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One thing i forget about to mention. On a game like im imagining, is easy to imagine game extensions and Multiplayer mode. Imagine extensions based on the Rage Across series. It would be amazing. And imagine creating your Pack online.

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@Inquisitore Sometimes less is more. The WOD world is complex, indeed, but a simple kind of gameplay does not implify in a lost of perception of that complexity. It will deppend of others things.

What i think is that a simple type of gameplay, like, a Diablo game (please, im only talking about the gameplay itself), can lead not only to a less boring game, but also to a fun way of customization of the character or, God knows, to the customization and administration of a Pack.

For me, the gameplay will not take anything from the complexicity of the WOD world. Dont get me wrong, I love the Vampire games, but in a several moments, for me, the gameplay was burocratic and unnecessarily slow.

Another game (a old one - and epic) with also simple gameplay, but with a lot of history and details in it, is Chrono Trigger. For me, the simplier the gameplay, more can be add on other things, like the history of the game, of the characters, for an example.

Not sure if i make my point understandable, but lets keep talking.

Sorry for my poor english, im from Brazil.

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I would love to see a Diablo type of gameplay. Simple and efficient.

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