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I think I speak for everyone when I see this game is NOT ready to be released in two weeks.
-The optimization is absolutely terrible, I'm running a gtx960 and I barely get 25-40 fps with everything on low settings. Everytime someone peaks a corner that I'm watching I will get frame stutters and die, it's extremely frustrating.
-The hit detection is garbage and it takes too many shots to down an enemy. There's not enough recoil and people can spray and pray like it's COD or battlefield.
-The vehicles are jenky and dysfunctional, you can't look behind you at all or tell if someone is in the turret when you're driving. The mirrors don't do anything. They will get stuck on objects that aren't there or struggle going over bumps that a truck IRL would have no problem traversing.
-The menu is almost unnavigable, the cursor has to be above and to the right of whatever it is you're trying to select, and somethings literally can't be selected at all.
-There's no indicator of who's using the voicechat or a way to mute people so if someone is spamming the chat yelling n****r over and over again you can't do anything about it other than turn voice chat completely off.
-The commander has way too much ordinance available and they can just spam it throughout the game if the observer will actually come to them.
-The gunplay is clunky and sometimes even unresponsive. There's been times where I have a full magazine and I click to shoot and literally nothing happens.
-The voice acting is obnoxious and unrealistic. People can spam voicelines without any limits.
-Sometimes I can't even deploy, it will lock me into the loadout menu and pressing enter or M doesn't do anything.

I could go on for much longer about the problems with this game, my point is the devs need to delay the release by several months at the least. The game will get terrible press if they release it at the original release date. I've spent hundreds of hours playing the original insurgency and it's honestly much more fun and playable than this game.