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We ned game modes.
And I'm not talking about silly memey game modes like Frenzy. We need real game modes that aren't copycats of Checkpoint mode.

PVP needs the old game modes back. Coop needs hunt, outpost, and survival back. Core content is so thin right now that people only need to play for a few days after each update to experience everything the game has to offer.

It really feels like the game still isn't released.

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Oh yes. We really need Hunt back...
I don't even play the game anymore. I basically saw everything that was to be seen.
I wish I could go around searching for caches and eliminating AIs without being seen or heard. That would change from the ever repeating checkpoint mode. The entire PVE experience is currently based on checkpoint, and a dubious "zombie" mode that is just a variation of the usual checkpoint mode, only a bit more "retarded", if I may say so.

We, COOP and solo players, need something to enjoy too. We can't enjoy the same few maps on the exact same game mode forever. It really feels like a chore on the long run.

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@Sulfur Exactly. It was so usefull that everyone picked it. It was a no brainer choice, and that's the reason why the devs chose to remove it from Sandstorm. Only to add toggleable scopes... Which will be so usefull everyone will use it if possible.


The scopes are coming. Only expressing that you are against it is not going to change anything anymore, instead it would be more productive if you were to present potential options for balance along side your concerns.

I said that they musn't fix what's not broken. I have nothing to "present", since the original system was already working. I can only say that adding those sights is a bad move. Kinda like adding frenzy was a bad move considering how PVE gameplay already has checkpoint mode only. Adding a zombie/meme variation of checkpoint mode is a bad move, when no one asked for it, yet litteraly dozens of people wanted hunt/conquer/outpost modes back. The devs seem to listen the players only when they give bad gameplay ideas...

Something being overpowered is in relation to the other options, if nearly every optic gets an alternative scope, OP is not much of an concern anymore. Some options in this game are better than the others, but they try to balance that with the point system.

Well yes, if and only if anyone can equip such a sight for a reasonable price. It would be kind of ridiculous, but at least everyone would be equal. The fact that this is going to cost a lot of points means that people will sacrifice stuff just to have it. Just like they were doing with AP ammo back then.

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@jballou Many people asked for a proprer dof when ads, but I don't recall any dev saying anything about it. At this point, I doubt it will ever be considered. They chose to focus on multiple zoom levels for some reason...

@F0XSQUAD Of course a G3 will never turn into an mp7 indoors. Yet, it's pretty rare to find yourself handicaped by the size of your weapon. This is why it's a bad idea. The sights on a 4x scopes may not be ideal for medium range shooting, but they will definitely be more than enough for effectively acquiring targets in CQB. This is the problem. Even if those sights cost a lot of points, why would you pass on them ? You can have long range accuracy, short range accuracy, and even if the sights are bad, I'm pretty sure that with a bit of training you would also become good enough at medium range accuracy.

I'm not even talking about 2x scopes, since that's clearly OP. I can marksman shoot bots using a .5x scope. A 2x scope is more than enough to snipe in most cases. I don't even think they will decrease the zooming capabilities of 2x sights, since it's linked to your maximum FOV. Try using a 2x sight with the minimum FOV setting, you'll see that the zoom is almost non-existant. 2x sights seem to be more that 2x zoom only because you play with a really high FOV.

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I think there should just be a "avoid this player in the future if possible" feature.

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I guess we'll see, then. Thank you for aknowledging the thread.

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@MAA_Bunny Yeah, sure. Let's also add corner guns, thermal vision, dogs when you get 7 kills in a row, a zombie and a battle royale mode while we're at it.

Let's do everything to please casual gamers, and let's forget what made Ins2014 so good. Like, you know... Classes and loadout commitment.

I guess we'll see, then. After the update, if everyone uses 2x/4x scopes with iron sights/toggleable magnifiers, I guess you'll be proud to have been part of the people that emptied the game of its original hardcore yet accessible nature...

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@Sgt-Kanyo Nope. The idea sucks. Everyone will use 2x-4x scopes, even if this means taking less ammo, and packing light/no armor. That's already 3-6 points saved. Whatever the attachement/accessory, it's worth abandoning for marksman + CQB capabilities.

Insurgency always have been about commiting to a loadout choice. Being responsible and fulfulling the purpose of what your build was made for. Now you might as well delete classes, and make every weapon accessible to every soldier. Doesn't matter that much now.

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@Bullet59 This.

They're just adding whatever the community "wants"... Not what the game objectively needs...
This will indeed end up as a giant meme game for streamers... Note that I have nothing against streamers, I just find it sad that NWI chose to go in that direction with what could otherwise have become a great Ins2014 successor...

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So, yeah... Just saw the new announcement for future updates...
You guys are gonna add the possibility to toggle the magnifier off 2x optics, and use the iron sights of the 4x scopes...

I mean, ok... What's the point of using anything else than 2x/4x scopes in the game, then ? Why in the world would you choose to give yourself a strong handicap by picking an optic which does not offer multiple zoom levels ? You basically just gave everyone the possibility of combining marksman and breacher role with a single attachement.

It's AP ammo shit all over again. In fact, it's even worse than that... I think I'm done with this game, tbh. It was a nice try, but it's not going anywhere serious. Even a snow map and night maps can't make up for all the terrible decisions that were made lately.

I might play it again to test updates, or in a few years from now if the solo campaign makes a come back, but I'll definitely stop hoping for a decent Ins2014 successor. It was fun until you tried to fix a recipe that was not broken.