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Try deleting your settings config in %appdata%/local/

Delete the whole insurgency folder and try again. Note that this will delete all of your settings and keybindings.

If this does not work try using Display Driver Uninstaller in windows safe mode (Note that this will ALSO delete your NVIDIA or AMD graphics driver settings)

Best of luck.

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This has nothing to do with the game. Your pc shut off either because of temperature limits or one of your parts is failing.

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So ive played about 20 hours of beta 2 so far. Played about 45 hours of Beta 1. Been having a blast so far. First thing i noticed immediately is the hit registration is MASSIVELY improved from Beta 1 but still not perfect. Im hitting shots CENTER MASS from like 5 feet away and targets are just eating bullets at random. Its definitely not my aim. Might be server side because i have read some topics on here that say hit registration is better on local play. Anyway lets gets this started.

  • When entering a truck that someone has died in, the body and your model clip through ecah other and you end up with 2 bodies in the drivers seat.

  • Bot technicals get stuck a LOT when they first spawn. About 75% of the trucks that spawn in coop get stuck and do not get aggressive on the objective. I would LOVE if the bots rushed the objective with the beefy .50 calibers and spray lead towards the objective. This would help facilitate teamwork and keep the demo on his toes.

  • God rays do not work correctly at the moment. They appear and disappear when looking up at trees.

  • When suicide bots spot you and you are in an elevated position out in the open (say on top of a building, their AI seems to bug out and they literally just stare at you. This happened to me on the second floor of the objective H on the map Hideout. I think it would be really great if a suicide bot spots you he rushes your position, but try to make the line of sight believable (maybe cap it to 25-50 meters?).

  • When a friendly is in a technical and shoot the .50 cal, sometimes the audio will bug out and it will sound as if the techy is several hundred meters away from your position and very muffled but in reality its your teammate litereally 3 feet away from you.

  • Sometimes bots just seem to group up and get stuck when they first spawn. Seems to happen a TON on the map Hideout.

  • While optimization has improved a TON, you guys need to try to make the GPU always pegged at 99% usage. Try to use every resource available, that's untapped power!

  • Their seems to be a lot more shimmering on objects and textures from beta 1 to beta 2.

  • We need to know what kind of AA we are enabling. Please implement FXAA, SMAA, TXAA and MSAA just for variety.

  • Rocket barrage visuals are bugged. Seem to be flipped.

  • Sometimes the drum mag model on your gun disspears when you insert the mag from a speed reload.

  • If you spawn in a pull out an rpg, the model bugs out.

  • When trying to switch to an item in your loadout when you have a gun equipped and you do it to fast, the model of your gun is still on the screen even when you have clearly switched to a different. I use the scroll wheel to switch items.

  • Audio on some guns seem to bug out sometimes and some shots have audio while others are silent.

  • The state of some doors glitch out and will report that the door is still there to the client but you can not run through the door and if you try to shoot an rpg through the door the rpg explodes like there is a solid door there when there is clearly not!

  • Huge stuttering issue on all maps, regardless of settings. Might be something bottle necking in the code?

  • nvidia DSR does not seem implemented. This should be very easy to implement and will DRASTICALLY increase image quality for people that have beefy systems. This will decrease shimmering as well.

  • When you kill a bot in coop with a direct blast from an rpg, they still make a death sound. This obviously kills immersion. Add a check on bot death that determines if the bot would be able to make the noises (IE if his head is completely gone they wouldnt be able to say anything.

  • When using the M3WAWS rpg thingy, the scope bugs out and your PC puts the middle of the launcher up to his face.

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@lawnjesus said in MAJOR game breaking bug on coop:

@freaky88 Lmao, I gotta keep my eyes peeled for this. Hasn't happened to me yet, but would certainly be interesting to witness.

you have to open the video in a new tab the embed is not working srry

Youtube Video

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At the start of a coop match on canyon security side, the truck will go full speed ahead into the mountain on the left when the truck spawns in and the whole team dies and its an instant wipe. Have never seen this once in 70 hrs of beta testing. Crazy!!

EDIT: video of bug