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If you were to kill someone in someone elses social circle ( spouse, friend or colleague) the surviving member will react differently and unlock events.

For example, if you kill the lady who thinks she is a Vampire, her shellshock friend runs off into the night and becomes a werewolf/savage Vulkod.
If you kill one of the Paxton sisters, the other becomes a Skall or joins Prydwen.

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Main weapons.

Axe, fully upgraded with a mix of damage, stun and blood absorption.
The stake I got from Charlotte Ashbury.
Fully automated shotgun, fire shells plus damage and reload upgrades.
And of course the pistol, rapid fire plus damage and stun.

Gotta admit for the last bossfight I upgraded the scythe for 40 percent extra damage. Just kept hitting the red queen till she stayed down.

As for powers I stuck with bloodspear and autophagy plus Abyss. Didn't feel the need to go out of my comfortzone with these.

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I know Bram Stoker gets a reference you think Vlad the Impaler was an Ekon? Is he around? Dracula is such a big thing in pop culture i feel like you got to adress it.

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The world of Vampyr is very interesting. We got a timeline that spans from even before King Arthur's time to the early 20th century, and Skalls and Savage Vulkod do look like ghouls and werewolves respectfully.

In that time is it possible other creatures might be around? Like mummies who've been around since the dawn of human civilization. According to William Marshall there are accounts of a strain of vampire that looked like Harpies, beaks and talons and wings.
So what fo you guys think? Are there other monsters or all monsters some strain of vampire?