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Thanks for the assurance, and I understand as well.
And very happy to be here and bear through lol.
And by all means take your time as you intend, I am just eager for info really.

The only thing I'd like to ask for when it comes to transparency or info/answering questions (which is when yall are able to give dev blogs or info and such) is that you could address some of the questions or ideas some of us might have. Specifically because I have played Mordheim way too much and am curious about its similarities in comparison to Necromunda's mechanics or how they may change.

My biggest, main, and only problem really was the "Mirror-bands."

My idea of the solution that could already be present due to Necromunda's 4X mechanics Conquest mode; may already be present, and would basically be the thing that would solve all problems i had which resulted from the "Mirror-bands."

#1 persistent war-bands/gangs for you and the enemy on the 4X mechanics Conquest mode (this is the solution)
In Mordheim, the game mostly consisted of skirmish maps where a randomly generated AI warband is matched to your warbands ranking in strength, level, and even unit choices.
Like if you have all purple (rare) equipment, max level team, and an impressive the enemy team would also have all purple (rare) equipment, max leveled team, and an impressive too.
I called these "Mirror-Bands" instead of warbands due to their auto-matched ratings/efficiency/strength.

The reason I hated this was because of 3 problems it caused for me.
#1 It made me feel as though I never truly gotten stronger since everything leveled with me.
#2 Once I got a max level/strength/awesomeness war-band, it meant that by continuing playing, I was only risking loosing them instead of having a potential to gain. In my cult of possessed, I lost my rank 10 magister on the first turn to an enemy impressive with a high initiative lol.
#3 If the warbands/gangs were persistent and I did lose my max level magister in the real example provided above, it would have been okay if I managed to at least kill their impressive. Instead of total loss for me, it would at least feel like a trade off in the overall war effort. Instead, It just meant that I'd have to grind up another max rank magister through more fights with "mirror-bands" for no real purpose besides having a max level team.

(no need to answer any time soon, I just mean when yall are eventually able.)
And thank y'all in advance if/when this eventually gets answered.

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Is there any chance we might get to hear when we might get to see the roadmap?
Its just well, I've been hearing about a roadmap being worked on since like december 6th lol
And Its May.

I don't mean to sound negative
I'm just wanting to avoid me checking for another half a year (almost) to no avail.

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Will yall have an E3 presentation by any chance?
I've been trying to be patient, but its hard to when it looks this great.

Also, is there any news as to when we might get to see that road map or some more info?
I'd really like to hear some new info on this.

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So there is nothing negative to you if they chose epic store exclusivity?
Now if they told me that chaos cults, skavies, and a bunch of dlc ect. were guaranteed to be funded by an exclusivity deal I might change my mind cause I want more stuff lol

Other than that, not really.

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I really hope that's true.
Sooner the better cause just the theme sounds great.

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@sharkxpunch said in Underhive wars is going to be awful - heres why:

We have a Marketing and PR Manager who is in the forums and the discord channel, just so y'all know 🙂 He's been with us a few weeks now settling in and will be in touch in due course 🙂

Awesome news!!!! 🙂
Can't wait to finally get to hear/see more about the game!

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With the recent trend of Epic store exclusivity deals; I would really appreciate a clarification (whenever you are able) as to whether or not this game will be available on steam or if it will be exclusively made available on Epic Store.

Personally I really hope that path is not taken. (Even if it is only for a limited time)

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Could we please get a date on when we might get to hear something? Its already March 😢

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Dang! That sounds freaking amazing with the psykers!

I'm hoping for the permanent gangs too bud, same reasons as you listed too. No more mirror warbands, gives its own variation in difficulty, Some fights might be super hard, some might be pretty easy, and one other thing I really want is the ability to retreat without the insane penalties of mordheim.

I love xcom series and something like how xcom2 did it would be amazing to me. Another thing with being able to get your captured gangers back, I truly hope they give the defenders some kind of ability to gain an advantage considering they have the "home turf" advantage. Maybe it could be getting the choice of building defense, auto turrets (don't know if thats loreful)
, but one I do remember being loreful (hopefully) is the ability to call in reinforcements. Also, my main 2 favorite ways of playing strategy like games is "turtle" or "attrition". I really like the idea of feeling like my gang has an actual stronghold too. I also would want it to be you having to choose too though. Like between building defense oriented, recruitment, income, ect. That way it wouldn't be super strongholds spammed everywhere lol.

Hmmm, I got another question, should diplomacy be possible? With 6 "Houses", and possible variations of law, mercenaries, cults, skavies, ect. It seems there could be a lot of opportunities for mutual advancement, instead of always fighting 24/7.