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Good to hear there's a reason. Take a look at what the Snapshot Games guys have been doing with Phoenix Point. Yes they are a crowdfunded thing so they have to, but just little teasing bits of content, just stills and commentary, can be good. Or a developer diary. Doesn't have to be a fancy trailer. Speaking of which there's an increasing momentum behind turn-based tactical squad games, thanks to xcom, PP, mutant year zero, that cold war one. So marketing in terms of how it has similarities but is different is probably a good shout.

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Hello and thank you for the response. Well then I'll await further reveals with interest. Sounds intriguing anyway. Perma-death is good (hopefully nice and graphic as befits 40K). Classes, decaying weapons, distinct races - all sound interesting too.

Sounds like you showed a multi-player match. I hope the campaign mode is not a side-feature, given the sizeable XCom fan base to be tapped. I suspect it was also a big part of why DoW3 didn't do as well as the DoW2 series, which had great single player. Necromunda also offers great opportunity for an engaging strategic layer, with managing your gang, inventory and territory.

Just for anyone else looking, the Variety article got linked twice. The RPGamer link is:

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I've played the XCom games since the first one in 1993. I really like the Firaxis re-invention and the focus on turn-based tactical combat. I love the Long War mods by Pavonis. I'm looking forward to Phoenix Point.

But I've always thought that 40K would be a great setting for that kind of game, provided you got the right small-scale setting to make each soldier count enough. Necromunda was the obvious candidate (not that I ever played tabletop).

Is there any information on what the gameplay concepts are? Is it turn-based squad tactics game?

Also I'm about 20 years out of date on the lore, but I'd love it if there was an opportunity to corrupt your gang with chaos or genestealer hybrids, which would confer some strengths but risk the attention of ordo malleus or space marines as a cost.

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