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@steakboy1 said in Are we ready to admit this game is trash yet?:

@grey-seer Space Marine PS3 is an awesome game!

Yes, it is. But it is not an FPS game.

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@astartesultra said in Are we ready to admit this game is trash yet?:

Young fool...May the Emperor forgive your heracy...this is just the best W40k FPS of our times and i bet for long time

Being the best W40k FPS of our times is not a great achievement I'm afraid. What you have to compare? Fire Warrior from 2003 and what more? Those ancient space hulks from 90ties?

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You can wish for what you want but face the numbers first. How many people are playing the game? In what state they have launched the original game? How long it took them to fix some technical difficulties as well as reach the state the game is now? How positive and negative reviews looks like, making EE a new entity on steam to shake off those negative reviews have not helped much. And then answer the question if there is any chance for any major content.

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I myself am very critical towards this game but I do not see any point of this topic besides starting a flame war with the diehard fans. They can't see any reason even if they were able to do so because there are no arguments, just a yell.

And to those who are busy playing this wonder of a game. There is not too many of you I'm afraid pick number of players do not exceed 450 in the last weekend when Vermintide (which may be a different game but it shares similarities) has a steady number of player just below 10000, and it is 25% cheaper. So enjoy the game as long you can because it can be shorter then you think.

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I would not count for any favors too much. There are 13 fleets after all. 13 fleets X number of ships x X favors. How much modeling would it be? How many skills.

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Sorry, but I can not have "Faith" for such pathology like selling a pig in a poke, again.

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Looks exactly like my LowLevelFatalError crashes from spacehulk deathwing that supposedl only I had. I see that it probably is contagious and spreads to other games as well. I wonder what devs will do about it.

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Very good and accurate OP from a man who apparently values his money. Why put a game on preorder if there is little to none information about it? Why buy it in such state? There is only a couple of months to the release and there is not too much information besides quite grand announcements. I do not say that there is something fishy about this game or this will be some money grabber, but still, I thought that Tindalos will play this out differently than in case of the first game, we had somehow active community manager on the old forum who apparently disappeared, guys form Tindalos have made accounts on this forum the last month I see but they are not active and apparently they have not too much to say. I do not like such things and I have the opportunity to express it but not buying the game is such state. And I recommend this to everyone. Only positive things for everyone can come from such approach.

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So, the problem maybe isn't solved but it is no more relevant to me. Finally, I have managed to get a refund after over 1,5 year of quite humiliating struggle. The money is in my steam wallet and the tumor removed from my library. Anyone who has the same problem should do the same.

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And I will not preorder it for now. The same thing as before: No gameplay, no system requirements but you can buy this game already. Sorry Tindalos, I have no grudge against you, the first game was great and the price for the owners of the fires game is very generous considering that there was some free DLC for us to in case of the previous game but I will not buy a pig in a poke. No one should.

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