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I've covered Mordheim since before release, Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic and many many more games, so if you need guides and let's plays, check out my channel!

I also stream on Twitch every week, and I hope you'll join the kNightly Buddyhood, links gallore below!

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Some may know me from other parts of the forums - somehow Focus Home is focusing on many of my favorite titles!

I run a small YouTube channel, Game kNight Plays, and my similarly named Twitch channel.

I played a lot of BFG1, especially streaming skirmish matces in coop with ThalricRekef.

I have high hopes for the 2nd iteration, and have already played the beta. I will focus mostly on the campaigns as I love the stories!

Happy to meet you all - and hope to see you on the battlefield.. Space.. !

posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback read more

Very happy with how the game plays so far - jumping back into the campaign again tonight!

Few wishes:
× Auto cast some abilities/skills like in BFG1
× Shift or ctrl+click to select ships and group them together.

× chat option in lobby
× in-game 'reconnect' option
× option to hide skills/ship choice in 1v1
× optimization so many ships don't break my fps 💫

Will take a closer look at the campaign tonight 🙂

posted in Necromunda - General Discussion read more

I know that studios like Larian Studios (Divinity Original Sin 2) bought in a lot of voice actors - what I recon they did was register with a company that Larian can contact and they help find the right voices.

You can write Rogue Factor if you want (not Focus, it's the developer you want) and attach a sample of voice acting for instance.

posted in Necromunda - General Discussion read more

Yes, this will be a single player game, just like Mordheim: City of the Damned was.
How it will be formed and what aspects of Mordheim they will carry over, we don't know yet.

posted in Necromunda - General Discussion read more

@anguloke said in Things I hope they don't bring from their Mordheim:

@game-knight NO they freaking WEREN'T the rules YOU posted show they weren't.

Try again buddy - I've spelled it out for ya

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