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@Skalgrim-Fellaxe they are part of the fourth expansion lost in the warp and emerging near the EoT.
🌬🛸 🌪 👁

that said, I don't want them added as part of the official campaign, I just want to have more customization / replayability by being able to switch factions around (which ship roster NPC factions have access to).

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it would be nice if campaign customisation would allow you to add the tau roster as a NPC faction (or as subfaction to an existing NPC faction like the eldar work right now) to the campaigns. such a system would make it possible to have nids vs nids and necron vs necrons fights in their own campaigns too.

it would be nice too, if we could get an option to play with infinite charges for special weapons, skills and ordnance and if we could get the option to send out bombers and fighters from the same hangar independently (seperate cooldowns for each strike craft type). I think at the moment the way strike craft work is not very fun as a singleplayer experience.

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the first game handled hangars much better imo. defensive fighters could deal with twice the amount of offensive hangars, turrets would deal the same amount of damage per squadron regardless of number of attacking squadrons, you could not outrun squadrons to force more turret damage (some eldar craft could do that once), hull damage would guarantee perma destroyed turrets and you could crack defensive fighter screens by forcing turret checks with your own ships.

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@ashardalon: 5 executors cannot outcrit well managed shooty hive ships at short range. you would need both broadsides constantly firing to have high enough crit-rates to compensate the different crit-reduction between GCs and BBs. the only advantage the GCs have, is having more weapon subsystems to lose, which is not that usefull if the nid player keeps his prow weapons safe, if shields are down.

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@ahriman the game had imo too high weapon crit-rates compared to hull damage and the solution so far is sort of fix it for two ship classes only.

since release there were only two competitive LC spam lists and that were dauntless spam and SM torp-LCs (ork LC spam was fun but not very competitive).

dauntless were simply underpriced for their damage-output compared to the rest of the navy roster and SM LCs offer better gameplay than the standard torp-cruiser list.

the majority of meta builds were cruiser heavy with bigger flagships in a few cases. thats infinitely better than the current situation, where it is (with a few exceptions) a liability to take smaller stuff than grand cruisers.

chaos, orks, nids, necrons, arguably both tau, arguably navy and DE can ignore most of their roster for this reason and the only exception builds want to mass either torpedos or novas only.

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@CANNED_F3TUS try five executors for example.

the current crit system, with BBs being four times more crit-resistant than cruisers, hurts the game imo. it shifts the meta towards BB/GC heavy fleets and it makes builds that rely on disabling systems quite weak against these top-heavy lists.