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@Jayson there's a bunch of stories about floating a jeep across using the current with the engine off, but a b6a will drive the north route no problem. The b6a does take a bit of care to drive, though.

Take the road to the north from the garage, and from the very end of the road, spot a small circle on the map about 60M north west. If you drive straight to it, it's a bit hairy at first, but you can make it with less than 20 damage pts from water as long as you keep the tractor moving. Once you get there, the rest of the way should be pretty obvious, but take the long way keeping to shallows. Once you get to the northeastern island, switch to the k700 or whatever, then it's a long slog to finish the map, but it'll at least get you another four hours out of the game, haha.

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@jayson said in Mods for console:

cuz I haven't found a path yet for a jeep

I just read your comments earlier again, and since you've played the game for five hours, one starred almost everything, and found it "boring af", what are you doing here?

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@Jayson i don't mean to be all arrogant sounding, but why don't you 1-star deluge?

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@zamal i don't like this detail... i'd use the forwarder if i found one lying around, but i don't want to have to choose it.

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@DEEZ-L they already programmed all the american vehicles to explode on impact...

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@Unster I do have plans to get into the PC version, but I don't know if I should build something current in preparation for MR2 or just blow a bit of cash on a used gaming PC... my laptop might explode if i try to fire it up. I've been a console gamer for a long time for this reason, I just can't keep up with requirements, and I'm a bit of an idealist/perfectionist with hardware...

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I was pretty excited to see how the maps were going to be designed to make use of the american trucks... and it would be overly simplistic to say they made easy maps for poorly performing trucks, but that does seem to be the case. They did throw in the western star to allow us the option of playing through in standard style, but i guess that's why the star had to be held back a little, so as not to make the maps too easy.

@DEEZ-L i agree about being forced to use the trucks for their intended purposes, i enjoy that aspect and was not disappointed with the balance between the american trucks and the american maps. If i hadn't made it clear before @justinlynch3 i also see your point with regards to russian trucks in america. I am a little put off by how seriously fragile the american trucks are, i wouldn't mind a tweak there, @Iyagovos...

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@justinlynch3 you've got a point there, nothing wrong with seeing flaws in something you like.

Last night i was goofing off with a kraz260 on grizzly creek... i self loaded med logs and drove them out to the road to find the only truck i had available to transfer them to was the bison, which doesn't have an option to put weight on the rear wheels when pulling the med log trailer... there were a few spots on tarmac where i had to winch the silly bison. I used the uaz to tow it, haha.

The american trucks all seem to suffer from the same issue, it's not necessarily power, it's traction. The tires on the american trucks don't dig into the mud, they float. Even with careful throttle it's slow going.

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I dunno, maybe try a little harder? And i don't mean more throttle... i've used the road trucks off road and they are definitely useable. I drove the freightliner around carefully with a full load of short and medium logs, and even once used the ltl with the service body to rescue the skidder when i had a mishap that killed it instantly deep in the salvage swamp. I even drove the ford back to the road after, because it was just plain fun.

For a game called spintires, it's funny that the best advice is sometimes "don't spin the tires"...

It's often said that mudrunner doesn't offer enough challenge for "hard core off road" meat heads, but then when presented with a challenging situation people often complain about "shitty underpowered trucks" or whatever.

American wilds brought some new stuff to the table, and guys like me and likely @Stazco are having all the developer intended fun there is to offer.

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Cool thanks for that @PrEDRiSing, i'm not sure what i'm gonna do, i just want more of this game, haha.

I'm watching the used market, but all the numbers and brands don't make any sense to me.

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