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I've decided to Move this to the Bug reports section and also ill be editing the first port to give a resume and link this to other know issues wich are related in a way to this, and in the meantime Link the DiffuseMultiplier code not functioning properly even adding the g type of colors ( N++ Pluggin->Color->g(r,b,g) ) to disable the alpha and use the color nodes of the flares
i've added you to let you guys know the new route of the topic
@ELRICOFATAL @Mexican_420 @RiskyWisky @SmarOneNine

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Small and quick update
i've been since yesterday without power (12pm to 1pm) and finally back again with power i decided to run and build the last main meshes to be rebuilt and those are the rims,front Chassis ends and Interior pannels

we can call this almost done!

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Updates on the D110 SVX
Got the interior done and also remade the front End to match a actual Landy Front Axle
Imagen3.jpg Imagen2.jpg

I have some spare time in my hands so instead of releasing old stuff, wich isnt going to be as good as new stuff, i think this is the first one to be Ravamped
Ford F350 "Ranger" a mod with a bad history behind it, someone ripped me off with it, so i decide to break my no sharing rule and this will be public, but first it will be redone


the main change is the addition of 21/2 ton rockwells and a triangulated 4link in the front on ori struts (most likely) or King Coils and Air shocks and rear leafs with track links

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Hey guys i've setup a Patreon for those who want to donate, and in a way to say thanks ill be giving out my models (parts,rims,etc) or high resolution renders for wallpapers

Become a Patron!t

thanks guys 🙂

More Updates Soon!

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Update on the d110, I've been working it for the past days and so far got most of it done, now comes the interior, suspension, engine and the rest of trim levels

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Wrong,DDS has the best alpha layers, the game itself uses DDS for all textured , and doesn't gets compressed like tga does (if you look closely at tga glass textures youll see a tesselation on tge texture, that's a compression aftereffect that DDS doesn't get
And my glass (the old mods only ) use the diffuse multiplayer code node, wich is now disabled in game,

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so far your experience with it are good? doest it runs hot like people say amd does when in games or rendering 3d models?, i gotta take those things in cosideration because of my region

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Hey guys, New upcomming mods (update part 1)
@RcBuzz Land Rover Defender D110

im going to be a more detailed on this mod compared to the previous D90 just to give it some eye candy haha

@zipties next GQ ute will be worked asside too

pics from the patrol GQ MWD
20190605222902_1.jpg 20190605220501_1.jpg

Updates part 2
so guys i've been having issues with my Nv Gts 450, i thought that giving it a good clean would clear my issues of heat and crashes but it only helped my heat issues and lowered the temps from a solid 50º on iddle and 77º on games, to a more cool 39º-44ºcon iddle and 70º on games, so i've been looking to get a new one that works both on blender and has a long lasting life (future proof) and so far the best options for both sides of the world are the GTX 1050 2gb and the RX 560 4gb, if anybody has some experience with those card can please leave a comment becasue im not going to be able to afford a mistake with any of them

Updates part 3

after thinking about it for a while now im thinking in starting a patreon with the idea of giving out my parts (suspension setups,axles,rim collection modeled over the course of 3 years) as low tier rewards and my turbosquid models as mid tier rewards, let me know too what you guys think, ill be open to any other ideas/sugestions

updates part 4

Ill be posting my older mods (those who were released before) folowing the idea of spun about the already released models and becasue i feel that taking away all content from F19 is basically saying F19 is out of the MudRunner Scene wich isnt happening any soon

so expect some random mod upgrade pics down the road
also taking suggestions of wich would be better to release and wich could have a bit of work (xml,textures)

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@RiskyWisky it does but thats not really the issue there, the size of the UV map on that single texture is actually really small, so even if he does a 8K texture, the size of the uv will only cover a 512x512 like space of said 8k res image, and thus look blurry/pixelated,

@ELRICOFATAL what size is your picture and wich extension are you ussing, .tga and .dds get compressed in bad ways the best is to use a .dds texture in a 2k format (the editor tends to downscale anything over 2k)

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hey i tried it, i was just spinning my wheels at some points in the proving grounds i tried raising the substance friction to 0.6 and it went a bit better