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Hello, I recently bought this game and I’ve been really looking forward to it for awhile, so it really pains me to say I’m stuck on this mission too. I play on Xbox.

It would appear that my issue is, well, unique.

After talking to Darius, the game instructed me to “investigate his actions.” So I turned on my vision to see what he was up to and I followed him all the way into the back garden where I ran into the gate. Darius is still standing there by the door, with the “eavesdropping” icon over him, but no blood stain in sight to activate to continue the quest. This happened the very first time I tried to speak to him, but the bloodstain didn’t load at all. So I restarted my game. That didn’t work. So I restarted my Xbox. And that didn’t work either. So now I’m stuck, with no possible way forward, 10 hours into my play through.

Any chance you folks could help me out as well? I really, really don’t want to play through everything again, especially after completing numerous investigations. This is honestly a massive let down. I really hope you guys can help.

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