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I get alot of situations where i'm killed before the enemy has even started firing or the enemy player isn't even turned again me yet or i get killed during the animation where the enemy is turning cause they have spotted me.

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The amount of tickets are too few. 8,9,10 i'd like to see.

Bring back Armour Piercing ammunition.

7.62 Nato needs a damage buff.

Recoil is spot on, don't change it! Don't listen to the keyboard ninjas who have never trained with a firearm. I competed is sharpshooting for 12 years and the recoil is so good.

You don't hear the footspets for players behind you, enemy or friendly. Please change that. If i can hear someone walking up to me from behind in real life, i want to do it in Sandstorm as well.

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I agree with the fact that most player are going for volume rather than skill(full auto fire vs. presiced aimed shots) but the recoil is on par with the real guns in my opinion. No, i havent shot every gun in real life but i competed in sharpshooting for 12 years so i know what im talking about.

About the damage model, it could use a buff for most of the guns, the 7.62 Nato is weak compared to the first game and real life. I do like that armour really does protect you in this game, so multiple hits and minimal damage im all for.

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