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Hi there!
I'm really new to Sandstorm, but i'm kinda "veteran" of Modern Infantry Combat and Insurgency, so please, try not to swear at me 🙂

So, let's get started!
AK's drum mag IRL can hold 75 rounds, instead of 50 in game. Was that made in sake of the balance? Extended mag holds only 35 rounds, but the real ones capacity - 40 for AKM and 45 for AK-74 accordingly.

How about RPK?
Adding it as a light counterpart to PKM would be great.

Why MK17 (SCAR-H) costs 3 points, when AKS-74U costs 4? In sake of balance? IRL it makes no sense.

Kobra sights on picatinny - come on... Kobra intended to mount on AKs (and SVD) by side "Dovetail" (Ласточкин хвост) mount, instead of Picatinny. Why i need to mount on my "tacticool AR-15" soviet-era sights? Make Kobra insurgent side only.

After all, i realize that game is on beta stage, so i wish the developers good luck and having fun during the development.

P.S. Noticed the M249 on insurgent side, and it costs like PKM (3 points) - M249 must be gone for them.
Beretta M9 is used by Insurgents, but not security, is that OK? For beta - apparently yes.
Long barrel on standard issue AKM? No way it can be. I think, game should get rid of this upgrade, at least for assault rifles, or replaced by "heavy barrel", like it was in Insurgency 2.
M1911 can be replaced by Tokarev TT (almost the same chars, except caliber - 7,62x25 vs .45ACP)

Thank you.

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+1 on this one.
ACOG can be changed to 1P29 (1П29 УСП "Тюльпан", listed above), or russian-made PSO-1 (ПСО-1, standard issue optics, used on SVD rifles, can also fit on AKs).

Also it makes sense to include them both with their pros and cons:

+lighter weight (~0.6 kg)
+cheaper (because widely produced in USSR, also there are many in stock)
-smaller FOV (6*)

-heavier weight (~0.8 kg)
-expensive (according to my research in the web, 1P29's cost as twice more, than PSO-1's)
+bigger FOV (8*)

-Greetings from Russia

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