least saw what hit you or the direction it came from roughly (you may have even been able to fire suppression in their direction allowing you a better chance to move to cover).
If you survived and made it to cover, you will be on low health and the game intensity is increased because now your next engagement may be your last.

Some people might say this it's reasonable with the faster zero times, but I worry that if the game releases and new players can't get involved in a game without feeling like they can achieve anything (like staying alive when playing carefully and or having some fun by taking risks and maybe dying, maybe surviving), then I worry Sandstorm will just be a flop.

Keep in mind that we are in Beta and therefore the current player-base (if it is in fact us that are saying that the bots are too weak... I will come back to this at the end) is mostly a player-base that is very experienced at Insurgency (and possibly even all the more difficult modded versions of Insurgency too) and therefore much more skilled in general, than any new player will ever be, at release.

I haven't once heard anyone say the bots were too easy while playing the COOP beta, everybody was just adjusting to the faster pace of the game-play and loving the game.

I have however heard the opposite, at least in a couple of scenarios those being; 1/ the sniper rifles not being one shot kills and 2/ that if a bot is right on you (as in right near you, right around a corner or doorway/window etc.) you are dead even if you react fast enough to fire your weapon.

I can live with both of these scenarios to some extent because 1/ if you are sniping from range you are not in too much danger of being instantly killed (at least you weren't before the Sept 13th patch; haven't tested sniping yet since patch personally) and 2/ if you are right in the enemies face maybe you are out of position or should have flanked or are just doing it wrong (I know sometimes it's not always avoidable. War is a bitch), at least it's an scenario that a player will realize has a bad outcome and it's obvious how and why they died, so it's an area that a player can try to improve on.

As a huge Insurgency fan I felt a bit uncomfortable with the considerably faster pace of the game-play of Sandstorm but over time I have learned to lift my game and adjust to it for the most part.
I have heard others say they found it faster than they would have liked also, I haven't asked them if they are feeling like they are adjusting to it though as yet, but I will.

Prior to the patch I could make it through the single player game easily and rightly so.

It was fun to jump into the Sandstorm single player game and try out weapons and explore maps and warm up (or down as I saw someone else mention) before moving to COOP or PVP.

Now, since the patch, I can't even make it halfway through a single player map most times!

I have thousands of hours of Insurgency experience, most of that being on insane/angry bots servers and or ones where the bots have insane armor and each bot takes almost a full mag of 5.56 rounds to be killed so if I am finding the bots too challenging in Single mode then I really worry for the new players.

So I don't know who is saying the bots are easy.
They seemed easier in Single than COOP mode to me before the patch, yes for sure; maybe they mostly play single player mode and in that case I would agree,
(but they should be easier too to allow new players a chance to learn the ropes before COOP and PVP right?).

I hope these people who are saying the bots are too easy are not the players that like to avoid engaging any targets and run past seen enemies leaving their team-mates to deal with the alerted bots while they go and cap the point solo forcing the rest of the team to move up faster than they are comfortable with and therefore get killed trying to rush up and defend a now empty cap point (if that solo player dies trying to defend by themselves) and ultimately lose the round/match. (another valid possibility; players like this don't even care about their team-mates so why would they care if Sandstorm is a success or a flop!)

Could it be players that are just trying to big-note themselves on the forum? (it's possible right?)

Consider this; if the same players say the bots are still too weak (post patch), will NWI continue to make the bots even more OP and ultimately make the game unplayable for even more people?

It's very important to realize that way fewer players are going to publicly say they are finding the game too hard, and even harder now, and will more likely assume they just suck at the game or FPS's because they can't stay alive and are getting killed by shots they didn't even see coming most of the time.
They will think Sandstorm is for some elite FPShooter player-base and just leave before really getting into the game and probably just go and buy another yearly release of Call Of Duty :(.

This worries me because I want to see Sandstorm and NWI thrive after release.

Maybe an anonymous poll would be a better indicator of the real feeling of players but it will still need to be weighted to accommodate the fact that the beta-players are more experienced on the whole than any new players along with the other things I have mentioned in this post, including...

Lastly, I want NWI to consider it may actually be bad actors, (commercial competitors etc.) taking advantage of your policy to listen to players (clearly a good thing), saying that bots need to be more OP for the purpose of drastically reducing the fun and play-ability and ultimately the uptake of new payers and therefor the success of Sandstorm on release (clearly a bad thing)!

Regardless of whether that last point is the case or not in this instance, there is a lot to consider and NWI should not be totally naive about it.

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