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I noticed this same problem, even with hold fire released once pointed directly at the target I would often see the pulsars shoot at something else. Then I realized later on that I may not have had that target selected as priority #1. Did you try that also? I'd be interested to know if having that selected fixes this, at least temporarily for now. Or maybe the extra skill required to use them effectively is an ok trade off, assuming we can get it to work.

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Just my opinion, but I feel like the maps that RNG 1 or 2 gas clouds that are both on the border make life very difficult for the Corsairs, who have a tough time re-stealthing after the first engagement under these conditions. Granted you can use asteroid fields but this gets cumbersome and difficult against higher skilled opponents as you have to stop briefly to re-engage stealth, which obviousyly brings your holo down. Maybe set a minimum number of gas clouds to spawn?

And I get it, no one wants to see any Eldar race buffed. But the Corsairs aren't super meta right now anyway (that I am aware), and everyone likes playing with gas clouds, am I right? Makes for more interesting and dynamic tactical decision in my humble (Aeldari) opinion.

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To take micro warp jump means you are missing out on the invaluable stasis bomb/maelstrom abilities which are critical for map control, especially when playing as the Corsairs. While it may be annoying and time intensive to fight a hit and run eldar, it's not as easy for them as you may think. I don't think MWJ needs to be nerfed, at least not for the Corsairs.

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