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Devs, SpinTires has been banged around since 2011 and I really think it has advanced officially like it was meant to. I have met great friends through SpinTires modding community but what I saw is really amazing mods but the advanced gameplay features were unlocked by modding community. Why would I think about

What should of been covered officially in Mud Runner:
-advanced dynamic weather
-tracked vehicles ( i have a tracked vehicle that dosen't need spintires mod)
-fully modeled 3d cockpits
-proper gear and engine simulation
-openable doors, windows, hoods
-small parts that fall off if vehicle has impact with object
-working trains and rails
-working boats with river crossings
-more sophisticated lumber delivery system which could suggest points per individual log so you could play hardcore mode you can load up as many logs as the truck can take it and it will be per individual log not a bundle.
-advanced sound scrips that cover more truck sounds
-dynamic wildlife that can intteract with
-AI that speaks to you, even the driver, he talks about his mood or how he feels about things.

MR2 will cost money and it will drift away from MR. One project after the other leaving players only hopeing. MR turned out to be holding back alot of features. What good can making MR 2 do?

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The editor, it's insane. dosen't like my mod what so ever. Worked fine in SpinTires. I added all the new stuff to the truck xml, tested it though generic mod enabler and it's all good. What's the deal with Editor? I also see some really insane mods on the workshop, how are they beating the editor?