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This game seriously suffers from consolitis. Keep in mind that console players don't need every command or mechanic that PC players have. Plus, Xbox wants to offer keyboard and mouse gameplay soon.


-The burst mode should not have reduced recoil.

-Add access to primary weapons while in vehicles back into the game; I recently read that it was removed because of a glitch, so it will probably return.

-The removal of the HUD should be a bindable command.

-Remove the need to charge weapons when players spawn, and fill the magazine and chamber; at the very least, add spawn protection; multiple times I've been killed in a game of Checkpoint because I couldn't fire my gun.

-Add an option to make voice chat a toggle.

-Add the option to have 2 binds per command(pressing '3' will toggle the LASER, and '4' will do the same.)

-Allow the binding of voice commands.

-Allow the option to manually cycle the bolts of bolt-action rifles; one should be able to bind it to the same key as 'fire weapon'.

-Add a match clock or timer.

-The fire support should be different for cooperative and competitive modes.

-Add the ability to pick up magazines dropped from speed reloads.

-Add the voice wheel options that Insurgency had(Area Hostile, Move, etc.) and more.

-Add the option to consolidate ammo.

-In the loadout screen, allow players to set the order of grenades.

-Add the option to use the secondary sights on optics.

-Add a bind for sliding; it should default to the same key as 'crouch'.

-A longer chat log would be great, and it should be separate from the actions log.

-The sprint toggle should be a toggle by which you either sprint without holding the movement key or your character will always sprint until you un-toggle it(I prefer the latter.) You could offer all 3 options.

-Add a sound for magazines hitting surfaces.

-The scoreboard should show ticks in the objective, instead of objectives.

-Bullets shouldn't go through the sand and other terrains; I've been killed multiple times by bots shooting through sand at objective C on Farmhouse(I think.)

-Make North the top of the map.

-Players should be able to stop sliding when they move backward.

-Add better head damage, such as large cavities, missing jaws, and more. Bodies should also have large cavities and holes.

-Make the blood pools emit from the wounded areas.

-Add an option to drop weapons.


-I think the Insurgents should have the worse weapons, fire support, and attachments but the better camo.

-Add an ability to scavenge from bodies/backpacks, instead of just picking up fallen weapons; this would include damaged armor, NVG, and gas masks.

-The 'ammo check' mechanic should remove the magazine and only show the number of magazines and the bullet estimation of the current magazine; it should also be a rougher estimate unless the magazine has a built-in ammo counter.

-Commanders should have to use the binoculars as a range finder and then mark the map in order to call in fire support.

-Fire support should arrive sooner.

-Add the sound of bullets rattling in the ammo boxes when running and add other such sounds.

-Add the option to resupply at enemy 'caches' before blowing them up(mostly for cooperative.)

-To reload, LMGs should require the player to be stationary and crouched or standing near an object.

-Add diving; it would be like sliding except you can't shoot during or for a brief period after.

-Characters should only yell things like 'reloading' when there are others nearby.

-Shades should darken the player's view.

-Add ear protection which would muffle all sounds but radio communications and your personal heartbeat and footsteps(I would prefer the footsteps to gain bass.)

-Add Comtacs which will lower loud sounds and raise quiet sounds.

-One shouldn't be able to reload while being concussed, or it should be penalized.

-The amount of gear and health being replaced should determine the resupply time.

-Being struck by hands and whatnot, instead of a knife, should only result in being knocked out, and teammates should be able to wake you up(a revive mechanic.)

-The area of freeaim that players experience when not ADS should be larger.

-When players have their weapons above objects like walls and boxes, they should gain the stability one gets when prone (like Arma 3.)

-You should make objects like couches and boxes moveable.

-Using the lean keys while prone should make the player roll.

-If turning while prone caused the player to roll on their side and then back, it would be cool(as done in some game I can't think of.)

-Change operating doors from a tap to a hold+move.

-Players should have to grab the detonator and the C4.

-Shooting C4 should not blow it up.

-Rockets that are far/close enough away should be able to flip vehicles. Vehicles should also flip due to terrain(I don't know if they currently can.)

-Heavier loadouts should be significantly slower in all locational movement but walking, including acceleration and direction change. They should have significantly less stamina and a decreased jump height.

-The effects of being out of breath don't seem drastic enough; there should be a slower acceleration to full speed and even more weapon sway. The breathing should be louder. There should be a heartbeat that increases in volume as the player tires and it should drown out other sounds. When your hearing is drowning in the heartbeat and heavy breathing, you should still hear your own footsteps on hard surfaces and they should be bassy.

-Using your items should make you lighter.

-I think it's a shame that the game doesn't use a realistic weight system and uses an arbitrary one instead.

-There should be more sway when moving and after moving.

-There should be an assortment of personnel mines.


-Make the bots more difficult and tactical but add waves for players.

-Security bots should be better and utilize better strategies.

-Each bot should have different behaviors and skill levels; some Insurgent bots should panic and shoot everywhere. Insurgents should execute teammates if they go berserk like that.

-In cooperative modes, Observers should be able to pick up the binoculars from a fallen Commander and call in fire support to the other Observer.

-Bots should be able to trace tracers to some extent.

-Bots seem to not notice when they are being shot(hit) by a suppressed weapon if they are far enough away.

-Bots should be able to hear nearby suppressed weapons.

-Add civilians in cooperative modes. If you kill 3 civilians in a round, you are kicked.

-Players should receive XP when they quit out of a cooperative match; those games can be very long and players shouldn't be penalized.

-The AI should have more patrol paths, static(just standing or sitting around) positions, and hiding(when they hear players) spots.

-The AI should be more likely to run for cover when they're near some, while they alternate suppressive fire and moving.

-There should be different locations for objectives.

-The bots should have faster reflexes or be more numerous.

-There should be a medic class and or waves for players (6.5 minutes is a long time to wait because you were headshot immediately after blowing up the objective, especially when it was by a teammate.)

-Reduce the time allotted to achieve the objective, even if it means the objectives are closer to each other.

-Instead of just holding a position and then leaving, add a computer to be hacked, files to be searched, a target to be interrogated(better objectives), or have AI teammates move in while it's being secured and occupy the position; it would be cool if you had to provide cover fire for the friendly forces.

-Add more modes, especially Hunt and Survival, and an Ambush mode where the players are escorting the (AI)VIP to a helo(Tacticals should be available for transporting to the helo.) The time to extract the VIP will be very limited as bots will move in to blow up the helicopter.

-Make Checkpoint a best of one(because of the added waves; games already can take over an hour.)

-Make damage done to teammates reflect onto the player doing the damage(the teamkiller is the one to die), or add a vote to kick.

-If a suicide bomber makes the noise, it should blow up, or give a shorter window.

-Add traps placed on doors and other locations.

-Add new enemies like a slow-moving enemy in full-body armor carrying an LMG, a fast-moving enemy with only Molotovs and a knife, snipers in ghillie suits or under sand-covered blankets on the hilltops, an enemy dressed entirely in black that hides with a melee weapon, and whatever else you can come up with(I can understand not wanting to add new enemies if the gameplay slows down, but it's currently pretty arcadey and could use some more interesting engagements.)

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I think double-tapping reload should load secondary ammo, instead of only loading one round. If you want to switch back to the standard ammo as you're reloading, you would tap reload.

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QC just had a $50k tournament and anyone who ridicules the game is dumb. Why are you so sad?

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