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@ZKWS This.

That's a major positive thing you mentioned. Makes people more polite, and that's a good thing.
Wonder why it's not already implanted in the game.

Also, I don't even see why TK punishement is a thing in solo play. They're bots you play with. When they get stuck or when they're acting overly dumb, it can be quite practical to shoot them... But you can't do that, for some reason. Bots have feelings too, I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The whole reflected damage thing needs to go anyway.
I can't even enjoy a solo game without getting reflect-killed because the AI teammates walk in fire, stand beside my C4 when I throw it and sometimes just won't move, because fearing powerful explosions is for pussies... So I blow them up and get rekt in the process by the hand of god or something.

Punishement for team killing should be there, only to punish toxic players. Something as simple as a "Press F1 to forgive or F2 not to forgive" when you get team-killed, with a kick if you get two unforgiven TKs, would be so much better imo. Sure it could also be abused, but there is no system that can't be abused by people who just want to disrupt gameplay, so...

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I want some of the OG modes, but at least HC actually feels somewhat like Insurgency: Source. It's the only reason I'm even playing Sandstorm atm.

Meh... I don't find the differences that much bothering, tbh. I even feel like I'm sprinting way faster in Ins2014 than in Sandstorm. Might be the 110° fov compared to 100°, I don't know.

I mean, to be fair, there was only one Cooperative mode, anyway. Sandstorm was planned to release with three: Checkpoint, Outpost, and Operation.

And yet, we have absolutely none of those except checkpoint, but we still got a competitive mode that's broken and that no one uses, an arcade mode (that is going to see other game modes added to it) and an hardcore coop mode that is the same as regular coop but with artificial handicaps.
It's only fun because it's new and anything new feels refreshing after playing a few hundred games in the same game mode in the same 6 (now 7) unexploited maps.

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@MarksmanMax I don't like the way they handle things... They do their stuff, knowing the core gamers won't like it, but they couldn't care less. No one asked for that hardcore checkpoint (or arcade) mode. People wanted the return of some other modes like Hunt or Conquer, but nope. We got a CoD like mode and a variation of an already existing mode instead.

It even goes against their own rule of "not splitting gamers into too many different modes"... I'm seriously concerned about the future of Sandstorm.

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Yes ! Totally second that. I also made a similar topic some time ago. Adjusting effetcts/voices/radio would be great.

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the "realistic" debuff would be to increase the sway rather than recoil.

Exactly this. M99 sway when ADS would be fair.

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The only LMG that I can still play with is the PKM, actually. The recoil on it is not "that" terrible. It's too much, but one-tap shots are still a possibility. The real nonsense here is that a PKM has a more manageable recoil than a M249...

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Hi !

I just had a suggestion to make.
Hardcore coop is nice. It's not the game mode we all expected to be back from Ins2014, but it's something.
The mosin respawn thing can be rather funny, but in its current state, it's more tedious than funny.

So, my suggestion is this :

  • Make everyone respawn with an upgraded mosin. Nothing too practical like sights would be. I'm thinking about adding the greased bolt and stripper clip only. That would make playing the mosin less of a bore and more of an interesting challenge.
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@Depleted This. LMGs are just no fun to use. They're boring, frustratingly underpowered due to the recoil. It's kinda sad to be disappointed when you have to choose between Gunner and Rifleman, because you wish you could use an LMG but you know you'll have more fun with a G3 or a simple AKM.

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Yup. Also, hair color seems to reset itself to black.
That'd be nice to fix.