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Skip tutorial option would be even better 🙂

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Hi, quick question for the modders out there please.

I was wondering if it's possible to mod Spire out of the imperial campaign as a compulsory component? I want to replay it with Mechanicus or space marine fleets only.

I know the story won't make much sense without him but I think it would be fun to try some of the scripted battles without the IN and create my own story.

Thx, and thx to modders in general can't wait to see what you come up with for this game.

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Skip tutorial option when starting a new campaign please?

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Was hopping for something like this, thx 🙂

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Thx started the down load 🙂 can finally go to bed 2:45am

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@raibi said in Game release:

Hello @Leoki212 !
We just published the news on our facebook and Twitter : it releases at 6PM CET tomorrow ! 😁

What size is the update to full game? Trying to sort schedule out with my crappy net. Thx in advance

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For campaign the problem isn't with the capture mode it self, it can be fun. The problem is that there is nothing else and for single player that is death, randomised terrain or point locations won't change the AI and if you know your always going to win why bother?

Playing space tag with Eldar in the first game wasn't my favourite type of mission, but I played the hell out of skirmish mode until I worked it out and enjoyed doing so. During a live stream someone spoke about the auto resolve feature and I laughed, why would anyone want to? Question was answered half way through the Cadia Beta, Bringing back mission variety for campaign and skirmish is a must.

For pvp I'll cede to the more learned players, my pvp experience is normally against the same three people with the occasional random match for lols, I expect game 2 to be same. However..

I do think to much importance is placed on ranked play overall, give ranked matches a dozen well crafted maps that you can build on, and a map maker and a way to share them to the community as a whole to have fun with. Hell you may never need to make another map again just green light the popular and balanced stuff into ranked play with or without capture points.

I did say i knew little of pvp 🙂 I would however watch the crap out of a pvp tournament featuring the elite player base, say best of three matches with each player picking a map and one random from the official ranked list.

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Agree whole heartily with this, once you purchase a ship it should stay available with fleet composition being altered mission to mission depending on need.

I would also like to know where all the mission types went? There will need to be a lot of scripted missions to break the monotony of playing the same mission over and over. The fun in the first campaign was building a fleet to win the various scenarios.

Would like to be able to scroll back from the campaign map as well, so more than one system can be seen. This would allow you to look at your strategic options easier.

A suggestion. Loyalty of your fleet admirals could wax and wane depending on victory or loss, inactivity and so on. The end result they leave your service ( taking their ships with them ) or unlock a bonus at the high end either in battle or on the campaign map. Not sure if enemy Admirals will keep popping up to become notorious or fodder? But could be an interesting mechanic as well.

Looking forward to playing this game in its full, As ever the story is looking like a fun journey and this time there are three! I'm also hoping for a lot of replay ability with all three imperial factions available in campaign, not to mention CO-OP!

All things considered the campaign beta has added to my excitement for BFA2 with only a few concerns, mission variety being the main.