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Black Water Hasnt Aproved Canyon to be Uploaded so its 100% stealing content from a known user
Locked By Forces 23/03/2019

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@riskywisky to mod on spintires you have to madel everything in a mirror view of the final result, we drive just like in usa

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@mrjason @lkt81t both are already in the game in the steam workshop

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@riskywisky please dont give ideas you wont try, or atleast add a disclaimer,
@Aureliovr the best you could do its what @wrangmog said, just replace the sound file with a .wav of the sound you want (it has to be mono channel for the game to load it properly)

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allot of work done today, i also made a engine for it, supercharged I6, 4link suspension and a custom skidplate

allot of work also on the LC75, this thing has caught my eye since i made the single cab one, and i've seen some crawlers in web that use a single cab so ill be doing something with it someday soo

1_1553307493894_Imagen2.jpg 0_1553307493893_Imagen1.jpg

Updates about the Suburban, the project is going slow, i got most of the door pannels done, but still is gutless, it has no engine yet, i want to go with a supercharged I6 or a TTD (Twin Turbo diesel) 6bt i have no pics because i forgot to take pics of it, the suspension its done too

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thanks for the update, it was old info i readed from oovee

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Interior Done
now comes fitting tires, i scaled down to 33s because even with 8in lift i wasnt able to fit the 35s without cutting the fenders wich i kinda want to avoid because i love the stock ones lol
0_1553131054289_untitled.jpg 0_1553131191568_untitled2.jpg

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Awesome, ill sure take it for a spin when i get my steam issues fixed

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the honk sound is relative to the weight of a truck/mod and cant be coded to be changed

  • Uaz 469 - Light Honk Sound (1600 to 6000 mass)
  • Kraz 255 - Medium Honk sound (6000 to 13000 mass)
  • Maz 7430 - Heavy Honk Sound (over 15000 mass)

Added to the Guide!

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@invalidredneck New Version? also it popped a virus alert when installing, aparently it was a .ini of reshade (its now built in spinmod) still works but with not all the reshade ffeatures

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@Mexican_420 if you like Lifted Chevys and V10 Viper engines youll love Venom hahaha

pd:I bet people will dare to call it Duramax :,(

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Reserved for Needed Info or Extra notes (in case i fill the first post )

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ok i added them also to the guide list

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In case you have Question or want to learn how to mod this is the best page to find links to the guide youre looking
Thanks In advance To @Tattoo and Hein From for making the list that still to this date works for mud runner

  • If you have usefull info to add send me or one of the other moderators a pm.

  • Before Editing Check the links and Try to follow the Setup of the Guide to edit the main post

Ye Old Classic Quick Moding Tutorial - By Stetson

  • 3D softwares you need to start making mods

  • 3ds Max - Recomended By the game developer

3dsmax student registration form wich lead to dowload and a valid license
3dsMax Student Version - Thanks To @Raphael and @Tattoo

Getting started in 3dsMax 20 Videos
Basic 3ds Max Functionality 7 Videos
UV Unwrapping in 3ds Max - 10 Videos
How to change System Units in 3ds Max - By @Tattoo
3dsMax How to Videos - Thanks to @Raphael

  • Blender 2.76 to 2.78 (Recomended versions)
    recomended for low end pc's

Blender 2.76 32 bit
Blender 2.76 64bit
Blender 2.78 32 bit
Blender 2.78 64 bit

  • Blender Exporters

Spintires DirectX exporter For blender - thanks to @Dzen
STX Exporter Dev Page - thanks to @Dzen
How to use the STX exporter - Thanks To @Dzen
Blender Video Tutorials - By @Forces

  • Blender Mod making topics

Guides 1 -useful info and files Thanks To @DrGoNzO1489, GJU and @Dzen
Links for Starting a Mod
Guide 2 - Useful Info, files,Video Guides and advance animations
How to properly AO Bake in Blender - 13min
blender tutorial how to bake an ambient occlusion map - 6min
How to Start Modeling in Blender - 4 vids

  • Tools

NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop - Lets you edit or create .dds textures
Proper Texture Extensions - By @Draconus
Rock Generators for Map Makers - By @Tattoo
Marijn & Tattoo Spring Weight Tool V2 – Spintires Modding Resource
How to install Marijn's Spring Weight Tool, version 2 - By @Tattoo - Blueprints page for model makers
Multiplayer SaveManager - By @Dvoryaninoff

  • Useful Links (more will be added by moderators)

Wheels With lettering - Thanks to Freeman
Antenna and O-rings animations - Thanks to @terminatorx58 and @Forces
Help With IK Bones For Dampers
Removing pieces of dirt from the wheels - By @Digital X and @SmarOneNine
"Simulation Quality [CPU]" setting - what does it do?
Winching Guide - By Austinwii
[How to] set up a tilting flatbed. - By Freeman
Tattoo - [REL] Map Objects - By @Tattoo
[HOW TO] Installing ReShade With SpintiresMod - By @MudHappy
Fan Spin Tutorial - by @Tattoo
How To animate the Steering Wheel - Thanks To @Spun
How To add the AmericanWild Driver as default - Thanks To @Malcolm_Tucker
How To add A Driver into a mod - Thanks to @Spun
How to Code and Add a trailer to a mod- Thanks to @Forces
How to add Logs To a trailer mod - thanks to @hydrowasul and @Forces
Tips And Tricks For Using 3rd Party Height Maps In The Editor - by @MudHappy
Mudrunner – Making and adding objects to your game. - by @Digital-X
Creating a Compound Spring/Shock - No Sound - By @Tattoo
Leaf Spring Weight Tutorial- By @Tattoo
How To Setup IK's For Springs, Shocks and Control Arms - By @Tattoo
CTD Based Suspension - by V12 , @Bregel , @Forces
Adding Models To Addons Via XML By LetsRock&Roll
Tutorial: Converting sounds from ETS/ATS. - By @Rock3t
Driveshaft positioning Quick Guide OLD codes - Thanks To PressureLine
Add Friction to Objects - Thanks To PressureLine
Honk Sound Code - Thanks To @Aureliovr
How to install Spintires mod - Thanks to @Tattoo
How To Setup IK's For Springs, Shocks and Control Arms - By @Tattoo
How to make Lights Point to the sides - thanks to @wrangmog

  • Map Making

@RiskyWisky Textual Guide
How to Use Materials in the editor - Thanks to @Kent_BoBo

Big Book of MudRunner Map Making - By @Chris-Nelson

Nix Making Tutorials
Complete video guide to creating custom Spintires: MudRunner Maps

Torridon88 map making Guides
Introduction to the editor List -6 videos
Let's Make A Mudrunner Reference - Forest T Junction - 6 Videos

ill be selecting more Links from the old page becasue not all of them Work or are easy to "translate" to the newer Mud runner Codes but if you want to take a look a them here is the older list Useful links for new users

  • Misc
    The Water of MudRunner -By @Pavel
    The Mud of MudRunner -By @Pavel
    Small idea of how much "pc power" you need to play MudRunner
    Mud Runner PC Specs List (Player,Mod Maker,Map Maker)
    Making Custom Dinamy Models - Thanks to @Chris-Nelson @Tattoo
    Sound download List - - (login may be required)

  • Data

  • Spintires Uses the metric system (Meters,Kg,Lts)

  • Max Poly count Per Mesh 20k (wheels included)

  • Max Polycount Record on a Mod 1.4M Poly (Splitted Meshes in groups of 20k)

  • Max amount of Steering Controlled Constraints 10

  • Max amount of Torque on a Vehicle Engine 3M (it caps past that number)

  • Max Recomended cdt poly count is under 2k at worst case scenario

  • Cranes Rotate a max 270º both directions (left-right)

  • Steeringwheel animations Bone Rotates on the Y axis and must be pointing at the to the inside of the Truck

  • Mass="()" Values can have 4 Decimals (100.001)

  • Pos="()" Values can have 6 decimals

  • DiffuseMultiplier is (R;G;B;A) and it caps at 255 in all values 0 being black and 255 being white

  • CDT over 2k poly will lag the game

  • Editor max Heightmap size is 1024, you can use 4k res hightmaps but its prone to crash your editor,create geometry bugs and it will be downscaled to undet 1024 (1023)

  • Wheels under a Mass value of 80 will glith,wiggle and wheels over 200 are more prone to go into objects

  • The FuelsMass Code can be use to simulate the change of weight due to fuel consuption in Vehicles

  • Most of the editor crashes are due to Bad codes in Custom objects (classes/meshes)

  • Twosided="" meshes still have lighting issues due to the Normals Directions in the meshes so its better to have overlaping with normals looking in oposite directions meshes with no TwoSided="true" codes

  • _cockpit and _winshield meshes must have the normals poiting to the inside of the mod to work and sould never be loaded in a material in the editor or they wont work all the time

  • SuspensionMin="" values are negative while SuspensionMax="" values are positive and mixing them will make your game crash or make your mod to not load

  • ImpactType="Foliage" disables colision damage but not the Suspension Damage (Collision="None" just disables the collision of your mod )

  • Suspension damage happens when your suspension reaches the SuspensionMax Value really fast, to avoid it increase the max value or increase the SuspensionDamping="" values, decreasing it too much will make your car feel bouncy and making it too high will make it stiffer

  • Use the Havok Debug tool to test your truck in the editor before loading it in the game

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@JustCallMeSurge that would be awesome ,things like video guides or textual guides are the best

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@JustCallMeSurge @Mexican_420 @Tattoo @SmarOneNine @RiskyWisky @JustaFordGuy thanks guys
one of the things im going to focus in is the help and guides and the sarting one its going to be Mud Runner Moding 101 a full detailed yellow pages of Info to make mods (trucks) i do need help from a map maker too since the links for that arent as many

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yeah @terminatorx58 i took them down but i do plan i re release some of them, i wont make a list but here are the first ones to be redone

  • 1942 Willis MB
  • 1951 Dodge M37
  • 1972 to 85 Blazers

Congrats @SmarOneNine at the Page 50 The last Post its the #1000 Congratulations man
alt text

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some updates
1998 Blazer
im reworking the interior (is not mine its from a driver sf model and only the dash was detailed) the rest looked uggly af so im making it again, also taking chunk off the Burban to make this look better
updates on the LC75
blender crashed and i had to rebuild the whole rear good thing i saved after dooing the sides and windows

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@Mexican_420 hahaha i always forget about that, lets make it worst then,
Nvidia vs AMD/ATI and use Chevy vs Ford to explain why hahaha

(just a joke lets keep this as civil as possible #MakePeaceNotWar)
back on topic,
the RX 460 does seem to have compatibilty issues with older (pre 2014) boards while the Gt1030 doesnt (from what i've readed in some forums and seen on videos) and it kinda makes sence its a GPU made for OEM Hewlet packard PC's

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I Hate bumping threads lol but i just found this
So for over 3 months i've been thinking in getting a gt1030 ddr5
but its seems imposble to actually get it for me (lots of reasons)

but i found this gpu that its 95% better to the gt1030 (wich is already better than my gts 450 by 95% )

Gt1030 vs RX 460
and here is a link of the price of it
Amazon (scroll down to see prices compared to others cards)

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