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With the recent trend of Epic store exclusivity deals; I would really appreciate a clarification (whenever you are able) as to whether or not this game will be available on steam or if it will be exclusively made available on Epic Store.

Personally I really hope that path is not taken. (Even if it is only for a limited time)

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Could we please get a date on when we might get to hear something? Its already March 😢

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Dang! That sounds freaking amazing with the psykers!

I'm hoping for the permanent gangs too bud, same reasons as you listed too. No more mirror warbands, gives its own variation in difficulty, Some fights might be super hard, some might be pretty easy, and one other thing I really want is the ability to retreat without the insane penalties of mordheim.

I love xcom series and something like how xcom2 did it would be amazing to me. Another thing with being able to get your captured gangers back, I truly hope they give the defenders some kind of ability to gain an advantage considering they have the "home turf" advantage. Maybe it could be getting the choice of building defense, auto turrets (don't know if thats loreful)
, but one I do remember being loreful (hopefully) is the ability to call in reinforcements. Also, my main 2 favorite ways of playing strategy like games is "turtle" or "attrition". I really like the idea of feeling like my gang has an actual stronghold too. I also would want it to be you having to choose too though. Like between building defense oriented, recruitment, income, ect. That way it wouldn't be super strongholds spammed everywhere lol.

Hmmm, I got another question, should diplomacy be possible? With 6 "Houses", and possible variations of law, mercenaries, cults, skavies, ect. It seems there could be a lot of opportunities for mutual advancement, instead of always fighting 24/7.

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@glarghface Dang! Possession?!
Oh, I'm glad they do have weaknesses and aren't like "Have one and win" buttons. Hopefully as long as the gangs and turf are persistent it will be a rare or unique thing to encounter one instead of something you see every single battle, and it will make you actually feel like you accomplished something in the long run if you manage to bring one down lol.

Take in mind I got chaos bias, but how is it that eldar and orks would be fine inclusions from the older rules, but a chaos space marine isn't? I'm basically asking if some of it is viable (like orcs being there), shouldn't a chaos space marine too? Especially since the Inquisition (taking a quote here) "acts as the secret police force of the Imperium, hunting down any and all of the myriad threats to the stability of the God-Emperor's realm, from the corruption caused by the Forces of Chaos, Heretics, mutants and rebels, to assaults from vicious alien species like the Tyranids, Orks or Drukhari." (from the wikia)

So, this would mean that if in an encounter, orcs would steal stuff, dark eldar would steal/capture gangers, and some of them like the chaos space marine (if there) might be there for one point of interest (looking for an artifact?) and leave while the normal eldar might just scout and leave. It seems the "random incursions" as I'd call them end up being really interesting.

I didn't even know dark eldar could appear. I took it as those 3 in the link being the only ones. lol

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@glarghface Nice! Now you got me to wanting the stig shambler and to seeing some psykers lol.
Dang it sounds like the special gang units are definitely forces to be reckon with.
I found something that has me literally just going off the rails happy if this is actually official.
Cause that means!
Daemons and rules for em, Chaos space marine! Eldar! Orks! Beastmen!

Ooooooh the possibilities!

Ahhhh! I want info game devs! Its already March! 😢

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Awww yes, thank you very much and everyone else too for the help! 🙂

The last and only question I have left which is what I would consider on topic for the thread honestly since it might represent a possible class is......

I've been trying to understand whether or not psychers are a possible thing within necromunda.
I knew they were within chaos cults, and the genestealers but I'm meaning in general.
Like do any other houses have access to them.
I was reading this trying to find out, but I can't tell if this stuff is actually new, fan made, or if its been there and I'm late to the party lol.

So, since I now realize that bionics are a thing. What about some of this other stuff in the link?
To sum the things in it up,
Van Saar Aracharid
Goliath ‘Zerker
Escher Chimera
Cawdor Stig Shambler

Are these an equivalent to impressives from mordheim?

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Oh thank goodness! I really love variety and would love it even more if there were more to look forward to then light, medium, and heavy armor. I really am curious as to what kind of armors are possible and have found my new #1 question for the devs. Will there be kill animations of any sort? I'm meaning similar to 40k dawn of war. Like a synchronized kill. I love these so much in games and in an environment as brutal as necromunda it doesn't seem out of place.

I'm very interested in some of the armor's you listed. I already knew capturing gangers was a thing, but I was wondering how it would be implemented. I could definitely see diplomacy or hostage/prisoner rescue being a thing if they wanted to.

Now one thing I am not certain if it was an actual thing or not and am having a hard time finding is if you have lets say, a juve that gets a leg blown off, would you beable to replace that leg in any form or would he be forced to keep it?
I'm a huge fan of xcom series and can't wait to see how it plays out 🙂

Just for clarity, I am very new to necromunda but I am very familiar with warhammer fantasy and loved 40k (dawn of war 40k won me over on that) , I do try to look things up before I ask, so I don't end up asking for something like estalian angels lol. So, if I do ask something outlandish please correct it.

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Thank you all for the help in my questions on power armor being in necromunda (lore/books/or game)
And for the help in whether daemons are possible too, I greatly appreciate it.

I definitely hope it is not possible to have a whole squad in power armor, Especially since I fear it would make it to where the "go to" strategy is get power armor and win.

If it is included I do truly hope its extremely rare.
When it comes to Saboteur's I am really intrigued. Especially since my main plan I'd end up starting with in this, is mostly close combat to medium based. Like submachine gun, pistols, melee, and shotgun type weapons.

I am also curious if we will be able to capture enemy gangers on this.

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I'd really like to see how Saboteurs will work out.
I'm kinda worried that due to the fact that they might be reliant on the enemy falling into their traps that they will be "underpowered" compared to the other classes.

Yes, I too think its silly that we haven't even seen all the confirmed classes and I'm all "uh dur trap class might not be strong uh dur".

Does anyone else share this worry? I love traps, its just I think in this kind of game that they are going to end up being the hardest class to use.

I also have a super off topic question.
Yall know how space marines and such have access to power armor?
Is there any form of power armor (at all) available in necromunda?
Could kinds of Daemons make an appearance too? (in any way, shape, or form)

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Quick question even though it may be too early.
Is it going to be an early access like how you did with Mordheim?
Or is it going to be complete on release?

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