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We'll run CCL 22 and 23 with 2 minutes. We plan to revert back to 3 minutes for CCL 24 unless the data indicates overwhelmingly that 2 minutes is the optimal configuration. Conversely if CCL 22 indicates that 2 minutes has a significant negative effect we'll revert back to 3 minutes in CCL 23 and end the trial early. Once the trial is completed we'll analyse the data to see if future CCL seasons will be 2 or 3 minutes.

At the end of the trial we'll compare with CCL 18 and 20: 3 minute baseline

We have a specific set of criteria to make our decision. The criteria will be published at the end of the trial.

During the trial COL will be 3 minutes.

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Poll has been closed. The admins are discussion what to do next.

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The reason for the 2 minute clock are as follows:

  • To be consistent with the other platforms
  • More competition. Tryphikik elaborated on the why in his post better than I did.

As for people who stated that a change would result in not playing in the CCL. If we do decide to trial 2 minutes, I say try it, how much does it hurt to try a few games?

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Proposing 2 minute turns for PC CCL 22. Please add comments and vote.

It's inline with the other CCL leagues. i.e. XBOX1 and PS4
The game was designed to induce stress with a finite amount of time. Less time means the critical decision/turns are harder to deal with.
Not the primary reason but 2 minute turns mitigates AFK issues.

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The big issue with experienced teams is that COL teams could enter. There's no way to exclude one or the other in the CCL league.

My personal opinion I'd be on board experienced teams in the CCL if we could exclude farmed teams from the COL. Currently this can't be done.