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@RCBuzz don't worry man I'll send you updates via email once I start and it's up to you to post the progress pics in here to keep everyone updated

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I wanted to let everyone know I'll be offline and I'm not sure of how long (internet issues)
But don't get sad for me, being out of internet doesn't mean I'll be off Spintires mod making so here is all of me up coming works
Toyota Land cruiser FJ 75 (surge wip)
Chevy venom V10 , Land Rover D90 (Rcbuzz irl truck) (both will be worked parallel)
Lunar tech K100 6x6 H.M.T.T (high mobility trail truck) (force going half to full retard on everything from modeling to animations)

Side projects
6 wheel independent steering (
Per axle)
Map bridge model (hanging animated bridge) (wip animations completed it just crashes in maps over 32x32 most likely ram issues with my PC)
Cdt based driver (I have a Paul Walker model I just need to get started with cdts and constraints)

Again thanks everyone for breaking the 100k views
just to give you some history about previous topics at oovee, if we combine all the views of them I still don't break the 10k so this is a huge step up from oovee to here

Updates are going to be posted by the owner of each mod from now on so keep tuned to the thread to know about progress of my mods

venom will be shown only when done and my brand (lunar tech) updates would be posted by me when I get internet or by SmarOneNine

Hey just in case you want to support any projects feel free to donate to my steam profile paypal links, leave your steam name in a note (or email) and I'll contact you back to place your name as a sponsor on the lunar tech mods (previous donators will be there too)

For those wondering why my GM model have been taken down from Turbosquid, is because I have to be a us citizen to share them in that page (they said I just have to post my passport or Id card or drivers license, but they rejected then because the address isn't inside the states) so they took them down

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Forces< out

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***=Read me***

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as promised updates on the toyota
New grill and bumper,(after some time we decided wich was the better looking one)work tray done and so as addons for the trays, next stop Bumper,fender bars and Side steps, More to come Suspension and eye candy

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

Thanks everybody we are now under 50 views to break 100K views and 50 more to break 700 comments on the topic
really thanks to all

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@riskywisky " I told you to send me a DM and ill tell you why."
okay first off you want to talk something about models you go the model maker/owner which in this case is 100% me you know...the soldier never asks the general to come.. the soldier goes and stands straight to the general and says what he has to say and hopes to say it in a good way

"he barely knows how to install spintires mod (no offense)" compared to who? you?

let's keep it simple you and almost all forum (people don't take it personally) compared to me barely knows how to mod in that case and btw you're under twisted in ideas or codes because he does knows his things not just use the same template for mods

and I compared to Pavel barely knows how to mod or dev the game and still im reverse engineering this game to learn more every day ¿why? there is much more you can do with it and all of my test trucks have new stuff every time I figure/work/hack/ develop something new (code wise,IK wise,_cdt based wise or even .Lua wise)

now back on to the usual Forces19Mods dev page

Updates on the Toyota Build soon (black hawk down...erm imgur latin servers down)

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@pix3lmonkey nope is not model related, are you triying to update a old Spintires or Mud runner Map? that error is related to old fomated maps, the view terrain is now loaded in the stg of the mp rather than the prebuild XML of the map, there is one way to fix it and thats by generating a new map with the same size and copy the lines wich you can find in the %appdata% backup folder of your editor onto the backup folder of the map that has the issue... but still too much work for something that doesnt cause any upload, or game load issues (or crashes of the editor) just a anoying error screen

another reason of why is showing is because you increased the size of your map with xml tricks (i've do it allot to make small 16x16 maps go to 20x 0r higher and also to decrease them from 64x to 16x)wich can damage your backup files or move models around in werid ways

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but keep in mind this

  • models dont have specular maps
  • models use normal and detail maps (in dont know how to use detail maps)
  • terrain use height maps and some use normals maps
  • wheel tracks are height maps
  • particles can have detail maps too
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easy friend get spintires mod any version and install it (you dont need it to load all the tools from it) and go to tools and select the Mesh Editor or converter then open you logs load file ( Short_load,long,medium,etc) and drag and drop one by one in the mesh converter/editor windows and click load, once there add to each of the Materials tags this Line NormalMap="your_texture_name__n_d.your format best use dds or tga"
pm if you have any issue

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@spun nice, back then when I made it i never bothered that much in the interior of models

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Update on the FJ 75
alt text
alt text
alt text

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@klimbo12 and specs are?? Btw y flaged your posts as spam

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