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@goongalajones That's because Security forces =/= American forces. In fact, if you take a look at what faces you can use on your security soldier, most of them are arabic and have arabic names too. Probably Kurdish people or whatever. important thing is that security side has american soldiers just as well as local arabic soldiers.

Same with insurgents, that have slavic soldiers on their side.

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Sorry for upping my old topic, but since most people have moved from the pre-order beta section after the game was released, I thought it wouldn't be much of an annoyance.

The Eotech sight is still way too bright and thick to allow proper aim on greater distances. I'd really like it to be fixed, as it feels unnatural. Real sights have brightness settings, so I don't get why the holo sight still is that unpractical.

Escape From Tarkov does a way superior job at making Eotech sight realistic, and I highly encourage you devs to pay attention to how much better theirs is :

Youtube Video – [01:18..]

Now THIS is what I call a proper holo sight. It actually helps. ATM, flip-up sights are way clearer than holo sights. That's wrong...

I hope someone amongst devs reads this. Thank you for your time.

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Do you want commanders to die each time they call airstrikes ? Because that's how you get commanders to die each time they call airstrikes.

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@evil-monkeyxi Getting tired of this whining bullcrap. Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds ? Across the map, really ? For your information, shotguns have a muzzle velocity of 400 meters per second compared to 910m/s for a standard 5.56 assault rifle. Try it. Take a shotgun, aim at a wall far away, shoot, and see how much time it takes for the flechettes to hit. Now do that with a FAL, it's almost instantanious. You can't snipe across the map with shotguns, full stop. The bullet drop, decreasing damage and low velocity projectiles make it way too difficult to be worth a try.

Stop being salty because some dude shot you "across the map" at 50m with a shotgun and git gud.

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@maa_bunny Even if it wouldn't incapacitate the target, I mean... What would be the point of shooting someone then ? It's a videogame, it has to put some limits to realism. A strong armour plate can withstand several slugs without breaking. So what ? Should we need 6-7 shots to kill an ennemy now ?

There are only two ways to solve this :

  • Make arbitrary decisions like : a shotgun has to be balanced, hence why it's super effective and one-shot kills. Who would want to use a poor 8 shots manual rearming and time consuming reloading weapon if it wasn't for it being so efficient at dropping targets ?

  • Have a realistic approach : plates of armour do protect the body area that they cover, nothing more but nothing less. That area can withstand many shots of various calibers, including slugs and 7.62x51, to prevent penetration without however suppressing blunt damage so killing a heavily armoured opponent still is possible.

As much as I would like a realistic approach to that armour/ammo problem (it would make balancing quite simpler, tbh), I'm afraid that's not what the devs went with. So... We're stuck with that arbitrary decision according to which shotguns are slow firing and take ages to reload once empty (you then constantly have to reload not to go empty), so they must at least be powerful in order to be rewarding and actually useful.
I recently tried to play as a breacher in Ins2014, not using slugs but mere default buckshot : it's a pain. You have to shoot 4-5 times at someone that's more than 15m away from you if you want to kill him. Feels like you're using a toy. Sandstorm has the decency to make shotguns a good option, and I personnaly like that very much.

That being said, I'm all for the removal of flechettes. It's totally OP, redundant (buckshot almost does the same thing) and pretty unrealistic in addition to that.

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@maa_bunny In terms of penetration, yes. But the blunt trauma resulting from a slug hit in the chest (protected by armour) would most likely kill or incapacitate you anyway.

Also (not specifically talking to you now), I think qualifying shotguns as "snipers" when used with slugs is highly exagerated. The bullet drop on a slug makes it really hard to aim properly on long distances, compared to an actual DMR/Sniper rifle.

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The problem is that arabic voices realistically have their place on Security team.
It was a bit confusing for me too, when I played through my first games, but I can now differenciate Security from Insurgents quite well. Give it some time, you'll manage to sort it out eventually.

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@redkap Ehhhhh... No. Are you new to Insurgency ? This is not some kind of Battlefield, you know. Everything is playable and available from the start, you just have to manage your supply points to get those that really are a must-have for you. Having items locked unless you have currency (real money or ingame money alike) is an aweful idea.

The "currency" you get when you level up is nothing more than cosmetic currency. It helps customizing your character quicker. That's all. They serve absolutely no purpose beside cosmetics, and should never have a direct impact on gameplay.

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I think he's talking about the shadow surrounding the reticle.
It's there for realism. it's not a downgrade, it's actually an upgrade. Then again, I find that "normal" mode makes scopes way easier to use. It also doesn't tax fps as much as "pip" mode, so... yeah. I made my choice.

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