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@maa_bunny Could be, could be... In that case, they should still fix it or make it less obvious. It's really bothering to see two magazines drop when reloading.

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Hello there !
So, this bug is still present to this day. I believe it affects every weapon in the game, from what I've experienced so far.

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@marksmanmax When you make a minigame out of TKing, some people will want to play, that's all I'm saying. Being a traitor can be fun if you manage to survive. You can even manage to make somebody kill you just after the time limit so he will have one TK and become the traitor himself. Plus, it's more complicated than a "do you forgive" system.

In addition to that, your system requires people to have a functioning mic and to speak English to work, which is far from ideal especially when it comes to UE servers on which people from various nationalities come to play.

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No... I think giving players the ability to forgive TKs is way better, and makes TKing less of a game.
I see a lot of trolling potential with your system.

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@sgt-kanyo I must admit, after further testing, that you're at least partially right.

I feel like LMGs should have a manageable vertical recoil when crouching and a bit more horizontal recoil. Vertical recoil when standing up should indeed make LMGs not so easy to use for higher calibers, but still should be less than what we have atm.

There need to be some kind of balancing for LMGs... There is no way I can make as much kills with any LMG as with a small - and quite useless on long distances - MP5... There is obviously a problem there. They are closer to meme guns than from an actual practical choice for battle.

I don't mind the sluggish ADS, tho. I think it's not a bad idea. The devs just nerfed them way too much. They were godlike during beta, which was wrong, and they are now useless. Which is just as wrong.

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@sgt-kanyo Yup. Definitely needs to be redesigned...

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Hi there again !

Just reporting some other scope related issue... The 2x holo sight has a weird not transparent enough patch on it :

alt text

EDIT : According to the just now released patch, this issue was fixed.

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Hi !

So, I mentionned a few weeks (months ?) back a problem that was not fixed with last patch. The laser pointer gets bigger the more distant it is from the weapon, most likely so that we can still see it correctly no matter the distance, but when we aim down magnifying optics it looks weird and way out of proportions. Here's a picture :

alt text

The scale is broken. It must be as big as a human head right now...
Also, it's quite obvious that the dot is in fact a square. in addition to that, the color is wrong too. It shouldn't be orange like this. A bright red circle would be more appropriate.

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Hi devs,

The problem was already there before, but I have the feeling that the last update made it worse. There seems to be an issue with how TAA is implemented. A graphical issue. Every outline has some kind of glitering artifact which can sometimes make the game quite ugly.

Here's an example of the phenomenon :

alt text

Seems to happen a lot when smoke is displayed. However, you can see that effect in the main menu, on your character as well.

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Yeah. At least, let us cycle through the different options without having to watch the entire animations. I could live with that system if animations canceled themselves at each press of the button.

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