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@MAA_Bunny Yeah, sure. Let's also add corner guns, thermal vision, dogs when you get 7 kills in a row, a zombie and a battle royale mode while we're at it.

Let's do everything to please casual gamers, and let's forget what made Ins2014 so good. Like, you know... Classes and loadout commitment.

I guess we'll see, then. After the update, if everyone uses 2x/4x scopes with iron sights/toggleable magnifiers, I guess you'll be proud to have been part of the people that emptied the game of its original hardcore yet accessible nature...

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@Sgt-Kanyo Nope. The idea sucks. Everyone will use 2x-4x scopes, even if this means taking less ammo, and packing light/no armor. That's already 3-6 points saved. Whatever the attachement/accessory, it's worth abandoning for marksman + CQB capabilities.

Insurgency always have been about commiting to a loadout choice. Being responsible and fulfulling the purpose of what your build was made for. Now you might as well delete classes, and make every weapon accessible to every soldier. Doesn't matter that much now.

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@Bullet59 This.

They're just adding whatever the community "wants"... Not what the game objectively needs...
This will indeed end up as a giant meme game for streamers... Note that I have nothing against streamers, I just find it sad that NWI chose to go in that direction with what could otherwise have become a great Ins2014 successor...

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So, yeah... Just saw the new announcement for future updates...
You guys are gonna add the possibility to toggle the magnifier off 2x optics, and use the iron sights of the 4x scopes...

I mean, ok... What's the point of using anything else than 2x/4x scopes in the game, then ? Why in the world would you choose to give yourself a strong handicap by picking an optic which does not offer multiple zoom levels ? You basically just gave everyone the possibility of combining marksman and breacher role with a single attachement.

It's AP ammo shit all over again. In fact, it's even worse than that... I think I'm done with this game, tbh. It was a nice try, but it's not going anywhere serious. Even a snow map and night maps can't make up for all the terrible decisions that were made lately.

I might play it again to test updates, or in a few years from now if the solo campaign makes a come back, but I'll definitely stop hoping for a decent Ins2014 successor. It was fun until you tried to fix a recipe that was not broken.

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@kingovtrolls Made a topic about this a while back. No response either.

EDIT : Oh, just saw that you posted in the thread back then.

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Yup. We need more control on sound balance as a whole.

Any dev thoughts on this ?...

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Just upping, in hope that a dev sees it !

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Hi there !

So, we now know that night maps will be back. I'm glad they will !
What about weather, though ? Would be nice to have the idea passed on the dev team 🙂

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@MarksmanMax What I meant was Sandstorm either needs to behave like Ins2014 (high lethality) for more enjoyable gameplay, or like Escape From Tarkov for ultra-realism that makes it credible to be shot 6 times in the leg and deal with limping + blood loss. It would fundamentaly change the game, but at least it would make sense.

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@MAA_Bunny said in Developers, why are you adding a joke mode instead of a real mode?:

Not that this is necessarily relevant to good game play: but in real life it is literally impossible to instantly kill someone with any number of gunshots to a lower extremity.

Partly true. If you shoot someone eight times in the leg, he will probably die of blood loss rather quickly. Especially if you hit the femoral artery.

The thing is that Sandstorm doesn't have the same realism level as Escape from Tarkov, so injuries are simply not simulated. The game needs lethality when hitting arms and legs to avoid tedious and arcadey moments.
Either that, or upgrade realism to a point where the whole game feels totally different from its predecessor.