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Did necromunda have the imperial fists as a playable faction? I never played the tabletop but i saw in the fluff that necromunda was a IF recruiting world and was curious

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im going to try this build, any favours for the ret and overlords?

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Ive seen some people on youtube play with the favours cosmetic looks off to take advantage of the battle groups looks. When i load up my game it doesnt have that option. My game is updated and i do not run any mods for the game. Is this a unofficial mod or is there some issue with my game?

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Yea, I remember when they where doing polls for the new races, they said tau came in first with tyranids as the runner up (and that they wont be forgotten) which alludes to them wanting to work on a tyranid dlc. Which i REEEALLY want. I would buy the dlc the minute it gets announced. Alot of people are interested in the game but they hold off from buying it because alot think the game is dead. I also remember one of the devs saying on the steam forums that they want to do something big.

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