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Some Pics of the Modeling of the @JustCallMeSurge New yota LC75
0_1552586909617_Imagen1.png 0_1552587035790_Imagen2.png

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Still alive scared but alive
since 4:10 am today has been small earthquakes right now at 10am there has been 16 replicates but everybody is good,some house and bulding near my house are cracked and with damages but mine so far so good, just full of dust from the roof and some stuff fell down to the floor

Project venom has been going fast in the build and same with the Land Rover D90 for RCbuzz

personal news,my shoulder is much better now and soon ill be to a 100% again

also new in store 1984 Ford F350 and soon 1990 Toyota FJ75 pickup and problably suv too
alt text

thanks risky for the headsup on Hades
Merry christmass everybody

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Ford Update...
Help... i've tried all the tricks i know but still cant use anything the steering bone method makes the bone not sinc well with the truck (its not attached at all it stays in the air until i drive far away and then the game crashes) and i had to go with the old vintage cdt method for a animated steering wheel
No driver for some reason the hands go nuts when i steer the truck, (for things like that i never finished the quad independent steer colision axle S10 crawler)

Much done, basic idea, a 35s 2 in lifted 70s HighBoy Ford F100 (or 150 i dont understand how ford clasifies them lol)
two colors worked so far, mil cucv green and blue
so far 4 addons (roll bar,tool box, trailer, jerry can) its not a beast but its a good replacement for the F150 from the dlc, im still thinking allot in that crew cab lol

0_1551667824524_2 (4).jpg 0_1551667880346_2 (5).jpg 0_1551668021851_2 (6).jpg 0_1551668055944_2 (3).jpg

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so pretty basic ideas right now with this build but the plan is to create a dlc trailer kinda like a generic trailer for some mods that just has to be downloaded, the trailer will be a tilt flat deck and a tilt gooseneck both with airbag suspension to ignore any height issues with any mods i build
alt text
mixed with this to avoid making it a gooseneck but keeping the height of a goosneck like trailer
alt text

and a 44ft gooseneck
alt text
the gooseneck its quite easy but the smaller one is the one giving me issues, like how its going to tilt, where should the hinges be, i want the deck to move and not the frame to break (act as the hinge) i have all that to figure them out and be as close to the pics as i can

K10 Donators new addons, including the smaller trailer
3_1551752409316_1.jpg 2_1551752409315_1 (4).jpg 1_1551752409314_1 (3).jpg 0_1551752409312_1 (2).jpg

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this was hard to build, just how weird is the setup was the reason of it being hard lol, next step textures, and cdt axle/hinge bases sping suspension
1_1551836486894_untitled2.png 0_1551836486892_untitled.png

but going good so far, 5 cdt based animations need to be done now

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Re do the stepside to match some images i got for reference and the actual truck!
and i got the chains re done to be like irl i had it attached to the gate and the box and its actually in the box to lock the gate, it doesnt connect to the gate at all
alt text
alt text
alt text

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Project Level Up its done
Why is called like that? well its a level up in realism for my mods, from now on all my mods will have apart from working steering components,Engine parts that move they will have woking axle shafts, yeah thats right that small shaft that shows in my latest mods will now be moving while you drive down the road

In a future video ill show all the animations of this Mod

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

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so after a few hours of painting its finally here, still needs some suspension tweaks but out of the editor it was quite capable and I need to work the paint a bit more to get the same looks of @RCBuzz irl Land rover and do the custom license plate
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

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2000 Land rover defender 90 Uploaded on turbo and awaiting aproval by Land Rover but here are the renders of it

0_1548086022270_Preview 1.jpg
0_1548086095612_Preview 2.jpg
0_1548086102282_Preview 3.jpg
0_1548086106890_Preview 4.png
0_1548086111050_Preview 5.png

I hope Land Rover gives me the aproval, If I get aproved all Land Rover models I make in the future dont have to be aproved by them because they know my quality
it happened that way with ford back when I uploaded the F100

yes a 4 door its planned as Turbosquid Model maybe even mod, (there is another 110 in the ws) and a serie 2 or 3 2 door

I think Im going to be building another Jeep soon Maybe a CJ or re do my old YJ we will see, after Venom just like I said im taking a few days of to publish all of my work on Turbosquid and then Back on Mod Making

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yeah I've been out, for many reasons
Number 1 I cant leave my house, the goverment started taking teenagers and childs to recruit them and for that my brother and I are completly locked at home, but soon it will all end
2 internet acces its restricted even for librarys
Image from Near my work
alt text

that extends for 3km and people walked even on highways
so yeah #PrayForVnzla

Mod updates, I guess you saw Venom, thats just a small idea of what is comming for now My mods each day grow bigger and even more bad ass

Venom Render
alt text
alt text
Who ever calls this a Duramax, will get punished! its a Viper V10 Engine Swap #BecauseDodge

Next array are,Lunar Tech K100 6x6 LC79,J60 or J80 Maybe, MJ,XJ se,JKU, 84 F150 & F350,D110 007 Edition and Thanks to @Tattoo For the awesome tutorial he sent me maybe one last Kseries Rebuild, His leafs Tutorial its the best and much more can be achieve now thanks to him

Pc Updates, the heat its still a issue so i ordered the new cpu fan and some thermal compound

next stop may be a 1030gt or getting my pc to 8gb ram because substance and My gts450 are enemies when it comes to big models and I know it will be a issue with the new mods that im developing and all the stuff they're getting

@Mexican_420 Nah hate IFS it looks cool but its horrible to get animated properly and axle swaps are just awesome but who knows maybe a TTB Ford will come soon i just need to get the _cdts to work right on it 😉 😉
@RCBuzz Im glad you liked it man

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For those who haven't seen it @JustCallMeSurge Released the FJ47 crawler on steam

alt text

Updates on My Chevy... Its done yeah lol I was going to add a rifle and a shotgun in the back window but i dont know how all the donators think about guns so i didnt added them instead added stickers including a Optimus Chevy sticker
5_1550760797001_20190218145320_1.jpg 4_1550760797000_20190218145315_1.jpg 3_1550760796999_20190216160511_1.jpg 2_1550760796982_20190216160431_1.jpg 1_1550760796982_20190216160422_1.jpg 0_1550760796981_20190218145343_1.jpg

Both Long and Short version

so whats next, a crawler version lol wich its also almost done
3_1550760869107_20190220234846_1.jpg 2_1550760869107_20190220234642_1.jpg 1_1550760869106_20190220234621_1.jpg 0_1550760869106_20190220235122_1.jpg

I love this part of my my latest works

That Chrome Look , both 2 trucks have been retextured like 20 times just to get that shine and scrathes on the surface (Specular and diffuse, once i add the normal maps it looks horrible)

I dont have any request after this so i will be reworking my Jeeps (xj,xj se,yj and MB) for turbosquid

Edit: Hey second place in most reputated user , thanks guys 734 likes by now

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I'm still alive, after 5 days with no power and barely even sleeping at nights to guard my residence with other neighbors from any group of tugs that could want to Rob our residence at nights... power finally came back
Thanks to the fact that I'm a electronic technician I was able to make chargers, flashlights and adapt the nebulizer of a neighbor to work out of a car alternator a whole country was affected twice with this blackout and sadly over 100 patients died I'm hospitals the first 2 days mostly because the power plants never starter or had any diesel in their tanks most of them child's and people in intensive care
I'll be reporting
Updating you guys during the day also thanks for the kind words I'm the pms I'm sorry I could answer them early but phone lines and data services were out too

@twisted_xj thanks man

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updates, the power seems stable this morning sooo lets mod
truck/builds updates
1998 9th gen Yukon/Suburban (my favorite year) The model is from 3dWarehouse with a ton of re work (it was a 10th gen Suburban and I wanted a 9th gen Yukon/sububan)
the idea is really basic, im building a soft/medium trail truck on 35s/37s and not much lift, some trailers and maybe a small roof rack
1_1552395181539_Imagen2.png 0_1552395180342_Imagen1.png
also in the works is a new Land Cruiser and a new Build for @SmarOneNine

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small updates, going all out in this build
1_1552423640246_Imagen2.png 0_1552423640220_Imagen1.png

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In case you have Question or want to learn how to mod this is the best page to find links to the guide youre looking
Thanks In advance To @Tattoo and Hein From for making the list that still to this date works for mud runner

If you have usefull info to add send me or one of the other moderators a pm.

Ye Old Classic Quick Moding Tutorial - By Stetson

  • 3D softwares you need to start making mods

  • 3ds Max

Getting started in 3dsMax 20 Videos
Basic 3ds Max Functionality 7 Videos
UV Unwrapping in 3ds Max - 10 Videos
How to change System Units in 3ds Max - By @Tattoo

  • Blender 2.76 to 2.78 (Recomended versions)

Blender 2.76 32 bit
Blender 2.76 64bit
Blender 2.78 32 bit
Blender 2.78 64 bit

  • Blender Exporters

Spintires DirectX exporter For blender - thanks to @Dzen
STX Exporter Dev Page - thanks to @Dzen
How to use the STX exporter - Thanks To @Dzen
Blender Video Tutorials
Blender Video Tutorials - By @Forces

  • Blender Mod making topics

Guides 1 -useful info and files Thanks To @DrGoNzO1489, GJU and @Dzen
Links for Starting a Mod
Guide 2 - Useful Info, files,Video Guides and advance animations

  • Tools

NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop - Lets you edit or create .dds textures
Proper Texture Extensions - By @Draconus
Rock Generators for Map Makers - By @Tattoo
Marijn & Tattoo Spring Weight Tool V2 – Spintires Modding Resource
How to install Marijn's Spring Weight Tool, version 2 - By @Tattoo - Blueprints page for model makers

  • Useful Links (more will be added by moderators)

Wheels With lettering - Thanks to Freeman
Antenna and O-rings animations - Thanks to @terminatorx58 and @Forces
Help With IK Bones For Dampers
Removing pieces of dirt from the wheels - By @Digital X and @SmarOneNine
"Simulation Quality [CPU]" setting - what does it do?
Winching Guide - By Austinwii
[How to] set up a tilting flatbed. - By Freeman
Tattoo - [REL] Map Objects - By @Tattoo
[HOW TO] Installing ReShade With SpintiresMod - By @MudHappy
Fan Spin Tutorial - by @Tattoo
How To animate the Steering Wheel - Thanks To @Spun
How To add the AmericanWild Driver as default - Thanks To @Malcolm_Tucker
How To add A Driver into a mod - Thanks to @Spun
How to Code and Add a trailer to a mod- Thanks to @Forces
How to add Logs To a trailer mod - thanks to @hydrowasul and @Forces
Tips And Tricks For Using 3rd Party Height Maps In The Editor - by @MudHappy
Mudrunner – Making and adding objects to your game. - by @Digital-X
Creating a Compound Spring/Shock - No Sound - By @Tattoo
Leaf Spring Weight Tutorial- By @Tattoo
How To Setup IK's For Springs, Shocks and Control Arms - By @Tattoo
CTD Based Suspension - by V12 , @Bregel , @Forces
Adding Models To Addons Via XML By LetsRock&Roll
Tutorial: Converting sounds from ETS/ATS. - By @Rock3t

  • Map Making

@RiskyWisky Textual Guide
How to Use Materials in the editor - Thanks to @Kent_BoBo

Nix Making Tutorials
Complete video guide to creating custom Spintires: MudRunner Maps

Torridon88 map making Guides
Introduction to the editor List -6 videos
Let's Make A Mudrunner Reference - Forest T Junction - 6 Videos

ill be selecting more Links from the old page becasue not all of them Work or are easy to "translate" to the newer Mud runner Codes but if you want to take a look a them here is the older list Useful links for new users

  • Misc

Small idea of how much "pc power" you need to play MudRunner
Mud Runner PC Specs List (Player,Mod Maker,Map Maker)

  • Data
  • Max Poly count Per Mesh 20k (wheels included)
  • Max Polycount Record on a Mod 1.4M Poly (Splitted Meshes in groups of 20k)
  • Max amount of Steering Controlled Constraints 10
  • Max amount of Torque on a Vehicle Engine 3M (it caps past that number)
  • Cranes Rotate a max 270º both directions (left-right)
  • Mass="()" Values can have 4 Decimals (100.001)
  • Pos="()" Values can have 6 decimals
  • DiffuseMultiplier is (R;G;B;A) and it caps at 255 in all values 0 being black and 255 being white
  • Editor max Heightmap size is 1024, you can use 4k res hightmaps but its prone to crash your editor,create geometry bugs and it will be downscaled to undet 1024 (1023)
  • Wheels under a Mass value of 80 will glith,wiggle and wheels over 200 are more prone to go into objects
  • The FuelsMass Code can be use to simulate the change of weight due to fuel consuption in Vehicles
  • Most of the editor crashes are due to Bad codes in Custom objects (classes/meshes)
  • Twosided="" meshes still have lighting issues due to the Normals Directions in the meshes so its better to have overlaping with normals looking in oposite directions meshes with no TwoSided="true" codes
  • _cockpit and _winshield meshes must have the normals poiting to the inside of the mod to work and sould never be loaded in a material in the editor or they wont work all the time
  • SuspensionMin="" values are negative while SuspensionMax="" values are positive and mixing them will make your game crash or make your mod to not load
  • ImpactType="Foliage" disables colision damage but not the Suspension Damage (Collision="None" just disables the collision of your mod )
  • Suspension damage happens when your suspension reaches the SuspensionMax Value really fast, to avoid it increase the max value or increase the SuspensionDamping="" values, decreasing it too much will make your car feel bouncy and making it too high will make it stiffer
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A new Vid from SmarOneNine doing a trail ride in his new map "Mahoosuc Trails" trailing one of the new sections with my newest mod in the workshop The 1943 dodge M37

Youtube Video

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I had to go with another Military style Truck
meet the "Carrier"
2006 Chevrolet Kodiak C4500 with 2008 Silverado 3500HD long Box
alt text
alt text

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Huge thanks to @fatboy and @ArchitectWilliam for your help on the more technical stuff for the stock XJ you guys are awesome and any info,details coming from the viewers is always well recieve
alt text
how I animated the Y link making use of the stock Draglink animation and some IK nested bones going fromt he top and spliting in 2 for each side near the conection of the dragling and tie rod and both bones ended in the hubs (the stock animation was there just to make the game work the animations of the hubs)
and now here is the Stock ish Jeep XJ its a bit lifted and has 32in Hankook Dinapro Mt
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

once I get it up and sent to smar I'll make a custom paint for you 2 and send your version ready to be uploaded for you to have private of for friends only

Next stop FJ75 flatbed and workmate (pics once I start modeling it lol)

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The Jeep XJ is Now on Turbo For those that want to Have the model

It comes already animated and UV Mapped
link text

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