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I always meant to try this but didn't get around to it: can you place an IED on a car? If so, could player 1 plant an IED on a car, player 2 drives it into the spawn of the other team, and tells player 1 when to detonate it? Wouldn't that make cars the ultimate troll-weapon?

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I wanted (1) with some quality of life improvements like loadout preset save slots, and I'm quite unhappy with how Sandstorm turned out gameplay-wise.

Also "realistic" is possibly the worst word to describe anything games-related. 9/10 time the better term to use is "immersive".

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The devs pretty much confirmed yesterday on stream they are "happy" with the current TTK.

Thanks for the info... 😞

I am very sad to hear this. It means I will likely refund the game at the end of beta. This is not the gameplay that I signed up for. I'm having much more fun with the old INS2 right now, so if Sandstorm stays as it is in regards to TTK, it's not the right game for me.

Hope at least all you (ex)Battlefield players enjoy the game!

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can't you just shoot 2 rpgs behind the cover and still kill it with splash damage from the same distance you could with a direct hit before?

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Imho the only thing that could suite a broad playerbase are bots that are tweakable on more than one axis. E.g. inaccurate and slow but very smart bots to teach noobs to cover their flanks and gain some situational awareness, accurate aggressive bots that rush to give pros some aiming practice, or all cranked to max for the top 1% to still have a suitable challenge. Loadouts of the bots (armor etc.) should also be tweakable for a sort of damage scaling.

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I could imagine interesting gameplay coming from a solo/duo objective based deathmatch mode where every player or duo team gets assigned objectives that they need to go to one after the other, and all the other players are like moving obstacles. The game could assign new objectives to people to basicly guide them so that their paths intentionally cross. A while ago I suggested an "experimental branch" for matchmaking where new ideas or balancing changes can be A/B tested. I think something like this could be worth a test. Might be fun, might be horrible, only one way to find out.

Don't worry about objective focused modes going away entirely, that will never happen in Insurgency. I wouldn't want that either.

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Yeah, the teamwork isn't even close to my biggest concern, it's just one of the many things that I see that INS2 does better imho.

I've just played another round INS2 with a friend and it blows Sandstorm out of the water in so many ways, it's crazy. Granted, doors are better in Sandstorm (not just the various mechanics, just running through them without getting stuck is already easier than in INS2), and the loadout menu is better with its presets, but in terms of fun and excitement INS2 is still leaps and bounds ahead. Gamedesign is hard, you can't take something like that and "just make it better", every tiny change can break it. I think they changed too much at once, trusting that it'd work, without confirming that it does. Either that or they have such a vastly different vision for Sandstorm that it will never be my cup of tea. We'll go back to INS2 and take another look at Sandstorm with each patch to see how it's changing. But I'll be honest, if till release this doesn't look like it's getting turned around big time, then I'll probably refund it because otherwise I'd only forever be annoyed by the game for abandoning its old strengths. If the devs have a different vision for it, then fair enough, their choice. I don't want anything so different, because INS2 is the only multiplayer shooter that I can enjoy and it pretty much ruined all the other shooters for me. I hope the new one will sell well either way and I still have nothing but love for NWI, but Sandstorm (so far) is not living up to the expectations that I had as a huge fan of INS2. And it doesn't really feel like those are issues cause by its rough beta state, it feels more like they have changed their design goals and I'm no longer on board with the new ones.

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I think the right place for deathmatch in Sandstorm would be the same place that aim maps have in CS:GO - perfectly reasonable way to train your aiming skills, but not "part of the official main game". I'd try it out, could be fun.

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@qarisma said in Frustrating by design?:

Also I would like to see some sort of squad system in this game like there was in insurgency. Perhaps every squad would have a squad leader who's job it is to call in reinforcements, i.e. respawn his squad. This would give a sense of unity to the squads as they always respawn together and gives the players the power to decide how their waves are spent instead of it being entirely up to the game.

That way you would put even more of the fun of the whole squad into the hands of one person that may be totally unqualified to handle it, just like commanders and observers get yelled at all the time, that person too would get yelled at all the time. If they do their job poorly the whole squad suffers, and even if they do it right there's always someone who disagrees. I think that's the wrong way to go about it. And I doubt the old squad divisions are coming back because it doesn't fit well with the new class selection UI.

What I wouldn't mind is different spawn locations and the dead teammates get to vote on where to spawn next during their spectator time. Maybe that would get them to talk to each other to get some consensus for what strategy to use? And it would make it less predictable for when and where waves appear in regards to spawn camping and fuel truck attacks. Maybe there could be a differentiation between "victory objectives" and "spawn objectives" that grant spawns in forward locations but don't count towards the objectves that win the match? So it would be a tactical choice whether to go after a forward spawn point at the cost of manpower for capturing or holding the existing objectives.

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Good points. Imho one of the most fun (2 player) coop modes I've seen so far was the wave based survival mode in COD:MW3 because you moved around more based on your own strategy instead of objective markers. It felt like there was more agency and meaning in where you set up defenses, how you kite enemies through the area etc.. Now I don't say "clone this" because it wouldn't work, I'm saying look at what was fun there and see how Sandstorms Coop could be made more fun. I too feel it gets boring too quickly and usually doesn't create any kind of dynamic battle where the environment really matters. Feels very "artificial" for lack of a better word.