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so after a rough day I made some progress on the HJ79 to forget things and relax for the rest of the day
alt text

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Next Build The australian MotorHome A Land Cruiser

I forgot to post the time line from the model i had built in my free time to the model i got hired to make so youll see the work as I go

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@justafordguy @1967deuce i have one in blender, i havent touch that file in many months now lol ill check it sometime, as usual Low poly for low end pcs can use it. that my signature

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@joridiculous @SmarOneNine I rather go with ctrl+R then dxdiag , msi works only on msi motherboards and systems lol

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@1967deuce let me give you a start on that path
i did some blender tutorials and for this game you dont need a hardcore pc just a graphics card and some ram

here are my specs on my old laptop and my new pc

  • Old Laptop runs the game at 10 to 15 fps
    HP 4410S Laptop
    32 Bit Win Vista
    2.10 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 (2 CPUs)
    2 Gigs of Ram
    Intel Chipset Family HD
  • New pc runs the game really good 25 to 60 fps depends on the map and mods
    Thermaltake WingRS 201 case
    Win 7 Ultimate 64x
    Intel I5 2500k 3.30Ghz quad core
    4gb DDR3 ram Stick
    EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTS 450
    Seagate 500GB BarraCuda HHD
    Intel DH67BL mobo
    LG FLatron E2360 22in display led HD 1920x1080 <

I make mods with blender and so far so good, i feel its better to model with blender than with 3dsMax but thats Just my opinion

here is the blender guide I talk about

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the Monster ford
still needs some eye candy animated parts but its getting them soon
alt textalt textalt textalt text

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Forces< Paradise 90% done My first map ever (really not even test maps just adding and deleting stuff to try them out in the same map)

its called paradise because it mixes my stock asset likings (trails,mud,hills,log run strategy) and the idea of it was to make a map with the closest sensation to a actual stock map

it will be public after heavy testing has being finished

full view
alt text

1st section Log highway
alt text
2nd section the forest trails
alt text
3rd section the touge and fuel side
alt text
4th section the high lands (left side of the pic... is really short)
alt text

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When in doubt use boggers
GanjaMagic420 upcomming mod
alt text

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