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A quote from Netheos that he posted last Wednesday on Discord:

"We have a blog about the lore and story, and a bit more details about the synopsis of the three campaigns coming this week (we're waiting for the last approval to publish it). We continue to work on videos introducing iconic ships from the game. An announcement with the exact date of the Beta will arrive later this month but no set date to announce here yet. Things are on their way 😃"

He quoted himself on Friday about midday. Then he went home without a word. And this is not the first time we have such a situation. It is a quite standard procedure for them to announce something for "the end of the week", then silently go home and pretending that nothing has happened. That shows how honest and how much regard they have there for their community and customers.

Yes, they can still wait for the approval. But has GW prevented them from informing about a delay? Really, they can't afford such minimum of decency? Apparently not. No thought for a moment if there is some other branch that does such stuff to there customers.

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@romeo You know, if someone does not like me now because I'm whiny, wert well, I do not care, it is his opinion. But if someone tells that I did nothing from the beginning, I dare to disagree. Fortunately, this was a misunderstanding here now so I have no reason to think less of anyone.

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@hjalfnar_hgv Of course, I accept and I apology myself that I bite back in an impolite manner. I'm glad it's just a misunderstanding and not some bad, old blood.

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@hjalfnar_hgv said in Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 Journalist's Edition:

@solaire Ah...I was there before the game was released, and I was still there half a year after release, only increasingly silent because guys like Grey Seer did nothing but spamming the forum with whiny posts. I don't think I ever saw any useful stuff from him there, so his posts here are actually an improvement and the reason why I keep posting. BTW I played another campaign run of BFGA1 only a week before they announced the new game.

check again and then think one more

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@lkhero I was active in the subject for a long time. I wasn't a fan of what devs and publishers were doing during the first game too. The situation was similar but this time is worse if someone asks me.

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I have not much time lately, even to be grumpy and I really do not like writhe on my phone.

First of all. Hello to old veterans @CALiGeR_Reborn , @Romeo , and @Hjalfnar_HGV

@CALiGeR_Reborn unfortunately, I do not agree with you that " issue has been rectified". Everything from my OP stays. Do we have a new trailer? and what is such interesting and new in it? Nothing. A fancy trailer that had to take a lot of time and rescuers and showing nothing of value, our knowledge about the game is the same as before. Announcements? and what value announcements, especially in the case of this particular game, have? Gaming articles? Yeah, in German, Italian and French, and which caused confusion about the release date. Live communication link direct to the devs? First, since when? Second, how much value this link has? How much more we know since this great "opening"? Is that as much as should be expected of a games company? Like information about long push release in the day before first official release window? No in-game materials to this day? In what other game we have such situation? Yeah, I'm still here because the problem is still here too.

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I’m interested in 6 titles now:

Pathfinder kingmaker - I have no problem whatsoever with this game. People are informed and everybody has a good idea of what this game is about. Will be released this month 25.

DLC to Europa universal 4, crusader kings 2 and hearts of iron 4. Again people are well informed and developers regularly bring new staff to show and openly discuss things.

Darksiders 3 - Once again we know about what and how this game looks like and I have no problem with this game.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 - this one is quite different. Developers and publishers do not care about informing the community about anything at all and community are at last place in there's priority list. If they show things they show it to journalists on closed events or to select groups during tests. The rest can count on months-long silent and mockery.

But no, the problem is just with me because I like to rant for no reasons because this makes me ”all wet”. How a shame that confirming an obvious thing has not the same effect.

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@ashardalon The necron campaign was announced a long ago. Timeline of the game will be gathering storm . How many Necron Overlords were playing any role during that event? Yes, it is nothing for me and should be no news for anyone who has the slightest idea athe slightest idea about.

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Exactly. Journalists have shown us gameplay. What developers and publisher have done meantime? And what those journalists have shown as are some pathy conglomerate of few seconds video with the commentary with the majority of customers do not understands.
If anyone has the slightest idea what Gathering Storm was about he could guess it without a problem.
^ it is no news, it is an obvious thing. The same "shock" will be when Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl will be "reviled" as leader of Adeptus Mechanicus?
He told what? That they had some "complicated discussions"? It was suspicious from 10/08 so from this meeting with the press. They have received information that the release will be delayed, maybe no solid date but they were informed and we do not get anything like that. There was no "the release will or may be delayed'' for us. Only when the release window was the next day they have said something to us. And why they couldn't tell us? Because of they own machinations and rules they alone set up.

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@alandauron An what has changed? All from OP is still actual. What news we have? A fancy trailer that is very well made but what new it brings? Nothing new only distraction and empty hype. They still did not show us how the game looks like, such thing they reserve only to a journalist. Same as informing about such thing as release delay. We customers, ware the last to learn about it and only a day before the original release window.