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Hey guys, Those who have Spintires Beta Please give the trucks a try and let me know about the suspension feel, im editing the xmls for Zane

Update on mods
Next name on he Build list goes For ZipTie's 1995 Ford maverick also called Patrol
alt text

Finding blueprints for this Ford was quite hard (yes i actually searched for patrols 1994 blueprints but still the square ones are more common to find) but right now the build is going at a good speed most of the body is done already

build pics soon

also this are the comming names on the to do list
2001 Land Rover Defender Specter Edition for @RCBuzz
1971 GMC Feed Truck (From EP 8 Season 6 from Truck Night in america) The owner contacted me to build it thanks to Smar
1998 Sierra Ext Cab For 4x4alaska on steam
1980 Toyota Land Cruiser (My build) delayed for extra eye Candy!
1998 Chevy Suburban (My Build) delayed for extra eye Candy!

Update on my country
Problably you've heard about the gas crisis, yeah its real and worst that you think right now the only trafic are the cars that are to a side of the road waiting for the gas cisterns to come

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@conorbart093 im going to be soft with you but spam isnt tolerated, also sending pms to user asking for the build to be made isnt a good thing to do if you want your truck to be done

the best option is to learn to make it yourself, i do take requests but im not open to any right now and probably wont be any sooner, i have a list to follow

im not going to close the post but i did deleted the user names that you named as spam

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@Mexican_420 just let me know and i can send you one of them, im planing to make the axon too
@JustaFordGuy thanks man, i've planned to make the f series from the 80s too

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weird i never had issues with it

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@Mexican_420 this can fix your issue 100% as long you dont edge split the thread of the tire
Youtube Video

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New Tutorial For you guys starting in mod making world
Youtube Video

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it has been always like that, since Spintires added it in tech demo, its not a bug in your game, i rather have that option off because it eats a some gpu process and looks bad + the camera has lag

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@rufus , its not possible since you cant change the tires of the vehicles, the change was done with the weight of the tires

@JustCallMeSurge Happy memories

My F100 High Boy soon on turbosquid
Stuff For the FJ once i get to do the custom version
1_1557136557809_Winches.jpg 0_1557136557808_untitled.jpg

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Project Eye Candy, base model finally Finish, now moving into addons!....what should I add?

this isnt a full off road version, that comes later
so far is planned, Hilift Jack, winch,soft top, and fuel cans, no rack or custom spare holder

1_1556943712582_fj40 2.jpg 0_1556943712569_fj40 1.jpg

@nokadota yes another paint color is planned, but right now im focusing in a issue related to 2 of the addons

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