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@sodoma said in MudRunner - Community Update 27/02/19:

Players are most likely ending with two half games...

That's only sort of valid... right now we have one game, made by one developer. If a second developer made a second game, we'd definitely have two games, but to say they'd be only half games is admitting that the current mudrunner is only a half game, and to complete it there would need to be a second developer's worth of people added to the mudrunner team.

I have to assume that whatever MR2 becomes, regardless of what another developer is doing, it will be a complete game, not a half game.

Anyone else wishing to make a competitor is welcome to, as far as I am concerned.

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I hope it's "mudrunner 1800" where you drive horse carriages. You can unlock larger animals like elephants and a diplodocus, and there's a secret steam tractor.

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I also started with the first retail disk on ps4, then bought the american wilds retail disk, and it works as expected. My ps4 is not typically connected to the internet, but i regularly connect to download updates. I'd assume all the american wilds content is on the disk.

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@zamal said in So where is the November update?:

knight25 i would be proudly 🙂

I'm catching up, my first mudrunner was ps4 retail edition, but then i bought the american wilds full game physical copy as well.

@knight25 the reason is: to support the developers so they can keep doing their jobs.

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Haha wow, nice work. I've had trucks fall into rocks like that but never stuck.

I wonder if you save and reload will it be stuck still?

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@Jayson there's a bunch of stories about floating a jeep across using the current with the engine off, but a b6a will drive the north route no problem. The b6a does take a bit of care to drive, though.

Take the road to the north from the garage, and from the very end of the road, spot a small circle on the map about 60M north west. If you drive straight to it, it's a bit hairy at first, but you can make it with less than 20 damage pts from water as long as you keep the tractor moving. Once you get there, the rest of the way should be pretty obvious, but take the long way keeping to shallows. Once you get to the northeastern island, switch to the k700 or whatever, then it's a long slog to finish the map, but it'll at least get you another four hours out of the game, haha.

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@jayson said in Mods for console:

cuz I haven't found a path yet for a jeep

I just read your comments earlier again, and since you've played the game for five hours, one starred almost everything, and found it "boring af", what are you doing here?

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@Jayson i don't mean to be all arrogant sounding, but why don't you 1-star deluge?

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@zamal i don't like this detail... i'd use the forwarder if i found one lying around, but i don't want to have to choose it.

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