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I kinda expect you will not like what i will say, but i'll give my opinion on some of the stuff you put.

-On climbing chance, i don't see much issue there, but if you don't like it, it could be changed for something more simple, such as climbing costs one strategic point, or if it is a long climb, 2 strategic points.

-The training time definetly should be removed since in Mordheim it just hinders your warband against the AI enemy, which will be the same level as your warband and also fully trained.

-I don't think we will have something similar to warpstone shipments in Necromunda, because the game over should be if your gang gets wiped out or your territory gest taken. I really hope they don't go the "Send Archeotech to the Guilders" route.

-I talked with another user about the deployment rules, and i think it should depend on the mission you do (i suggested to have defensive and offensive missions) and as well about something else: sewer control. If you have control over the sewers completing secondary objectives you will have more advantageous deployment rules and be able to choose from 2 or 3 options.

-Hit points are a delicate point, because they are solid for the game. But like you said, it wouldn't do justice that a juve would survive a barrage of heavy bolter bullets at the verge of death. It was still possible (if he was lucky and always rolled flesh wounds), but incredibly unlikely. They could actually achieve the real lethality of Necromunda in 2 ways: either go to the TT system or tweak the weapons to make them more varied and beef them in terms of firepower since most weapons in Mordheim feel very same-y and were more or less interchangeable (specially one handed weapons). I expect that a Las pistol is not just like a normal pistol but with a different effect.

-I really liked the leveling system in Mordheim since it's quite solid and allows you to specialize your warriors quite nicely. I think the main gripe is in the fact that you will always have to face fresh warbands that are equal to you in terms of rating, which is quite tricky. For example, if your warband falls behind in terms of equipment and skills, some members of the other warband will have permanent wounds (such as missing arms) in order to balance the fight. I really hope we don't have to deal with that in Necromunda and that since the beginning of the game we will have a permanent rival gang roster that we will face and if we deal a crippling blow to a gang, that gang will fall behind in terms of power and equipment compared to you. That should fix more or less the prevalent of making your warband "to last in battle" instead of "being effective".

As well, you bring a valind point with the new recruits once you have advanced in the game (even if the enemy warbands will have a lower level member, but it's a random one and that makes it incredibly tricky, specially when you decide to deploy your impressive), since they will barely be a huge liability and you will have to either babysit them for an extended period of time or make them dedicated rockpickers unless you decide to spend a fortune on a Hired Sword.

Personally, i like the current leveling system, but the TT leveling system isn't so bad to be honest. I know that we will not have all we want, but the best we can do is give input so they can work on the basis they have with Mordheim.

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As much as making Psykers mercs would make things much simpler, i would still like that they kept the chance that gangers gain wyrd powers, even if it's minor stuff that would give them small advantages, because those were a thing.

But, like we said here, a very small chance that happens after using certain items or certain events.

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That is actually a good way to implement psykers. to have them basically appear out of nowhere. And i like it. Still, i would like to have the Flects effect to be implemented, because it's high risk high reward.

Now i read the rules again and the Flects can give you wyrd powers, give you minor mutations or drive insane your ganger, but the rewards are actually really good, from temporary buffs to permanent stat gains.

I wouldn't like it to be something incredibly broken, but have some item or events that would slightly increase the chance that you get a psyker after battle.

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I would really like them to take the Xcom route with Psykers here by making random gangers suddenly gain psychic powers after a battle or a certaing event. You might get them quite quickly or you might not get some at all

Like for example, a ganger that uses Flects during a battle has a small chance of gaining psychic powers after battle. I think it would make the game more interesting since Psykers would be extremely valuable

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Magic is and was a thing in TT Mordheim and in the videogame, where we have dedicated spellcasters that make quite a difference in the battlefield with their spells.

But in Necromunda we don't have gangers dedicated to be psykers. Instead, if i remember correctly, there were certain events and items that could affect a ganger and after the battle you would have to roll, and it was successful, the ganger would get a random psychic power.

How will this be treated in Necromunda if we get gangers with pychic powers?

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Ok, that's a good idea. Mainly, because the only guns you can fire in melee are pistols. Having to keep a guy or two behind to defend you heavy ordinance against whatever may creep out of the underhive is actually something nice.

I also remember you could have releasable units in TT that were on your side if they had a control collar. You wouldn't be able to control them directly, but they would fight on your side.

And if i remember correctly, only scavvies had access to plague zombies.

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Yeah, i remember that rule. Specially annoying because the results of the roll were 3:
1-Nothing happens
2-A ganger gets attacked. Takes 1 wound and has to reload his weapon.
3-The ganger dies. No injury rolls or anything, the ganger and his gear is lost.

I really would like the idea of having more neutral enemies around the hive that aren't full mega murder like chaos demons. And also, make engaging with them worth your time. For example, if you see a giant spider and you manage to kill it, you would be able to scavenge spider glans, or spider eyes (a gemstone)... Things that you can sell for a nice amount of credits.

It would add a lot more to the game, specially with less dangerous enemies like giant rats that would be there to annoy you, but also it would make the player think if it would be worth it to take out that spider not only for the XP, but also for the money

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On that, i think you have a point, but it was also to give the game some balance since the cost of time and money to train one of your warriors in one skill that will increase their survivability a lot would make you think a bit if it's worth it to have that warrior take those days off or not. But again, since the AI rolls a new warband everytime that is fully trained it makes no sense since the enemies will have all sorts of skills to best you.

It would be better that once your gangers get rank up and gain skillpoints, you could instantly invest them into a new skill with no training time. As well, i hope new skills make a difference, since most skills in Mordheim weren't that good

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They will most likely be DLC. They already said that the starting gangs will be the 6 houses.

Still, i'll be rooting for the Enforcers and the Scavvies

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Oh, i would really like traps giving random open wounds debuffs to gangers that get damaged for them, but at the same time i hope they bring back too positive injuries like fearsome/horrifying scars and valiant scars.

As well, some traps should put debuffs on your gangers and deal damage such as chemical burns that last for 2 turns or a piece of debris that falls and stuns all the gangers caught in the area.

Dunno if the maps could be procedurally generated, but that would be a plus to see an underhive ever changing. Also, it would make battles more unpredictable

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