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@fabio-brasil said in Imagens e vídeos etc:

there is not much news in the information, just a little more of the same

the news is getting repetitive, when leaving new important news I will put here😉👍

The second one is definitely a translation from previous news. (25* bigger map etc)

But in the first one they write about maps being 30km^2 now instead of 5km^2 in MR.

Also there is info about greatly modeled interiors with different gauges.

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Exactly as said above. Mudrunner is not a demanding game, even if they overhaul the game engine (and they are for sure) I don't think requirements will go much higher.

Fun fact, I even ran original spintires on a 2 Watt processor with integrated graphics inside a 7" windows tablet. 😆

Youtube Video

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First confirmed russian truck manufacturer.
"First, the number of vehicles has increased with a wide number of licensed makes too, including large names like Caterpillar, Ford and Gaz, to name just a few."

Recovery option by helicopter?
"Fortunately, I was told that there will be recovery options, such as a helicopter, other than coming back with your own vehicle to rescue your stranded truck."

Another confirmation about maps being up to 4x larger.
"The one map shown during the event was said to be four times larger than that found in Mudrunner"

Multiple surfaces withing one map. (hoping for some mountain peak roads covered in snow)
"The most important feature is the fact that these maps will also feature different types of surfaces."

Edit: Found one more:

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Not as much information, but another CAT confirmation.

Spintires: MudRunner first name was very well received on consoles and it was not won in advance. Because offering a simulation game of transport of goods in muddy and swampy countries, driving trucks not easy to steer, all with graphics not always the finest, it is not what attracts the most in general . Like what, we can always be surprised in a field.

This new opus takes again the bases of the first one with however a graphic gap very appreciable. The sets are pretty, the transcript of the water is very well done and the snow, which is here, has a team of developers just for her, so that we have a rendering of the most realistic. The vehicles are well reproduced and well-known brands such as Ford or Caterpillar are involved. It is also a pleasure to note that the different positions of the camera have been revised in order to be able to visualize all the angles, which is more practical for the big maneuvers. Finally, the traces of the wheel arches remain and furrows are widened if one passes several times in the same place with very heavy machinery.

The game is still in development and should arrive at the end of the year, even 2020, but what we saw is a good omen for the future and will certainly please those who have spent hours on the first.

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@kingnightshadow Very old article. Was posted multiple times on forums.

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@thedeestroyer said in MudRunner 2 Preview:

alt text

I don't know if anyone noticed, but this looks like another type of cargo. Beside logs, for now we know there are bricks, barrels and this thing.

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The frigid landscapes of Siberia and the mountains of Michigan are at the rendezvous. Players will be able to develop their own transportation business and manage supply networks.

Customizable vehicles fit into many road catalogs, including Pacific and Navistar.

Pacific, Navistar? - That would be awesome

Take those info with a grain of salt. No idea if it's legit or not, but the site is french. So who knows. @zamal @8x8 @deathcoreboy1

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@8up-local Depends if they have license for the russian trucks this time, if they don't we will see the same trucks with different fronts just like in MR1.