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I think the Forgive system from Rising Storm would be a good idea.

I heard Rainbow Six Siege will have damage reflection in the future. Can't wait for the backlash they get from that big community.

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This might be a good idea because:

  • pressing Number 3 two or three times to get to the second/third grenade slot is slower than using the mouse wheel. It always has to cycle through the pull out/put back animations to get to the next one, whereas with the mouse wheel it cancels the animations right away and skips to the next one.
    I don't like the mouse wheel, cause I tend to miss the gun/grenade I want to use and have to look at the side of the screen if I get what I want.

  • as said before, the order of the grenades is dependant on the type of throwable/launcher, not if you put it in slot 1,2 or 3 in the loadout menu. Really annoying.

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I even get the Artillery guy on the other end of the radio confirming the non-existant impact of the rockets right after the swooshing of the rockets ended, he says something like "That was a big explosion, huh?".

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It's not just barrel length or bad positioning. Bot's seem to have the unfair advantage, because this "rule/feature" of your character putting his gun to the side/up doesn't seem to apply to the Bots.
Happened to me enough to see a pattern there.
And you can't just back off or anything because you move the same speed backwards/sideways, if not slower, so you can't really escape the hug. Changing weapons is also too slow to change the situation in your favor.
Oh, and the bot's aiming and locating ability is increased by a ton, the closer they are to you, they instantly know where you are and blast you away.

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As title says.
Seen most prominently on the last objective (H) as Security on Summit.
They just chill outside of the objective and prefer to do nothing instead of trying to attack and clear the point.

3 Bots in the alley to the left of the OBJ facing the wall.

They also just come up to this corner (laser pointer) and as soon as they touch the capture zone they stop and do nothing for the rest of the round just to block capture. Really annoying.

On Precinct the Bots are allowed to stand outside this Courtyard (I think it's OBJ C as Insurgents), outside the big gateway toward Insurgent spawn (laser pointer) and block the capture.

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When you hold C for the radial menu, you can just flick your mouse in the direction you want and let go of C. You don't have to click it. You only have to click the middle command as a commander to call fof the radio man.
It's possible to do it quite fast already.

These hotkey bindings were a problem in DOI. You could spam them as fast as you could click the button you bound it to and create annoying sound loops and stuttering.

Now, as far as I've noticed, they added a minimum time between each command so you can't spam it anymore, at least not as much.
So adding the setting could be possible.

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@n4thani3l said in Lets bring back - Survival gamemode.:

With every set of safezones you are moving across the map towards extraction point .. and when first player (group of players) reaches last safe zone (extraction point) he/they need to defend against new waves comming on them till all remaining players get there .. than they either defend till heli flies in or till they clear last wave (not sure what is better).

Isn't that basically Checkpoint, the coop gamemode we already have? ^^

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Instrucions from the devs on the news post in the middle, right before the third picture. With link and all.

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ooooh, you just jelly! Papa Kotton is a great guy. If you call "making a stale game look fun" acting like a clown, sure, I agree. That's what he does for a living.
How is the freeaim rubbish? It's quite realistic, in the way your gun is on a "3 point contact swivel" or whatever you can call it. Shoulder and both hands. Just like in real life. Only way to know exactly where you gun is pointing is either ADS or many many years of experience and muscle memory like a competetive shooter has.
It's not easy (and it shouldn't be) but it's possible to control. Maybe the dead zone is still a problem, I personally never noticed that, don't think I've had problems controlling my aim.

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nah, just in tarkov. every other game either has free swinging weapons like Sandstorm here or the Rising Storm series or they have spray cones/patterns like COD, Battlefield or Counterstrike to balance and not make your characters gun handling superhuman.
EFT is the only game I know with this aiming mechanic which you can cheese by either learning where the center of your monitor is (skillful cheesing ^^) or by just putting a sticker on your monitor...