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It would be really cool to see Cosmetic options to personalize weaponry.


Paintjobs (Realistic ones, no stupid shit)
Different reticles for optics.
Different grips (Only visible when you equip grip)
Different chassis systems for Rifles that have compatibility with swaps (Such as the m24)
Different bipod designs? Examples could be = Atlas, Harris, Elite iron Revo?
Different buttstocks?
Different barrel profiles (Such as fluted, spiral fluted etc)
Suppressor (Mirage covers) Both realistic and looks cool. (Preserves optical clarity when suppressor is hot)

This is just some ideas. I am sure there could be a lot more stuff.

These are all stuff that could be easily added only for cosmetic reasons and not actually have an in-game effect. I like it when you can personalize your character and weaponry. And I am sure im not the only one 🙂

Have a nice day!

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Alright everyone, I think we stop it there. I am sorry for what this Thread turned out to be.

All I wanted was to discuss the Marksman class Bolt actions and their current balance and place in game.

No more hostile comments directed towards others. This game is for mature people, lets act that way.

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I am fairly new but I have seen his name multiple times already. I consider myself experienced on this topic about Precision rifles and their use. Like I mentioned above I am an avid PRS shooter myself.

I enjoy discussions, dont get me wrong. But It has to be relevant to what the thread is actually about.

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I find it funny you mentioning the m24 as being outdated. You do know that all m24, m40, m2010 etc. Are all based on the original Remington 700 action? That technically means they are all the exact same "rifle" Only in different chassis systems and with different barrel profiles. There where mainly 2 version used of the m24. One chambered in 7.62x51 (.308w) As mentioned above. But there where also a variant chambered in 300 win mag. Which is definetly something you wouldnt wanna stand in front of. Hell you could even get a variant chambered in 338 lapua.

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My apologies then!

I am just afraid that the Marksman class in general will be frowned upon, specially when it comes to the Ranked 5v5 Firefight. Which I am very much looking forward to play regarding my background.


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Thanks for the answers! Quadsword, "Just because its a bolt action doesnt mean it should do more damage" Yes it should.

And heres why.

Bolt rifles have longer barrels = More velocity = Bigger impact energy.
Altough I dont know this, but I would asume that the m24 in game fires the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge, which in comparison really cant be matched with an AK round. (7.62x39).
Also the powder ratio is usually loaded higher in platforms like these.

You mention game balance? You think its balanced that Bolt actions cant do a reliable one shot? That is literally the very opposite of "Balanced" I agree with Depleted that every weapon should have their spot in game. I also agree with him that the maps arent really designed to be played as a sniper role should be. But that doesnt mean it cant be good. I have found plenty of routes in Firefight gamemode, where I can rush at the beginning to get into a spot where I can pick off 1-3 targets within 30 seconds of the match. Which is very valuable for my team.

I am an avid rifle shooter irl, and I compete in something called PRS. (Google it) I have shot several thousands of rounds trough bolt actions. I know very well what they are capable off doing to steel targets (Would just imagine what they would do to a human body. With or without "Armor") That so called armor plating you wear in your chestrig cant really stop a bullet from something designed to shoot far. As an example my current rifle is chambered in 6.5x55. And I am currently shooting a load with v0 = 943 m/s. Nothing can stop that really, atleast nothing that can be weared in combat.

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Hey! First off I just want to say that I am really pleased with how this game is turning out to be.

I am a long time fps player with a lot of competitive experience over the years, and I got some suggestions to the Marksman class, more specifically the bolt action rifles.

Seen as this game is highly lethal and very fast paced, I would like to see the bolt actions being a more reliable one shot option than they currently are. In Firefight gamemode (Which is arguably the most competitive mode) hence why its the one chosen for 5v5 ranked. I could easily see the marksman class being the downfall of a team and not a tool. I would like to see the bolt actions be a 100% reliable one shot if you hit in stomach or higher. (Hitting the arms should not grant kill).

I think this change would interest players more into playing and becoming good with the class.

Freddy M