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Dvs please!! stop balancing after WINRATES!!! it's the laziest thing to do...that's why most, if not ALL games today are totally seems the easy way out but it is a big trap...since it creates a vicious circle that you can never get out of....balance should be a finetunig process of a solid established set of rules...finetuning is not done after general's done by carefull ATTENTION TO DETAIL...

so necrons are still total trash..I mean THEY ONLY WIN BY THE MISTAKES OF THE OPPONENT otherwise they have no chance..they are too slow and too few in number to matter against any decent fleet -teleport does nothing (well only against corsairs they can stand out) ...ok I get it they should be slow and ponderous ponderous ..but also SUPER POWERFULL --they should be like the BORG CUBES from star-trek, what I propose is that their ships NEVER mutiny , moraleloss should be very hard (or they should not lose morale EVER like can argue on the moraleloss on SM since their ships are not crewed only by SM but also by chapter serfs-wich are actually the majority) and when the ships reach a certain health treshhold they should automatically teleport on a random spot in the map ..thay should not be able to engage until the ship is repaired to a certain treshhold...that would be lorefriendly ad strategically sound....and pls lower their cost a little

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where can I complain about things that I consider wrong with the beta and give suggestions for improvement?

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u should extract with artifact...a sample of alien material ..etc

shooting down the helicopter is an excellent idea...

pls devs add more concepts that tailor to the stalker lore more ,...instead of just a classic BR game

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good idea

bit you should extract with something...a sample of some alien material....some zone artifact....something along those lines....

and it should be in a different game mode than the classic kill all players imo

tailors so well to the stalker lore this concept