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Well, we could expect a single player campaign like the one we had in Mordheim with progress in several missions and working up to story missions.

And i guess we will have too skirmishes as PVP multiplayer

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True. Human gangs are the priority. Some xenos mixed in betwen with a few chaos followers and genestealers might be a good idea in the long run, but for now they should focus on giving us the 6 houses, the Scavvies and the Ratskins.

If we later get our hands into a genstealer cult, some chaos followers, dark eldar raiders or a tribe of orks/feral orks (Since we don't know the numbers), it's good. We even might get some nifty and dangerous neutral enemies, such as an ork nob that wandered off to get some fancy trophies or even a genestealer.

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As well, there was a mention of a Hive that was destroyed because it became a main hub for Ork raiders in the planet.

I know it's a long stretch to say that there will be orks in the game, but we might have the chance of wandering into some grot that gets lost.

Overall, things look really nice and the rules talk about all the houses and their main themes, but the other houses will, more likely, be implemented later on.

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Yeah, i've been reading the rules and the lore already explains that Spook is used to get psy powers. In old Necromunda Spook gave minor wyrd powers for 1 fight (such as premonition). Will they change it so people who take spook will have a chance of becoming psykers?

As well, i need to read more and see if they keep the Peril of the warp rules like in old Necromunda, where one of your gangers could become posessed by a demon or become insane and being put out of his misery by his friends

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I still need to get my hands on the codex since here in Spain it got released just yesterday, so i'll need to have a good read at it and see the new goodies that might be implemented.

Yes, the new gang rating to be tied to some benefits your gang gets passively should be good to go. The thing is if the new gang rating is implemented correctly and how it's calculated. In Mordheim ir tas based on the level o the warband members + gear + skills - permanent injuries. Here it has to count too other things too like the territory you have conquered, the gear you have available in your cachés...

And those thematic quests, i think they would be great to have as secondary objectives in certain missions (Like for example, change the marked for death objective for bounty hunting). As well, it's better that from completing the quests you get one out of 3 possible rewards. For example, rescuing a kidnapped guilder might get you better deals for 2-3 weeks, a flat amount of money or some strange and unique gear you can only get through this quest, like a personal shield generator or man stopper shells for shotguns.

As well, since settlements will play an important part into the game, will we have access to fuel rods?

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The way you put it DeTortor is very interesting and i think we could tie it to another question we had left that was hard to answer: Gang rating. Making the gang rating (what would determine things like access to better weapons, more gangers for hire, your ganger roster...) could be tied to the "veteran quests" we had in Mordheim: Winning battles, fitting gangers with good gear, getting more territory, etc...

I think this could be good to reflect the true progress of your gang, specially since the underhive people react quickly to shifts in power and seeing a gang like yours rising steadily in power you would get access to better stuff as well as more people will want to join you. I think this way of getting and potentially losing your veteran goodies would be a good way to tie it with gang progression and the "gang rating".

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True, an universal veteran system is not good because despite some of the veteran skills are a must have (Like commander or negotiator) we can safely say that the veteran skills will change a little bit from Mordheim to Necromunda.

As well, i really like the whole idea of having lore related tasks, like taking certain settlements in the underhive for your gang

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We can only hope they take note of the things we want and even if they can't do everything, at least they consider the ideas to be good. Devs did an amazing work with Mordheim and i think we all want an improved version of Mordheim, much more improved and polished.

Even if our suggestions aren't taken word by word, we can point them in the right direction

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That kinda reminds me that Orlock and Delaque houses have a never ending rivalry over several assasinations and that makes them bitter enemies that don't even make business with each other. As well, the Escher house despises with all their soul Goliaths. These things could come into play if "Diplomacy" is integrated since the long standing feuds between houses are bound to make some things harder and some easier for you.

Also, when you talk about putting a bounty on your gang... Are you talking about being outlawed? Because being the enemy of a gang and being the enemy of the Guilders is very different. For those who don't know, Guilders are the bridge between the hive above and the Underhive. Wealthy traders who bring all sorts of goods and weapons for anyone willing to pay, as well as selling valuables only found in the Underhive in the Hive above, suck as various minerals, Mung vases, Archeotech and Spider eyes, a priced gemstone taken from the Giant Spiders in the Underhive.

The Guilders are kinda like the "law" in the underhive, but in the sense of that they create the law. The actual enforcement comes in the form of several gangs which want to claim the bounty on your head. Many laws of the Underhive are fairly simple and only apply to settlements, since outside the walls it's the wild west. But some laws are general and usually the punishment for breaking them is being outlawed (Killing a guilder, stealing from them...). Outlaw gangs don't have territory, cannot trade or buy and can't reinforce their ranks (or at least the rulebook said that).

I think Outlaw gangs could be introduced as sometimes as "randomly generated gang" that appear in some missions instead of the gangs that have territory.

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Well, yeah. Diplomacy os sugarcoating it a lot. Like dropping a ton of sugar on it.

But still, i like the idea. That sometimes you will get a message from another gang who asks for a ceasfire and "invites you" to attack a much stronger gang in order to weaken their grip in the area.

As well, i want bribery and for it to be kinda active. Like for example, sometimes stronger gangs will knock at your door and demand money from you or else they will start attacking you.

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