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This whole Amazon has thrown something in behind our backs is hard to believe. There ware updates, announcements and even this on the official website


Has Amazon made this website for them too? So this is just another excuse for credulous.

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14 months from the launch and nothing has been done about those crashes. There was a 60% price cut yesterday, one of many below the original, preorder price.

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@iyagovos said in Sadness.:

I can also 100% that the PC version is still being worked on.

Exactly the same are you repeating for a year in the case of my crashes. And what is the effect?

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@mori-mori Here is developers: Streum on studio, Cyanide. And Focus Home Interactive is a publisher but they could takemresponsabilyty of what they publish and make sure that first game is made to the expected standards before they start and announce a new project.

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Their "Heavily communication" is on the shelf next to the respect for their customers, honesty, truthfulness, and reliability.

Here are new 34 photos form WhatsNext , nothing about SHD EE.

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@nemesor-xanxas and Shield of Baal is some sort of official information? It is BL publications with means nothing. BL writers contradict each other often and even the official GW publications like last Dark Imperium when Guy Haley apparently had not to much contact with Gathering Storm series or Codexes. Their books are entertaining, but they are not official truth written in stone. They can writhe what they want like in one book where a mob of standard humans overrun and kill in the mater of seconds a Space Marines in power armor with their mighty bare hands. Effects of BL writers imaginations are hints at best and I would not take them too seriously.

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I do not know why they would not file Necrons to the level with the others? In the first game, they had some level of flexibility and GW wanted from them was to follow the design of the models, that's why we had those funny Eldar weapons. Next thing is that the game is new and TT game old like hell. Many things had changed in the lore from that time, like whole Necron history, culture and motivations for example.

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Blexus Falconer was online today. He has not even come to say hello, not to mention satisfy our curiosity in any way.

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I have one more question. I will edit the OP too.

  1. Will be there any new update for original BFGA? I just started a new campaign and I'm just in 14 mission so I do not know if it would be not wise to wait a bit for an update if there is one on the horizon. I would like the straight answer to this one.
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So I have a few of those and I hope that I, and even maybe some other people here will find some answers on next week.

First of all, I would like to say that I'm glad that we will see Battlefleet gothic armada in the new game, Some updates for the first game would be nice but I think that potential of that game is already spend for various of reasons and new content would not contribute much to that game. So I consider a new game a very good move.

Additionally, I like that new game happens in "Dark Imperium", this will be the first game in this timeline if I'm not mistaken. Exciting as it is it comes with a lot of responsibility too. Do not fail us, do not fail the Emperor!

Returning to my question and such:

  1. Where is Comunity Manager for Battlefleet Gotic Armada Blexus Falconer? He was not online on the forum form 22 Sep 2017. Is he there somewhere?

  2. Communication. So in the case of the first game communication was very, very poor. To such extent that game was available for preorder before we known what kind of game it is. So I hope that we will have some proper informations and communications this time. I'm aware that game development is not an easy task, a lot of things can change, some things have to be cut and people have a tendency to point it out and be upset, which is understandable to the degree but you could explain things, and their complexity to the community as well. I like how Paradox Interactive is doing this, they are quite open and they like to show and talk about their work. Often stuff is not ready, does not work and, sometimes it is reworked but most people seem to like it is. Of course, there are people who only are waining about overpriced DLC but they have no idea how much work and research they are putting in those DLC, yeah, right, I ate pizzas today for half the price of such DLC so I would not exaggerate with this whole overpriced thing. So, some highlights from time to time would be nice.

  3. Changes and new ideas. I liked and still like original Battlefleet game but there wore some ideas in that game that was not the best solutions. Intentions were good but it came out as always in the crash with the people. Such things shortened the potential of the game. I would like to ask what you have learned and how you have addressed such issues? This is quite a topic and as I see the game is in some pre-alpha so it can be hard to answer directly and unequivocally but some sketch would be welcome.

  4. Size. So BFGA II got some size. 12 Fleets! Great but worrisome as well. There can be many questions about such move. And I have a few as well.

4a. always present issue of balance. It will be next to impossible balancing a such number of different to some extent fleets. How are you going to approach balance issue? Is it some priority for you?

4b. fleets varying in the number of available ships, some have many, some have about 2 like Dark Eldar. How are such small fleets going to be playable? Will be there some ways of using ships of others flees ion form of allies, far-reaching customizations or new, not seen yet ships?

4c. you mentioned that there will be more points, so we will have more ships. Cool but there is quite a lot to do with those 4-5 we have now, torpedos, orders, boardings, void crafts, repairs, and skills. Will you change something in that regard?

4d. Further potential. So, if you are poping 12 fleets from day one so what are you planning to do next, if anything at all? Thera are options of course, like new ships and such but I would like to hear something about it.

  1. True to the original or maybe not at 100%. So in the first game, you were "shackle" to the designs of the original, tabletop game. Have you maybe some freedom this time? There is Dark Imperium after all, new stuff is invented and it is coming out, as far as I know in the navy too and the original tabletop game is quite old and abandoned for a long time so a breath of fresh air would be welcome but this is not something you have control on but it would be nice to know.

  2. Storyline. So we know that game happens in "8 edition" and this is cool. But how it will look like exactly? How broad it will be, before/during/after indominetus crusadre, maybe only some episode. Who will be the hero/heroes of the campaign? And is any black library writer involved in this game (I really hope not)?

  3. Here I see ark ship saturated with imperial eagles. Is it a result of some pre-alpha copy/paste or full-scale heresy already? At least Opus Machina has 12 teeth as it should.

  4. Have you/are you planning to do something with those funny Aeldari weapons arks?

  5. Will be there any new update for original BFGA? I just started a new campaign and I'm just in 14 mission so I do not know if it would be not wise to wait a bit for an update if there is one on the horizon. I would like the straight answer to this one.

So much form me for now.

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