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I also hope they spice it up with permanent injuries and we get the "positive injuries" that were in the old Necromunda (Fearsome, Terrifying and Valiant scars).

As well, i wonder if we can salvage injuried individuals with Bionics

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Ok, i'll go part by part:

Not having the same weapons than in the tabletop is both good and bad, depending how you treat weapons in Necromunda. But i won't give you a hard time about it until we get a piece of the action. As well, i wonder which juicy weapons you have come up with.

The weapon limitations by career/class is really nice and i really wanted something like that. Still, i also hoped that each gang had some unique weapons that they only had access to or like in the old Necromunda, where Orlocks had access to most weapons while others were more limited (For example, Eschers had access to all plasma weapons but limited when it came to explosives). Still, it all depends on how you deal with it, because even with limiting weapons by class can work very well.

Those asthetic differences are awesome. I'm rooting for some Orlocks or Cawdor.

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Also, another question: we kinda hope that we will get the weapons from the tabletop (Goliath Rivet gun, gas thrower, shock whip). Will those weapons have the same functionality and special habilities than the ons in the tabletop?

As well, we hope that gangs have unique weapons that they can equip, like in Mordheim.

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This also ties with another gripe that i've noticed in Mordheim: Grinding your new guys/replacement guys from rank 0 to rank 6, when they become mildly threatening. It was terrible, specially knowing that the enemy warband would have a rank 0 as well, but it was randomized. In this case, you can have a rank 0 leader, but the enemy might have a rank 8 leader, but a rank 0 henchman, which is quite lame.

Still, i don't think the leveling system is wrong, since it's quite damn nice (Still, getting 3xp for the secondary objective is quite bs), but making characters more threatening by having different weapon tiers that are objectively better in terms of damage than other weapons, making a juve with a plasma gun a quite high threat to your hero characters.

It might not be perfect, but i think it might help

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For now, things are very promising, but i would rather wait for now. I really want to know how they will adress classes, since in the new Tabletop they are nice, but pretty "generic". I hope they go the Mordheim route making different types of champions/henchmen.

Still, the Trailer looks damn nice to be honest.

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I like a lot what i heard and what i've seen. If the images are the placeholder models for the gangers, they look superb. Overall, the images were really nice and if the game is like that running on the Unreal engine, it will definetly look gorgeous.

As well, i'm delighted to know there are much bigger maps. Mordheim maps, despite the fact that everything seemd a thousand miles away, were kinda small. I wonder if maps will all have the same size or there will be smaller/ bigger maps to mix it up a little bit.

The change in the deployment is also something much welcomed from my part. I just hope deployment rules aren't as restrictive as they were in Mordheim and that you can either complete secondary objectives or spend money to have more deployment rules to choose.

What i don't get is the real time move before you find the enemy. Gotta get a good look at that and to the new options available to climb and move to different altitudes and all that. Same goes for enviroment hazards (exploding barrels sound nice, but the underhive has more to offer).

Everything looks very promising and i hope everyone can get a nice look to a few screencaps or a much later dev blog about how much the game has progressed. Keep it up, because you are doing Gork and Mork's work.

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@vile-beggar said in Things I hope they don't bring from their Mordheim:

Please remember that for some of us here it wasn't just "their Mordheim", it was "our Mordheim", each and every aspect of which we hold dear. It's so heartbreaking to even think of the funniest jump/climb mechanic removed entirely. I and those who share my opinion would love to see those fun and cruel mechanics expanded even further, not reverted. Beautiful design, interesting combat mechanics and the unforgiving but fun and thrilling randomness of the City of the Damned (climbing, crits, injuries etc.) - this is what made your game special.

For me, the funniest parts where when enemies climbed somewhere and weren't incapable of jumping down. Or when big enemies tried to go through doorways and ended being stuck.

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A multitplayer campaign would definetly be quite damn good, because aside from having tons of potential and providing lots of extra hours of playability for the game, it can also help cement a good community around the game. And of course, the hilarious potential for good stories to surface from countless battles.

But about the wound system, the tabletop system would definetly be a huge gripe for many because of how it works. The current wound system is definetly not the best, but it works and it's easy to learn how it goes. I'll put an example: Let's take you have a Goliath ganger (base toughness 4) and you shoot it with a buckshot shotgun (shotgunes have different types of ammo). Your chances of inflincting a wound on a target with toughness 4 with a weapon with strength 2 are abysmal. And in a long campaign you can make your gangers tough as hell. Tough enough so they can shrug off las weapon shots like nothing and even bolter rounds.

If there is something i want they did in order to rebalance the wound system is applied to weapons (also because most weapons in Mordheim felt same-y): Ranged weapons have fixed damage but there are weapons that have more damage than others at the cost of certain penalties and such, while weapons with lower damage have certain benefits.

For example, starter pistols would do from 15-20 damage per shot but they have 1 free reload and +10% hit chance, Las pistols would deal 24-25 damage and never fail an ammo roll, and Bolters would deal 46-52 damage and have a considerable penalties to their ammo rolls. I think it's important to make less powerful weapons more practical with several bonuses (like they tried to do in Mordheim with daggers) in opposed to more powerful weapons that have other drawbacks.

This also ties with other things like how armor will be implemented, but that's another completely different subject.

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About making the turf gain something more specific, it could be done if permanent gangs are implemented: All gangs are given around 10 pieces of territory, all random and in the first missions you do with your gang you take your first turf from one of the weakest gangs in the area wich will be something really nice, like a settlement, a mine or a betting house.

After that, it could be done in two ways: you choose before battle what turf you will be contesting and you have to do like 2-3 battles (depending on how fortified the place is) against the enemy gang in order to add that territory to your turf, or you can fight an enemy gang a few times and after that, you can choose 1 out of 2 turf you have the chance of gaining.

And about the raiding missions, those could be done in the random missions. Let me explain: your gang gets informed that other gang is moving their weapon caches to another location, and so you can attack them while they are on the move. That could be said with some other things, like ore shipments, archeotech, etc... But these need to be spiced up a little bit in order to make them more interesting.

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With the Story mode or regular campaign, i think that with 1 or 2 AI gangs will be too short to be honest. If i play the campaign i want to go for something long that can have many bumps in the road. I think it would be better with 11 AI gangs (with 4 zones, each with 4 gangs). That way the campaign will be more interesting because you might be able to see how the balance of power in other areas and in your area shift betwen the warring gangs.

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