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@kingovtrolls Made a topic about this a while back. No response either.

EDIT : Oh, just saw that you posted in the thread back then.

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Yup. We need more control on sound balance as a whole.

Any dev thoughts on this ?...

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Just upping, in hope that a dev sees it !

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Hi there !

So, we now know that night maps will be back. I'm glad they will !
What about weather, though ? Would be nice to have the idea passed on the dev team 🙂

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@MarksmanMax What I meant was Sandstorm either needs to behave like Ins2014 (high lethality) for more enjoyable gameplay, or like Escape From Tarkov for ultra-realism that makes it credible to be shot 6 times in the leg and deal with limping + blood loss. It would fundamentaly change the game, but at least it would make sense.

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@MAA_Bunny said in Developers, why are you adding a joke mode instead of a real mode?:

Not that this is necessarily relevant to good game play: but in real life it is literally impossible to instantly kill someone with any number of gunshots to a lower extremity.

Partly true. If you shoot someone eight times in the leg, he will probably die of blood loss rather quickly. Especially if you hit the femoral artery.

The thing is that Sandstorm doesn't have the same realism level as Escape from Tarkov, so injuries are simply not simulated. The game needs lethality when hitting arms and legs to avoid tedious and arcadey moments.
Either that, or upgrade realism to a point where the whole game feels totally different from its predecessor.

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@MarksmanMax said in Developers, why are you adding a joke mode instead of a real mode?:

It's only a mere 6 shots with a G36k, or 5 shots from an M4A1. It's honestly just bullshit.

Ouch... Yeah... Never tested it, but wow...

The bugs have been known for months now.

Yup... I'm no developer, so I can't tell if it's hard to fix, or if it's a priority (sure feels like it is to me), but hey... Only thing we can do is providing feedback. Which they'll most likely ignore, tbh. At least here on the forums.

Yeah. That's if full mod support comes out before this game dies lmao.

If the game dies, I guess a full modding support would at least bring back some or the original core gamers. But even them can only do so much to fix the game. We need a good base game to have greater quality mods.

those people get mod recognition. I'm convinced there's a conspiracy around me or some shit at this point.

Might be, I dunno. I hope not. It would be incredibly rude.

Lmao. I'm a PC-master-race person, so I guess I can't talk too much, but this is pretty accurate.

I am too, and I quite dislike consoles for what they are : locked gaming systems that are way too vulnerable to casual soulless blockbusters that sell well... Compared to PCs that are a way more flexible and mature platform. I don't even own consoles anymore. Except for the original xbox since I have one single game that I still play occasionally.

I even strongly reject all the new launchers that try to get ahead of Steam even if this means no ubisoft/EA/Epic games (oh no, the horror ! What a loss !...). That's how much I love the PC. I just find too many PC elitists to be rather stupid and dishonest, that's all ^^

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@MarksmanMax said in Developers, why are you adding a joke mode instead of a real mode?:

In Sandstorm, you have to shoot someone's foot eight times with an MP7 to kill them.

Yeah, I'll admit that's quite fucked up, if that's really like that in every single case... 8 times is too much.

I'm honestly down for fun game modes, especially Frenzy. I do like that Frenzy doesn't really require the AI to actually be good, so it gives me a coop mode to play while NWI (hopefully; one day) fixes the goddamn AI.

And they'll never fix anything by spending time creating those silly game modes, and spending time debugging them afterwards... The game's heading in the wrong direction. If this keeps adding up, it'll just be lost forever... Modding may save the game later. We'll see.

I do find it hilarious that I've got two pretty popular Forum posts about the bot AI that no moderator has even commented on. There's also that whole Damage Reflection post I have that's currently the most upvoted post in this entire subsection and no mod has commented on that one, either. It's like I'm on some kind of blacklist or something.

This... Devs don't seem to care that much about the forums.
At least, one of my biggest posts about the holosight being fucked up and needing a rework so we can see through it was acknowledged and it was fixed, so that's already something. I was pretty sure I'd have to rely on modders' work to change that.

Definitely. It's pretty noticable that being made for consoles had a part in this. Now, I'm not against Sandstorm on consoles (I think it's a great idea, honestly), but for fuck's sake, don't trash the PC game to get it working.

Same story, different game... Everytime a PC game gets a console port, it's being butchered to please 12 year-olds and gaming pad users... I hate talking like this as it feels like I'm just an elitist PC-mustard race nerd, but damn... I've never seen any PC exclusive become greater with consoles involved in the developement...

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@MarksmanMax I don't mind a bit higher TTK, actually. If it was done correctly...
Besides, Ins2014 was not that different. Try not using AP ammo. You'll quickly see that you'd often need 2-4 bullets to down your target.

The game is not as good as Ins2014 because it has more bugs, is not balanced quite properly, has giant maps that are only used at... like... 40% of their potential... And most importantly because it lacks good quality content, that is being replaced with those rather shitty fast-food easy mindless fun game modes...

I wonder if the consoles ports can be blamed for that, actually...

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@MarksmanMax Oh yeah, survival was a hell of a good time... I miss it now that you've mentioned it ! This was a real different mode. Crazy, but still credible and not dumb like this new "frenzy" mode.

I'm not saying the game should be 100% realistic survival hardcore simulation with civilians, aircrafts, simulated newtonian physics and 12 000 binds to learn by heart, but... This... It's too much. What will be next ? A freakin' battle royale mode ???

I bought Sandstorm because I thought it would be at least as good as the Source version, and because it was originallt supposed to have a solo campain where you'd play a kurdish woman fighter. That had so much potential to tell a great story... It could have become a real game that's worth something culturally.

I'd rather see the devs work into that rather than making it a silly game for streaming entertainement.