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this happens allot to me when i edit the meshes and forget to apply pose as rest pose, i belive its called reset Xform in max, im not sure, but thats the fix @RiskyWisky
also inc ase you dont have it,

		<Axle Frame="F" />
		<Axle Frame="R" />
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@stazco its basically a fully locked axle kinda like a rc car with the motor right over the axle, usually it hurts the transfercase and gearbox, thats why the uaz-469 had a bad rep as a offroader because the transfercase,gearbox,engine block .etc.. were made out of cheap aluminum or other alloys

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@stazco "I took 5 year for me in Automobile university to get how diff work."

i guess you know what are spools right? well like that and actually the Uaz-469 uses Spools not DIfferential gears so it should have always locked axles

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i been of blender for a while due to personal reasons but back again in it and i just finished the stepside box
alt text
alt text
alt text

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@hydrowasul you have ths wich send all of the parented code to the trash bin

<TruckAddon _noinherit="true">
this since is the main tagline will affect all other tags in the if you had it on meshes or in a <Body/> tag it wouldnt matter but since its the main you are removing all data from the parented file in the new file

@RiskyWisky good that you got it working

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yep, pretty much you can have a full list of the same addon in one name or do lock up like this to have diferent positions of addons that lock the place to a addon of the same kind

like i did with trailers on my Kodiak with trailers and goose hitches

<Socket Names="KodiakSmalCarTraler" Offset="(-4.284; 1.043; 0)" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="UmzTrailer" Offset="(-4.284; 1.043; 0)" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="KamazTrailerCart" Offset="(-4.036; 1.201; 0.0)" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="Kodiak_GooseNeck" Offset="(-2.78904; 1.76046; 0)" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="RollBarsKodiak" NamesBlock="Kodiak_GooseNeck" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="HitchKodiak" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="HitchKodiakBall" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="RollBarsBeacon" NamesBlock="RollBarsKodiak" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="RollBarsCanvasKodiak" NamesBlock="Kodiak_GooseNeck" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="BushGuardKodiak" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />

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not to sound like a ass but...
@Hydrowasul I dont know if that code works for you but you need a ImpactType="(Foliage or Truck)" and Collisions="(Internal or None)" (I use "None" in enclosed trailers like the one Riskywisky has), for the addon to move/work with the truck either way it will just glitch the game

@RiskyWisky The codes that I posted in the other topic are tested and they work flawlessly in all of my mods (those that carry logs inside and or in trailers) either way here it is again the code

once inside the editor press ctrl+shift+F to format the code to a more easy way to read it

This is only for trailer loads

<_parent File="load_logs_short_trailer" /> <!-- its a trailer so you need this exact one -->
<TruckAddon _noinherit="true">
<PhysicsModel Mesh="trucks/1998_Chevy_S10_TrailerLoad">
CenterOfMassOffset="(your needs)"
<Constraint Type="Fixed" />

<GameData LoadPoints="3" ManualLoads="3">
	<SpawnLoadOrigin Position="(-6; 3.209; -0)" /> <!-- where the loogs show when you flip it-->
	<RequiredAddon Types="1998_Trailer_Car" />
	<InstallSocket Type="CarTrailerLoad" />


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weird.. did you added this too?

		Min="(-8.265; 1.245; 1.1)"
		Max="(-3.2; 2.9; - 1.1)"

dont add offsets to you load xml or the install socket, the load just like addons has to be spawned where it modeled

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@riskywisky model it like if it was in game, (separate meshes and _cdts) but in the place you need it, like a addon because a load it that a addon but it goes attached to the trailer via xml

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@riskywisky thats because the trailer _Cdt and logs _cdt hit each other , making stock game loads spawn in mods trailer or trucks its a pain so its better making your own and trouble shot codes and _cdt sizes from there

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