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Yes... 10 times yes. I wanted to play the new map with my brother, but there's no way of doing that on purpose. It's 100% based on luck, and the probability that the chance never comes is definitely there.

We need the ability to choose the map we want to play on. Just like CS:GO.

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@mateen27 Would you mind organizing your post ? It's kinda hard to go through that text monolith without quitting.

I did however like the few first lines. The game needs more game modes. Hardcore coop is fun, because it's new, but it's nt that different than what we already have. The game will soon get stale until the next update, probably in the next few months... Or weeks if we're lucky ! I have faith.

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Yup. During beta, the gunner class was one of the most popular since it was so OP. Now it's probably the least popular due to it being nerfed down the drain. There has to be some kind of middle-ground between "totally OP" and "worthless".

Also, the "game balance" isn't an proper argument... I mean... When LMGs are outclassed in every single way possible by standard assault rifles, I have trouble finding where the balance is...

Of course, they fire full sized cartridges, and have lots of ammo (except for the M240B and MG3 that both have low-capacity boxes by default). That's kind of the point. They however take ages to reload, they are heavy and you can't ads quickly...

Any rifle lets you ads quickly, and even though they have lesser capacity magazines, they still reload in just a few seconds. They have great fire rate too and pretty good damage even on longer distances. I just don't see LMGs as a viable option atm. I'm only using them when I want to horse around. When things get serious, I'm forced back to more efficient weapons. Which are any one of them, really.

EDIT : Both the M99 and M82 anti-materiel DMRs have a high amount of sway. It's way more erratic than that of the LMGs too. Why not use the same model for the LMGs ? That'd help with balance without having utterly unrealistic and unplayable recoil. The recoil could also be progressive, so that shooting when not deployed would only be efficient when firing for 0.5 to 1sec. Balancing can be done without being lazy, that's all I'm saying.

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@MarksmanMax Once deployed. That's the trick. It's hard to find someone to watch your back when deployed. And it's only useful when "settled" on an objective. In transit between two points it's just garbage, really...

There's just no reason why LMGs should kick that much. It wasn't a problem in Ins2014, I don't really get why it's a problem now. I don't see that as being a weight problem. You can move rather quickly without armour. Play demolitions with a rocket launcher is heavy too, yet people do it. They're globally avoiding Gunner because it's just not worth it. Any assault rifle, even in smaller calibers, are more efficient.

I'm only talking about coop, though. PVP might be a different story (or not). I wouldn't know that, I rarely play those game modes.

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Hi !

I'm playing hardcore coop and every single time I tried, the Gunner class is only picked when no other choice is available. The insane recoil on LMGs make them unplayable and useless at 10+ meters, unless prone and bipoded. Everyone's avoiding it if they can... Ins2014 didn't have that kind of recoil, I don't get it...

EDIT : Ways to balance that do not imply having uncontrolable recoil :

  • Make LMGs sway similar to M99/M82 sway when standing up (and something like half that value when crouching)
  • Make recoil progressive (firing from standing/crouched position for 0.5 to 1sec before recoil starts to get unmanageable)
  • Decrease weapon switching speed (so that you're very vulnerable when out of bullets)
  • Increase hip-fire recoil (so that you are forced to ADS and waste a few moments before being able to fire due to ADS time)
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At this point, I think technicals aren't good enough any longer. The game now needs a light armored (easy to destroy with bullets when hitting weak points) vehicle to serve the same function while being more realistic. A .50 BMG bullet being stopped by a technical's windshield doesn't make much sense...

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@gsg_9_lightning Would be a totally fair addition too. Never thought about that since I'm mostly a coop or single player.

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Hi !
The gunshot sounds in this game are of high quality, and I wish I could hear them better especially when I'm shooting. The thing is that it can get bothersome to put the master volume really high, as everything is then way louder. Footsteps, voices, gun handling sounds, you name it...

So... Keeping in mind that not everyone would like to have super loud (or "realistically loud", I should rather say) gunfire sounds, I came up with an idea...

Much like supersampling allows to calculate a bigger image based on your original resolution... Why not create an option to make gunfire sounds stronger ? 1.25x / 1.5x / 1.75 / 2.0x louder than original volume ?

It doesn't even present any particular risk. Yes, you'd hear the guns better, but anyone using base volume would too since they are pretty audible already. If nothing else, it would be an handicap... You wouldn't hear footsteps and voices as well. It's something I'm willing to sacrifice for that additional bit of immersion.

What do you think ?

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but don't you think it gets a little boring seeing the same colours over and over again?

What the game needs isn't different colors. The game needs variety, such as night maps, weather conditions and different environments.

Just imagine how cool a pine forest (a bit like "Peak" in Ins2014, but better) or snowy mountains would look like. A bit of rain would look nice too. I too am getting tired of the same bright sun in maps that really look alike.

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Or even simpler : remove them/place them somewhere else.