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Hi devs !

Coop mode is unfortunately full of people trying to be "the best" player of the team, which leads to them adopting a suicidal behaviour, or trying to plant explosives at all costs even though someone on the team has explosives to deal with it quickly.

While I do get the presence of a leaderboard in PVP modes, I think that it's quite useless in COOP mode. It does not encourage teamwork. It makes (almost) every team member act in an individualistic and self-centered manner, often going lone wolf, instead of sticking with the team.

Maybe a "team" leaderboard would be better. A leaderboard that would show how many kills and objectives the team managed to get as a whole, and suppressing the individual stats that are useless in COOP anyway.

What do you think about it ? Wouldn't it encourage people to play as a team instead of trying to be the first one to get to the objective, or killing the most enemies ?

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Hi !
To make things clear right now : it's not a bug. The game is currently designed like this.
I just wonder why the Kobra and Holo aimpoints look so fuzzy & poorly detailed compared to the red dot and the OKP-7. Especially the holographic aimpoint, which makes aiming harder than with iron sights since the bleeding light covers way too large of an area to actually see your target. The Kobra suffers from the same bleeding effect yet in a way less dramatic extent.

Will it be fixed, or is it a feature ?...

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Hello, devs !

I just wanted to start a discussion about how cool it would be to have night maps back (would include night vision googles + flashlights like Insurgency2) and, even better, a weather system. Or at least, and for the sake of map balancing, maps that have particular weather conditions to them.

Wouldn't mountain maps with snow, or urban maps with rain be amazing ?

I know for sure I'd really like to see that. Would make the game feel more alive. It would still have to be credible considering the realistic setting of the game. I know that mountains in middle east do have snow, for instance, so why not use that for the game ? Plus, it would add variety to the landscapes. We only have man-made ones in the game at the moment. Just a bit of beautiful nature's work would be cool in my opinion.

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Hello !

So... As written in the title. Hair and facial hait look terrible compared to the rest of the game. It looks more like fake comedy wigs than anything. Especially facial hair which really look like glued pieces of plastic.

I'm not even hating on the game. I for a fact enjoy it very much ! But those haircuts and facial hair do need some attention, tbh.

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@cyoce You're wrong. One shot kills not only were a problem in Ins2 because t made things too easy. It also was a problem because that made weapons unbalanced. You could litterally get the cheapest weapon and give it AP ammo to one shot almost anyone. That's a huge problem. How do you make weapons with different calibers and cost stand from each other, if they all manage to one-shot everyone ? That makes people prioritize inexpensive weapons with little recoil. Just like what happened in Ins2.

Plus, the "damage model" in Ins2 was the same as in Sandstorm. Sandstorm might even have a lower TTK than Ins2 when you don't get AP rounds, so... Yeah...

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Hi !
I was in a game (map : Summit), coop mode, and my team mates and I got killed right after spawning by enemies right on the spawn site (they were no more than 3 meters away for us). It would seem that AI needs a "restricted area" system too.

Thanks !

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Hi !
The gunshot sounds in this game are of high quality, and I wish I could hear them better especially when I'm shooting. The thing is that it can get bothersome to put the master volume really high, as everything is then way louder. Footsteps, voices, gun handling sounds, you name it...

So... Keeping in mind that not everyone would like to have super loud (or "realistically loud", I should rather say) gunfire sounds, I came up with an idea...

Much like supersampling allows to calculate a bigger image based on your original resolution... Why not create an option to make gunfire sounds stronger ? 1.25x / 1.5x / 1.75 / 2.0x louder than original volume ?

It doesn't even present any particular risk. Yes, you'd hear the guns better, but anyone using base volume would too since they are pretty audible already. If nothing else, it would be an handicap... You wouldn't hear footsteps and voices as well. It's something I'm willing to sacrifice for that additional bit of immersion.

What do you think ?

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The whole reflected damage thing needs to go anyway.
I can't even enjoy a solo game without getting reflect-killed because the AI teammates walk in fire, stand beside my C4 when I throw it and sometimes just won't move, because fearing powerful explosions is for pussies... So I blow them up and get rekt in the process by the hand of god or something.

Punishement for team killing should be there, only to punish toxic players. Something as simple as a "Press F1 to forgive or F2 not to forgive" when you get team-killed, with a kick if you get two unforgiven TKs, would be so much better imo. Sure it could also be abused, but there is no system that can't be abused by people who just want to disrupt gameplay, so...

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Yup. I think recoil is fine too.
What I don't like is that there's too much of vertical recoil on LMGs. They're heavy and stable weapons, this shouldn't happen.
However, I'd really want them to have a massive amount of sway (ADS) and a lot of horizontal recoil when standing up, as they are heavy and hard to control in that position. Crouching and prone feels good enough as they are, I think.

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@iamnotapro870 I think that LMGs, being heavy as hell, should have a big amount of sway and horizontal recoil rather than huge vertical recoil. It would make much more sense... It's indeed pretty awkward and unrealistic currently, especially for the M249.

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@thehappybub Yes, indeed. I was one of those guys who planted explosives, and I saw two teammates looking at me. Fortunately, I was not enough of a dick to keep on planting. I ran away and let them do what they were supposed to do.

But that's not the point. The leaderboard should be team-based, not team members based.

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I don't think they have to be 1 shot. It would make bolt actions redundant.

They could however have more penetration capabilities, especially on glass. That, and having the advantage of killing one ennemy and heavily wound the one that stood behind him would be cool enough of a reason to pick them over a regular 5.56 rifle.

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@benny Yeah, but i'd rather see a good 357 magnum revolver for that :p

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TTK is fine. Just try it in Insurgency 2 without AP ammo, and you'l see you often need more than 3 bullets to kill.
People don't know that, because people only play with AP ammo. They always choose to sacrifice something to take those. That's exactly why devs removed this kind of ammo from Sandstorm. It was a no brainer choice, and nobody can remember how Insurgency felt without AP one shot kills now. Kinda broke the game, tbh. It was the ultimate meta.

Some weapons have high penetration and damage. You can focus on them, if you want lower TTK. The AKS-74U is a submachine gun that has low recoil. As a breacher or advisor, you have either shotguns or Alpha AK to kill players/AI quicker. Shotguns will take time to reload but usually kill in one shot, and Alpha AK has a much lower TTK than the AKS-74U, but higher recoil.

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I too feel like the game isn't ready for launch. We lack maps, game modes, optimization and various bug fixes. There is no way the game realeases in two weeks from now... That's technically impossible. Just like @Tooth-Decay, I fear the game being released too soon will kill it. Indies have to face the lack of visibility for their games, and it usually doesn't end well for their popularity when features are left behind during developement and the game is being released unfinished.

The solo campaign being canceled was terrible news for me, even though I'll admit I can live without it, but still... It would have been such a plus to have. The lack of game modes, especially for coop, made me stop playing the BETA some time ago. The game just isn't ready. I really like it, and the devs are incredible people that work hard for us to enjoy what is the most satisfying FPS in my opinion, but I really hope they don't suicide-realease the game just to hold up to the deadline.
It might however be a publisher problem, though... In which case, we're doomed, and the game might be too.

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Again, please, take into consideration how REAL aimpoints look like, devs. It's supposed to be easier and more confortable to use than iron sights.

Here're two more examples :
Youtube Video – [15:16..]

alt text

Compared to ingame holosight :
alt text

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Isn't that flash-hider (or whatever is at then end of the barrel) supposed to have holes instead of just carvings ?
I'm triggered !

alt text

So, yeah. Joke aside, it's far from game breaking, but considering how good looking and detailed weapon models are in this wonderful game, I feel like this is heresy.

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Ohhhhhh, that's an impressive find you got there. I'm happy to see the Galil and MP5 make a come back !
Posting before the topic gets deleted, lol.

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It's not a problem of sound or recoil here.
The problem seems to be that mouse clicks sometimes just don't register, or the game registers them with some kind of delay.

@facknrite seems to have a problem with that.

When things are normal : click = fire. Repeat that as fast as you can and it just works.
In OP's case : 1st click = fire, 2nd click = nothing, 3rd click = nothing, 4th click = 2 shots, 5th click = fire, 6th click = 2 shots, 7th click = nothing etc.

He seems to have an issue with consistency. The game does not always register rapid clicks in semi auto. That's what you can see on the video. Nothing to do with recoil or the sound played by the game that gives the impression of shooting two times when you only shot once.

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@benny All good appart from Deagle. This weapon is useless on the battlefield. It's a glorified revolver, but heavier, bulkier, and never gets used because of that. It's a fun weapon to go range shooting, but it's disregarded in battle for a lot of valid reasons.