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Tbh, i'm truly rooting for Cawdor, Scavvies and Van Saar. I also hope we go all the way adding outlander gangs to the game like in expanded necromunda in the past. We could have some Genestealer cults getting assaulted by feral Ork raiders in the underhive, or maybe even Dark Eldar raiders looking for fresh slaves.

All is possible within the lore, but what will we get? Only time will tell so far, but for now i want some sweet base game, and build up from there.

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Always up for business around here. If ya need a hand, i'll be glad to help

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@demoulius said in Arbites?:

Arbites were more of a 'DM tool' then a proper gang if you ask me.

While you COULD make a Arbites gang it was so vastly different from the normal ones it was its own little thing. They also dident grow in the normal traditional sense and could actually be quite weak later on due to their limited numbers. Unless the full 10 man were warranted in which case, shit was about to go down 😃

Arbites were very different from normal gangs in old Necromunda (The same way outlaws were very different) since they had access to much better gear than gangers, recruiting new members was capped and they didn't had turf to defend. It would be very interesting to see gangs with different mechanics than the standard, but at the same time i think it needs to be worked quite a bit.

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To be honest, i would let them take their time. As much as i want to see their progress in the game, i prefer them to give us a hefty amount of "we did this" in a video demonstration of a fight between two gangs and presenting the game mechanics and everything done so far. I'm not a big fan of "small an regular updates", but some of you might want to see what they are up to regularly, and it's ok to want to see their progress and wonder about what might come next.

Also, the idea of a mailing list is also quite good. And as i'm rooting to see what has been done so far, i know good things always take time

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Me too. Specially for making them more fuctional rather than making them overall stronger. For example, with the knife, which even with the ambush damage bonus doesn't deal much damage. I would like that instead of the damage bonus, it gets armor piercing on ambush attacks, giving a heafty head start to your gangers against heavily armored enemies.

It could be like that or also concentrarte the up to 3 attacks on a single target, which is quite damn strong and can bring some heavy dudes quite fast. Still, i think it would be better to make it a skill your weapon has. You use it and it gives you free attacks with your autogun/autopistol until you run out of ammo, but each consecutive shot gets a -15 stacking penalty to your next shot. But i dunno, for me it's quite complicated.

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Stats wise, i really hope they do some changes respect Mordheim when it comes to weapons. For example, when it comes to damage a las pistol shouldo do more damage than a stub gun, but being around the same ballpark (Stub gun deals 15-19 damage and Las gun deals 17-20 damage). I'm also for to make weaker weapons more functional, because i never used knives in Mordheim because of how ridiculously low damage they did even with the ambush damage bonus. For example, Stub guns deal low damage, but you could put that since they are light and easy to use, they get a +10% chance to hit. Or Las weapons have higher crit chance, etc...

And as for Rapid fire, the problem comes to implement it into the game. If they go for "You keep shooting until you ran out of ammo" it can be quite a broken special rule, specially with Autoguns. But if they balance it a bit with adding a stacking to hit penalty per shot, that would be ok. And when it comes to ammo, i kinda hope they go for Xcom ammo style: Every weapon has an ammo meter that accounts for a certain amount of shots. This can be increased with extended magazines.

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I wouldn't have a problem with making arbites a non controllable AI enemy like the chaos demons in Mordheim. But please, i hope they make them more worthwhile to deal with them than getting you 5 XP.

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Well, in old Necromunda if memory doesn't fail me, you could get all Bolter variants (boltgun, bolter and heavy bolter) the same with all other weapons (autoguns, lasguns, plasma).

But what DeTortor says is that the different houses have more or less the same weapons, but the differences are not aesthetic only, but also in their stats. For example, Orlock autoguns have bigger magazines (+2 shots), Escher ones have more range, Goliath ones hit harder... he might refer to the fact that each house has the same weapon made to their liking and therefore, limiting the use of those is a bit pointless since everyone uses the same.

Still, what concerns me the most is about implementing the different rules about weaponry (i kinda expect that when an Escher sees a power hammer she knows how to use it, thing is if the decide to limit weapons by house as well). Because many weapons have a bit of a conundrum when going into the videogame department, like the autogun and its rapid fire rule, which can make it a broken weapon quite quickly.

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I hope so. Stat differences in Necromunda are a must have in the same way they were in Mordheim, both with base stats and the stat cap.

As well, i kinda want that they give us ladders and those are a 100% success climb test compared to the other climb/jump tests that are agility/initiative based.

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@sheds-on-fire said in Things I hope they don't bring from their Mordheim:

@glarghface said in Things I hope they don't bring from their Mordheim:

In the new necromunda rules they only have initiavite rolls on jumping across, jumping down and climbing a distance superior than 3". I would be ok with those tbh, but if there are ladders in the game, please no climb rolls.

So maybe taking the "Go for it" sprint mechanic in Blood Bowl 2 and using it for the ladders in Necromunda. Or maybe some sort of agility rolls characteristic i.e Esher better at moving up ladders jumping etc than say the more muscle-bound heavier Goliaths?

TBH, Escher already have better agility than all the other houses and it's reflected in their in game stats in tabletop, having greater movement range (5" compared to all others with 4") and much higher initiative (used for climbing tests, jumping tests, evading grapples, dodging and all things involving agility)

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