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I'm not even sure if they check the forum. I'm pretty sure if someone writes something offensive and no one reports it, it will stay forever.

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Thanks for the reply. I will post more in the future if you find this kind of feedback useful 🙂

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I have some feedback for the devs after playing up to level 6 with Heavy Weapon class.

The three abilities of the class seem too underwhelming compared to other classes's abilities.

Firestorm, which increases your rate of fire, is active for about 2-3 seconds and has a huge cooldown (OK, you can lower that but it should at least be a bit useful out of the box). I haven't seen it do much difference in battle. I believe it should last longer than that. I love the sound of the assault cannon spinning with incredible speed 🙂

The Proximity Mine is cool and have found it to be useful for alarming you of enemies coming from behind. It too seems to have little overall impact in the class's strategy but not that bad compared to the other two abilities.

The last ability (forgive me, I don't remember the name) gives accuracy and reliability to the weapon. This also lasts for a few seconds and is way too underwhelming an effect for a class's third ability.

I believe the first and third abilities need buffs, at least to their duration.

One other minor gripe I have, which could also be said for many other aspects of the controls, is that you can't activate an ability in the middle of firing. Especially for the Firestorm ability, I would expect to be able to activate it without being forced to stop firing, then press 1, then start firing again. The assault cannon takes time to spin, you know!

Devs, do you plan to make balancing changes in a future patch or are you focused on bug fixing for now?

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Can you tell us how big is the update?

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