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I play almost any shooter game out there; csgo, rainbow6, pubg, battlefield, insurgency, you name it. If it has a gun, I probably played it. Been loving fps games since I was 8 years old.

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I like the 2-3 shot system and the 4-10 for heavy armor. I don't see any need to change that aspect. It's just enough that you can fairly kill someone while also possibly avoid death.

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As much as the idea sounds cool, I rather not. Maybe if only one or two limbs at the time.

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@blaggycat You're picturing it exactly like I imagined. Of course, I don't want them to throw realism out the window and just have "rifle ammo, pistol ammo, etc". If anything, I think they are shooting for more realism than the previous game.

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As much as I would hate to see certain maps come back, I don't know what I would do without them. I hope they bring them back too.

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I'm curious as to what the system for picking up weapons off the ground is going to be. In insurgency, picking up weapons was entirely useless since you only received one magazine for the weapon. I would hope this changes in sandstorm. It was really irritating when I would go on a 20 player killstreak just to run out of ammo. Sometimes I would get lucky and find an lmg on the ground.

I would suggest a system that allows you to search dead users for their magazines or ammo for a few seconds. Their magazine count is added to yours so you can use their weapon.

Spitballing from this point on, possibly add magazine sharing too. It would be great to share an extra mag with a teammate if they run out and happen to use the same ammo type. I think this would incorporate nicely with the new ammo system they showed off for sandstorm already.

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I like this reloading concept. I played this navy seal game on the playstation 2 years ago that gave you mags that you had to cycle through to choose which one to use based on how much was left. It was very annoying. I understand a level of degree for realism is to be expected so I like this reloading concept. It's just at the right level that wouldn't annoy me. I like hardcore but not super hardcore. I think that's what made insurgency so good too.

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