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@whitby said in I'm done with this crap:


G3 won't kill an unarmoured man while destroying their vital organs at 50 metres.

FAL won't at 100.

5.56 and 7.62x39 won't at all.

This is indefensible.

You say indefensible, I say that sacrifices were made to realism for gameplay purposes.

If they weren't, then you'd more than likely see body armor behaving more like Escape from Tarkov where it can take complete magdumps to kill a person using the properly rated armor if you don't have the bullet to counteract it.

This still doesn't target or defend Zucchini's claim that one game with a month of on-the-books release should have the same amount of content and number of updates as a game that's been released for six years and been a bestselling title on steam for just as long.

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@whitby said in I'm done with this crap:


We've been complaining about the shit gunplay since July.

The only changes have been negligible recoil tweaks and adding an invisible man who bench presses the barrel of your machine gun as you fire it.

The fact that 7.62 NATO at point blank range passing through the heart and lungs of an UNARMOURED target causes them to do no more than briefly stagger is an absolute joke.

Literally the only 7.62x51 weapon that doesn't 1-tap unarmored is the SCAR H / MK17. Not sure why, but it's quite literally the only offender.

The other 7.62x51 and 7.62x54R weapons 1-tap unarmored targets like nobody's business.
That is, the G3. FAL, MK14, SVD, M24, Mosin, and yes PKM.

Also mind that the G3 is the only rifle caliber weapon that can't 1-tap light armor.

Overall, that's 7/8 that can 1-tap no armor, 6/8 that can 1-tap light armor, and 4/8 that can 1-tap heavy armor.

In regards to shitty gunplay, it's subjective claim. Minor recoil adjustments have been made throughout the Beta, but since the weapons lack any spread whatsoever, that's effectively the only values devs can change other than animation speeds and the such.

In regards to the balance pass on the LMGs, I agree; they kick like mules. Considering you'll only ever really encounter ~2 gunners on a team in PVP, it might be worth exploring other mechanics like nerfing ADS speed or passive stamina drain while shouldering heavy weapons that aren't mounted.

Regardless, that still doesn't address @Zucchini 's absurd claim that a game released for 1 month should have as many updates as one with 6 years under its belt.

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@zucchini said in I'm done with this crap:

Also not to mention that the updates to a game thats thoroughly needing some are few and far between to say the least. CSGO a game that is 6 years old has probably received more in the time this games been up. Yes bigger team but still.

I'm not even going to entertain the math behind this comment.

Release: December 12th 2018 to January 26 2019, against a game that's been a cash cow for six years.

No fucking shit CSGO has more updates over the course six years. Truly horrific that NWI has failed to pump out six years worth of content, patches, and updates within a month.

They've already announced that the newest patch is slated for early February. Give it like two more weeks. Or don't, and just go back to 2014 Source.

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@mlb7 said in Occupy?:

Never played insurgency. So, it's like king of the hill? Sounds good to me. I think capture the flag could be fun too. It would be like the old Nova Logic days. Land Warrior for the win!! Lol, yes I'm old.

Occupy was sort of like KOTH.

Both teams start with 3 waves, and whoever captures the OBJ first can respawn without using up their remaining waves, but the other team will continue losing theirs if they die.

Likewise, if control is wrested to the other team, they essentially have whatever wave count they were on held indefinitely until they wipe the enemy team, or lose OBJ again.

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@aslan14 said in future ideas for class specific loadouts:


A recent thread on additional sniper weapons sparked an idea for future class specific loadouts. NWI has been great about updating and improving their game and I'm sure they would be game to try some of these if us players really wanted it. The idea is that these would cost extra supply points or be built in features for the class. I would love it if there was a mechanism like in Day of Infamy to earn more points per round by taking or holding objectives, or getting points for kills. Some ideas of how it can work:

Commander class

  • Ability to make calls or coordinate squad movement by marking the map or marking movement locations with the binos (no supply point cost)
  • For security, call laser guided munitions, with observer pointing laser
  • For insurgent, call bomber drone that can be guided by observer and explodes upon signal or after 45 seconds


  • Radio acts as default body armor, can stop .762
  • Use laser to guide munitions/drone
  • Tripwire claymore or IR explosive


  • Different ammo type options
  • Impact grenade


  • 1x use of room breaching robot with mini explosive
  • Cheaper body armor
  • Free gas mask for security


  • Add a long barrel for increased bullet speed, extra penetration


  • long barrel option
  • claymore/tripwire option


  • Variable zoom scope option
  • Cheaper scopes
  • Claymore/IR explosive option
  • Pistol 1x scope option

Map Marking doesn't sound so bad. Having a bit of marking tools might be useful, but considering the smaller scale, I don't know how useful it would be. The fights usually aren't so long-distance, and the locales are unique enough where callouts exist, whereas a game like Squad or Arma really doesn't have that benefit.

In regards to observers having the control and designation tools, I don't think that quite fits the bill. With the exception of the Insurgent's explosive drone, there isn't really a true fire support option based around being 100% precise.

Ehhhhh, I'm not sure how good I feel about someone getting heavy armor protection on their back, especially if it's an essential piece of their kit that they can't drop. If it's offer HA protection, then it's probably got some heft to it. If it's got too much heft, then it'll make what's supposed to be a mobile class hanging on to the commander's ass that much harder to play and won't offer as much synergy with other loadouts.

I already said my piece on controllers and designators. If anything, it'd still probably be best used as a commander tool since they know where they want the fire support.

Any sort of AP landmine I'm going to want tied to a detonator rather than tripwire. It still places importance on observation, patience, and attentiveness, while also making it much less likely to wipe your team like C4. Compare that against 3 observers and 2 marksmen taking anywhere from 1-3 claymores that don't require monitoring, then RIP literally any aggressive push onto an objective.

NO. This specific area always goes towards HP/AP suggestions. AP and HP rounds were specifically removed since AP was ridiculously OP in INS 2014. Imagine turning a Makarov in a FAL, and you have the power of AP

Pass on the bomber drone. Carrying a rogue suicidal WALL-E (Or worse, and RC-XD copycat) is something that'd rather not be dealt with, especially when trying to hold a position or defend a cache.

Cheaper armor; eh, okay. I mean, most people use breacher for the light weapons and high mobility, but you do you.

Free gas mask? Sure, absolutely. Breachers are the ones pushing through smoke the most anyways. In fact, to replace the Jihadist WALL-E, why not add CS gas grenades? Smaller cloud than smoke that's opaque. Causes coughing, blurs vision, and causes a lot of sway, similar to being suppressed. Get your mask on, or clear out to counteract the effect. Someone affected can still return fire accurately unlike a flashbang's effects, it's just harder to do so.

The PKM and SAW already have the highest penetration in game, only behind the M24 and Mosin, and them only behind the DShK. They pen roughly the same as the SVD.

That being said, Insurgents are getting an MG3 and I believe RPK at some point. Security is getting a M240. Most of your issues are stemming from a lack of variety in the Gunner's arsenal for right now, but that'll be rectified.

What I REALLY want for the gunner is completed partial reloads. Currently if you quit a reload midway with an LMG, when you start back up, you start by grabbing the nonexistent box. It'd be nice if they benefited from staged reloading too considering how long a reload is overall for them.

Again, similar to the issue regarding Gunner, Advisors have more weapons inbound. That being said, long barrels were present at one point, but similar to AP rounds, were removed for being a go-to mod that increased velocity and pen, which by how damage is calculated, flat out increased damage on most weapons.

I've also stated my piece on automatic landmines.

Technically speaking, the Tan Elcan is supposed to be variable zoom, but it doesn't reflect in game because the devs intended the high price and lack of flexibility to be a balance point in exchange for a drastically longer engagement distance.

Personally, I think the 4x and 7x scopes are already priced reasonably..

In regards to pistol sights, I think having the option to mount an RDS or Tritium sights would be perfectly fine.

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I feel like what you're asking is much more nuanced than a simple yes/no poll.

In regards to clan matches, we have ranked competitive. There's nothing stopping a clan from hosting a community server and using it to train, or partying up in a squad, and joining a match.

I guess the only other thing that might be pretty easy to add is an option to add a small clan tag in customization or settings. Something similar to COD or HALO where you can just type a small tag that precedes your player name or something.

Other than that, Competitive's numbers are already fairly telling. There just isn't a whole lot of interest for it. Most players happy doing casual coop or PVP.

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@tooth-decay And I made sure to point out that some of the reactive automatic ones like getting hit or dying do generate noise the enemy can hear. The vast majority of automatic callouts won't divulge your position.

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@arc said in Automatic call outs exploit?:

Could you please record a video and show that this is in fact valid issue (ofc from perspective of the so called "exploiter") ?

Most automatic callouts do not propagate towards enemy team for this exact reason.

I can't really compete with a NWI Employee, but what he's saying is factually correct.

The only callouts an enemy can hear are...

Any options from the voice wheel
Any calls for fire support (Both Commander and Observer)
Any sounds made as a result of suppression / injury (Not 100% sure about being suppressed, but definitely on hit and injury)

Callouts that are generated outside of your control such as "Man Down", "Reloading", Objective related callouts, Last Man Standing callouts, reporting enemy fire support or friendly danger-close, and calling out teammates for FF are ones that are only heard on your team to my knowledge, in addition to more that fill similar roles and conditions.

Keep in mind, this might not be an issue in regards to enemy players finding you by your call outs. Be aware that if you're not pressing ALT to slow walk, you're going to make noise while standing, crouched, and prone. Even aiming and reloading makes a little bit of noise, and that's all a perceptive hostile needs to try and frag your room, or rush in.

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Am I the only person that doesn't have an issue differentiating the voices?

The Security Regular voice sounds nothing alike compared against Operative and Rebel other than a middle eastern accent.

Tack on a considerable amount of completely different voice lines recorded, it pretty much boils down to this; If you blast a teammate because he's using an accented voice, you are both deaf AND blind. It's not like the sand colored plate carrier and the camouflage uniform is confusing against Insurgent clothing.

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Maybe make it a hybrid between Survival and Outpost and call it "Siege" or "Holdout"

Make the areas you run to and spawn in extremely advantageous every so often, maybe having loose grenades or rockets here and there, or maybe a .50 mounted facing one of the roads.

HQ will tell you which safe house has not only been resupplied, but also reinforced, and a capture zone and resupply box will be present in that safe house. If the majority of the surviving team runs there and chooses it as their spawn, your teammates can respawn there every 45 seconds for 5 minutes, until the zone is contested & captured by enemies, or until another safe house is taken.

Hostiles will immediately default to trying to overrun that specific safe house Checkpoint Defense style, rather than searching the map or camping safe houses. This sort of "Holdout" can be used as a diversion so that other friendlies can sneak to the next safehouse, or it can be treated as a sort of "insurance" in case fire support is being called by the enemy, or you suspect a fair amount of your team is going to die again.

After the 5 minutes are up, HQ will inform everyone that "Nobody's left at X Objective, Move out!", or "They're sending something big, MOVE!". At 6 minutes, enemy fire support will target that objective. Typically chem gas and explosive drones on INS, and an A-10 or new fire support option, the TLAM-E on security, and that'll knock out and destroy any turrets or sandbags that were generated for that objective. Contrary to regular fire support, in this game mode, you CANNOT survive it if you are in the radius (Read as on the OBJ).

(General Traits of TLAM / Tomahawk: The Tomahawk takes about 30-45 seconds to hit point of impact from confirmation, and makes a very audible noise, similar to the rocket barrage. A commander has about 2 to work with, and is essentially treated like a single artillery shell with a much larger blast radius, and specifically an EXTREMELY HIGH wall penetration value. Surviving the TLAM requires moving down to lower floors or away from the front of buildings. It's designed as a bunker buster to get enemies off OBJ, similar to the IED drone, but while the IED drone can go inside,this can't.)

I figure this might add a little more depth to gameplay without making it a non-stop camp fest, or "just" running like a chicken with your head cut off.