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The main problem with the old system actually had nothing to do with stacking skills... it was stats.

Clearly a +agi is worth more than most skills. +str is better than almost any skill (on most players). doubles rolls are better than no doubles. The old system didn't reflect this... a team with lucky early rolls with 2 +str players, for example, would stomp through teams of equal tv under the old system. Some would argue that +str was overcosted in the change, but clearly it was worth more than a skill.

Playing with a bench is just part of the game... one of those decisions a player needs to make. I'm not entirely sure why you think the old system encouraged more benched players... seems that is an entirely different thing from the spp->tv system

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Bit late but question.

What happens if a player qualifies in more than one way? By topping seasons 14 and 15, or by winning a community ticket and a champion ticket? It seems pretty likely as well that the hall of fame tournament could produce a match with a season champ or private league champ. How will the resulting extra tickets be distributed (I assume by going down the list on one of the above methods to a lower place, but which ones?)

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@onannia said in Champion Ladder Tie Breakers:

@triperis I like Trip's idea. First to get the record.

So playing early season should have another advantage over late season? No thanks. I think not having to face high level clawpomb teams is enough reward for getting your games in early.

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