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@araxp said in Release The Volcano map from old St:

About workshop maps... People is hyped but Im not, not at all. A good map needs some skill to make and most of maps I played in the old ST were either absurdly difficult (they were for OP modded trucks) or defined paths that you were forced to follow, you couldnt ever go offroad to try to shortcut.

Thats why I value the official maps so much, there are roads, then sometimes there are room for shortcuts, sometimes there isnt.

The same can be said for modded trucks... Most of them are overpowered and its not fun to play with them. Even the ones that are very well made graphically.

Most of the maps (and trucks) will likely not be up to the first-party standard, but it seems a bit shortsighted to dismiss the idea of workshop maps altogether. There will be some truly amazing maps, and the ratings system on the Steam workshop will make it easier to find them than wading through the piles of maps on that only have one or two comments each.

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In the original ST, the E-7310 had a utility crane attachment specifically for doing this. There was a winch point on the end of the crane arm, so you could move the crane into position and then attach the winch to get vehicles out of tight spots (and rivers) much more easily. It was strong enough to lift pretty much anything short of another E-7310.

Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason this amazing attachment has been removed from Mudrunner. Hopefully it will be added back in soon.

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On PC I'm running this game at 4K right now. Performance is fine (at least on a 1070), the main problem is that the UI isn't designed for 4K. It ends being blurry and pixelated and honestly doesn't look that great.

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@justcallmeow said in Mudrunner Dev Feedback:

I think the random trucks are fine, if people want to restart their game, that's up to them and it's basically the same as save scumming which there isn't much you can do about it.

As far as the 8x8 on Deluge, I started with a 537 and it had the garage carriage and made it to the garage just fine. I did unlock a fuel truck and fuel it, but probably didn't have to.

On River/Crossing it's not hard at all if you know where to cross, and with the new depth indicator it's even easier.

I have also completed all the maps on hardcore starting only with the 256 which wasn't even that hard(and didn't take that long). If anything the game needs more of a challenge, not less. They won't ever be able to satisfy both the new players and the veterans, so as it stands I think they did a pretty good job of balancing the game for both.

On the topic of save scumming, in some ways a quicksave feature for casual would be great as well. If I remember correctly, it was a highly requested feature for the original ST and there was a helper program that even added the feature. I know that there's a certain amount of fun in a dramatic truck rescue and there's definitely a need to be careful when driving, but at the same time, I've had extremely frustrating moments where I've rolled a truck carrying a load right before getting to the objective. At that point, you've wasted a significant amount game time with having to either get a crane truck out to rescue the truck and reload the logs, or start the entire trip over again.

As for the trucks, note that I didn't say it was impossible to do any of the maps without an 8x8. Just that the difficulty is significantly higher, especially for a new player. The main point I was trying to get at is that right now too much of the difficulty on those maps is dependent on the RNG given how much of an advantage the 8x8 trucks have in deep water.

I agree that this game needs more challenge, but it needs to be done in a way to extend the game rather than raise the bar across the board. Honestly, this game just needs a lot more content and larger maps in general. None of the maps take very long to complete once you learn the map layout, and like you said, if you pick a decent 6x6 starting truck you can complete the entire map with just that fairly quickly.

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@iyagovos said in Regarding Console Mods:

Hi all,

The first goal of the team at Saber was to bring the Spintires experience to consoles in a new improved version. Releasing the best possible base game was the first priority. Now the goal is to fix the last remaining technical issues and bring some of the most requested features in the game (wheel support on consoles and working mirrors in cockpit view are on the list).

I don't want to read into this too deeply, but the way this is worded implies that game development priority is for consoles first. This thread is about console mods so I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but I've seen far too many games that prioritized consoles at the expense of the PC version. I'm a PC player (mods FTW!) and just wanted to say that this was my first thought when I read the bolded text above. Can you clarify since I assume that wasn't the intended message?

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Now I want to see a guide for the A-968M Zaporozhets. Not sure that would even be possible, but it would be fun to see a video of.

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@mendel said in Mudrunner Dev Feedback:

Sure. But then Deluge is the last map.

Deluge isn't the only map that benefits greatly from an 8x8 truck. The river in Crossing comes to mind. Also, on Deluge if you choose to start with an 8x8, you'll lose out on the garage carriages and have to deal with the trailers. You won't be able to get two decent trucks with the balance point limits, and might not even have enough fuel to make it to the garage.

Technically on both maps an 8x8 isn't required, but it sure makes a big difference in terms of difficulty. Enough so that I can totally understand why someone would restart the maps if they didn't get one of the big trucks.

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I just did this last night on casual. The hardest part is at the beginning. Use the default trucks since they'll come with the garage addon, don't mess with the trailers. I went north (don't forget to unlock the trucks) and then west following the paved road. If you zoom in on the map, you can see little red depth markers on the water. Use this to identify the safest places to drive. The most hazardous places are in the currents, if you get into too deep of water the current makes it very difficult to move.

Once I unlocked the garage, I got lucky and found an E-7310 on the west side of the map. This will take a load of medium logs without a trailer, and is large enough to pretty much drive anywhere on the map without getting swamped. I accidentally drove it straight through the middle of the river on the west side (not at a crossing) not realizing that the last watch point was on the other side of the water...

The E-7310 does use a LOT of fuel though, so for the two trips to the objective I put a utility trailer behind it with fuel and parts so I would have enough fuel for the second trip. It didn't have any trouble dragging the trailer along the most direct route along the south edge of the map. Alternatively, you could park a different truck near the logs with fuel and refuel there for the second trip.

If you don't get the E-7310, use the biggest truck you have, preferably the D-537 which should be able to handle a log carriage and trailer at the south crossing. Worst case, use the two starting trucks with log carriages (no trailers) and make multiple trips.

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@mendel That's only an option once you've already finished nearly all of the maps.

Also, many people are already commenting about restarting maps based on the randomly chosen trucks not being to their liking, so I was trying to think of a way to avoid encouraging this behavior. It would also give the map making community some neat tools to play with when making their maps.

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