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@7881632 Huh? What the FUCK are you talking about?

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the only map i remember that had a crashed plane was one from the original spintires. ill see if i can find the name of it. if that helps?

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@smaronenine this looks like your best work yet!

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@8up-local said in Spun and crew:

dang, sucks to see people leaving, but people have to do what they have to do. my active friends list is changing everyday it seems and gets shorter. ☠

EXACTLY what this guy said.

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and BAM! just like that my evening is planned! lol

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i was wondering something. i ran the original map a few days before the release with another guy on here, he said he seen a tear in the road and i turned around to see where it was at. we was right next to each other and he said the tear was right by his wheel and said i was right on it. i couldn't see it at all. so...would it be possible for it to be a glitch its having where is is happening on one system and not on the other? maybe where the map had an issue when it was loading up? i know other mods have issues from time to time. didn't know if this might be one of them? it would be interesting if you had someone follow you im MP and see if they seen the same problems you do. just a thought.

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@gumbootgambler said in Rockbouncer:A Spintires Game:

I use to play Mt.Misery all the time. The bouncers are always a nice way to change up the gameplay. I'd welcome those and the trophy trucks back into the game.

what this guy said!

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@mexican_420 said in FrogStompers release.:

I was already doing that with a Sasquatch, but it may become a beaver hunt instead... 🙂

AH HA!!!

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@8up-local said in Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul:

@ganjamajic420-0 that is the thing though, will it ever be released?

@Draconus i know a part of the work you do is for a bit of therapy, but i have to ask again. why do all this work and show it off, if you are only going to keep this stuff for yourself? now if you have been releasing things and i have missed it then my mistake. it is just i have seen a lot of great work come from you in the last couple years, but after a while it is becoming quite the tease because you show this stuff off, but then never seem to release things. i mean if you d not plan on releasing this work then no problem really, but please do not tease all of us with this stuff if you do not intend to do anything with it.

i would like to say first off i appreciate all the work everyone who has created mods for this game has done. i have tried to look into building a truck or a map a couple times myself and thats just not my thing. if i cant cut it, bend it, or weld it i aint modding anything lol! i have donated to the links of the guys that i appreciate the work of and use on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. with that being said, i read the story some time ago of your circumstances. i felt like it was something i wanted to do and i helped you through your link. let me make this clear, i did not donate to you hoping i would get something in return...all tho i was told something was coming my way. i dont want anything and dont expect anything. but i followed your work and admired it. but like 8up said, i haven't seen any of this work released to the public. which this is where im going to respectfully disagree with 8up, its no different than some of the best modders on here say they are not going to publicly release anymore mods, yet we get teased with their work on youtube. you may have a friends list that you share all your work with and thats awesome. but, why i stopped following you and honestly will not follow your work anymore is because everytime i looked at something you had posted its always the same thing, its like you are the only one who can work on a certain thing and if anyone else starts working on something also it turns into a pissing match and you get your feelings hurt. i have personally sent you messages wishing you and your family the best and to keep your head up. but all i ever seen in return is how your done with the spintires community and buy the way, listen to my story of bad luck in life again. i wish nothing but the best of luck for you and your family. i am surprised i even looked at this post when it came up today but i really needed to get this off my chest.

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HO LEE CHIT! Im in! I live in the south east, home of the rock bouncers!! bring it doc!

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