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In my experience what makes the AI really strong and do the insta-kills is whenever that particular AI object's 2sec (or whatever it is now) timer has been triggered by a team mate being spotted, and then you as the unlucky sod steps around the corner expecting to get a reasonable grace period to line up a shot but no, sorry, timer has expired and BOOM, wtf was that BS! Same happens if you peek and spot enemy, and then peek again to shoot but leave it too long. And don't even get me started on the spawn up your ass jump scare AI tactic that I was hoping would have been left in INS2.

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Vote kick got abused like crazy on ins2, you would often get groups of trolls who joined and started vote kicking everybody, and because people were too busy playing the game they would just assume that the vote was legit and vote for the kick, others would not do anything and the kick would go ahead anyway. And then there was the good players who would not tolerate noobs who were still learning the game and get them vote kicked for just under performing. I take it as the game is in beta and NWI want to attract as many new players as possible, they do not want new players getting kicked all the time just because they don't know what they are doing. I think if they would just tighten up the tk kick and make it less forgiving then that would solve a lot of the issues.

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Yea I agree with you, Time spent on the click would determine how many fired but it would still reset properly to a new 3 round burst in the next click. Maybe not 100% accurate to IRL in regards to reset on the m16 but best compromise for game mechanics. That would be really nice if they could do that.

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Running around like headless chickens lol, that about sums it up. And then there are the people desperate to be top of the score board and are on a mad sprint ahead to the next objective often sturring up chaos for the rest of the team coming later having taken the time to re-supply. I think they need to change the scoring so it more heavily rewards team play (not sure how that would be accomplished). Maybe make the objective score dependent on how much of the team is at it, if there is only one person at the objective and plenty of team members are still alive then the score is minimal. Also do something about people blowing objectives while someone is trying to 'wire' it. Team damage dealt should either hurt score or get an auto kick after a period or both.

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Welcome back to reasonable street where drinks and posts are maybe not the best companions! 😉
I get where you are coming from though, I was getting really frustrated with the game and the changes from ins2, loved the graphics update, the atmosphere, the sound design, the effects, the models, the maps (some more than others obviously) but the fps, stuttering, frame drops, lag spikes, hit reg, ttk, the feeling that you were being hunted by wallhack toting noobs (AI), the scoring system which incentivised rushing to the next objective instead of teamwork was really frustrating me.

I am fine with the ttk now since the last update, double tap and you're done, still of course there are many occasions where the optimisation issues get you killed, when the fps drops to 50 from 100-120 and that huge stutter happens then it is obvious your actions are no longer getting communicated. And when the chaos kicks off, the smoke, mortars, technicals etc. and fps tanks again then it is extremely difficult to keep on top of the situation. So I think if they could get to grips with the poor performance then it would really help with the perceived ttk and hit reg issues.

The AI obviously needs more work, a biggie for me currently (apart from the wallhack hunted feeling) is that they can see what they should not be able to, through vegetation, smoke, kicked up dust etc. That was also a problem in ins2 where you could not see them but they would be shooting you.

A couple of things I have found to have a better experience (while anxiously waiting for the next update!) ...

  1. Set all graphics settings to low/off and put on supersampling 2X (at least then you can see what's happening) and
    maybe the textures and anisotropic filtering up a bit (I changed recently from a 980ti to a 1080ti and that made very little difference to performance and my cpu is not maxed out so obviously there is something seriously lacking in optimisation)
  2. LEAN everywhere! on every corner! and always check your corners. It gives you much needed extra time to line up your shots before the AI reacts.
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There was me thinking over and over, what is wrong with this game, why does it feel so off, why is the environment so confusing to look at, why does it feel like there is huge input lag, why do I keep missing shots, does it need more optimisation, why does this game feel like 30 FPS even when I am getting 140, is the game SUPPOSED to feel this bad.

So I started experimenting with the weight system, I tried only pistol, nothing else and the game feels 1000% better. No input lag feeling, no woolyness, no environment confusion, in control feeling.

And then I tried normal loadout of ak, extended mag, red dot, fore grip, and back to the crappy feeling again. So it is all because of the weight system, I never knew.

So this post is dedicated to all those who like me had no idea why this game feels so bad, so out of control. Maybe I am a bit thick, and everybody else was already clued in about this game mechanic?

Bold move by the devs, has this ever been done before?

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Well obviously not 20 times, maybe 5-10 worse case. Just trying to make a point of how frustrating that game dynamic can be when trying to listen for footsteps or when you first enter an objective.

Hopefully it gets toned down a bit with the update.

What is your opinion? Do you think the call outs are fine as they are?

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And then there is the SCAR which does the 3 round burst properly and resets the mechanism each time. Nearly sure it is the SCAR, somebody can correct me if I am wrong.

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@max80 said in Disable some information in the leaderboard in COOP:


how can you agree with anything on this page and not agree with removing stats? And if removing stats removes the asshats who TK to get points, rush points to avoid fighting at all just for more points, then you know what? I am ok with losing those players as they bring nothing to the co-op table worth keeping.

I agree with incentivising teamwork via points (this has been mentioned on this page)
Rushing points does not equate to not fighting at all, rushing points is often very risky but maybe should be made more so.
I don't think NWI would be happy with losing players, do you?

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I agree with a lot of what has been said here however I would not agree with removing individual point stats. If that was done it would remove a fundamental reason that many people play any multiplayer game regardless of game mode, if the competitive aspect is removed you risk losing a sizeable portion of your player base from that mode. As has been mentioned the solution I think is to incentivise team play by changing how points are awarded.
Making it more dangerous to be the first one at next objective is a possibility but then sometimes you have to move forward alone because everybody else isn't (sometimes just camping), and then there is the AI which often hangs around a taken objective and won't even let you resupply in peace! Forcing you to keep moving or else fall prey of the AI wall hack.
I often wonder if this game, fun though it is has been deliberately coded to be as frustrating as it can be. Everybody wants a challenge but is there any possibility we could leave out some of the frustrating jump scare s**t? I know that the devs are as they put it "putting the fear back into the genre" but be careful not to take out the "fun" while you're at it!

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I get what you are saying I just don't think it has to get in the way of having a fun gaming experience. I have played with rushers, I just let them get on with it, sometimes I can keep up with the faster pace, sometimes not, either way there is still plenty of fun to be had working to the obj and I end up arriving half way into the capture. Sometimes the extra kills you get puts your points ahead of the rushers which does kinda make me chuckle. Yes it is better when there are no rushers on the team and in plenty of games there aren't. Some games are faster paced than others. If there are loads of rushers and the pace is just too fast then I just leave and find another game but I find that the exception rather than the rule.

As you say insurgency is never going to be squad, insurgency coop is the most casual of casual game modes where you just jump in, have fun, hopefully get some teamwork (not usually much mind) and get a nice score along the way. Especially if you're not in the mood for a more sweaty pvp game.

If the points were tweaked so that rushing to get points did not make big prizes then you would get much less rushing. I think it would get pretty dry for a lot of people if there was no points except team points which nobody is going to care about anyway because of the casual nature. People enjoy competition and I don't think that is going to change any time soon, even as you say it is only competition against other team mates. But even in pvp people care about whether they are winning as a team and getting good kill streaks to get closer to the top of the team score while still factoring in teamwork enjoyment, what is happening on the opposing team's score board is much less important, so therefore by extension playing against bots does not really change that dynamic a great deal. After all it is by definition a 'game'.

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Imagine the TK potential, it would be insane!

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Did you find "keep loaded textures" setting? Right at the bottom of video setting along side texture streaming pool size.

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Agree on all your points.

Another incredibly frustrating issue that I feel needs worked on ASAP is the GRASS.

When the choice was removed in graphics settings whether or not to show grass I assume the devs forgot to factor this in to the bots visibility. It is responsible for so many of those death by BS moments, you are getting shot at but have no way to respond, you cannot shoot what you cannot see. Surely it is feasible to raise the bots level of vision around grass so they cannot see what you cannot?

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I agree, I get that the devs have a purpose for it for as mentioned (locating the enemy) and to create a frantic atmosphere but the call outs are just too often, too repetitive, and TOO LOUD. Can we at least have the ability to turn our radios down a bit?

Yes I know they are taking B, I can see it flashing and you have told me 20 times already!

I have lost count of the number of times I have died right at the exact moment of getting "I am taking B" screamed in my ear.

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Interesting discussion. I kinda like this idea, getting the green light to retaliate under certain conditions, I can see it now... players chasing each other all over the map before the timer runs out lol.

What about this as an alternative/compromise?

A TK forgive system combined with your "traitor" / "trigger happy" tag possibly with appropriate icon change (char spraying wildly) for a time period. Team damage stats would appear on score board after meeting threshold so that victims can easily see whether their attacker has previous and make a more informed forgive/not forgive choice, as well as an incentive via embarrassing stat for the perpetrator to be more careful. This stat could also be used as the basis for a fairer vote kick and would only allow a vote kick to be initiated if the perpetrator met the minimum team damage.